Mister Tachyon: Does Orgone Energy Exist?

Mister Tachyon S01E06: Does Orgone Energy Exist?

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Mister Tachyon travels the world to meet visionaries, dreamers, and eccentrics and discover ideas that exist in the fringes of science.

In this 22 minute long TV documentary, first aired on 15th August 2018, Tachyon explores the concept of orgone energy, a phenomenon that claims can heal the body and change water. He uses orgonite and an orgone accumulator to test these ideas.

Background information on Mister Tachyon

From vice.com on Jun 15 2018:
Next month on a new VICELAND show the mysterious Mister Tachyon takes a journey beyond the bleeding edge of science. The masked host sorts fact from science fiction, exploring the possibility of telekinesis, telepathy, orgone energy, tornado tapping, and more.

The show is a new project from Director X, the mind behind some of hip-hop’s most visually stunning music videos. Over the course of ten episodes, Director X will bring his signature visual flair to fringe science, following Mister Tachyon as he tries to tap into tornadoes in Oregon, explores the power of bioluminescent algae in Rotterdam, and attempts to unlock some of the brain’s mysteries in Seattle.

Mister Tachyon premieres on VICELAND Wednesday, July 11.

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Viceland (series): https://www.viceland.com/en_us/show/mister-tachyon
Viceland (episode): https://www.viceland.com/en_us/video/mister-tachyon-does-orgone-energy-exist/5a4fa7de177dd4350a0f9bd3

Summarised transcript from S01E06, The documentary on orgone

A hypothetical universal life force energy, described as being able to affect human health, water and weather.

Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have believed in a universal life force. A power greater than ourselves, that binds all living matter together.
We refer to this spiritual energy as many things, chi, prana, but there are those that believe it is something else, something called orgone energy.

Wilhelm Reich was a protégé of Sigmund Freud, in the 1930s he became fascinated with Freud’s concept of the libido, and believed that sexual energy may be part of a universal force that he called orgone - a word that combines the concept of orgasm and organism.

Weightless and invisible to the naked eye, Reich believed that orgone existed everywhere, and influenced human health, and was also fundamental to forces of the universe like gravity.

By the 1940s, Reich was determined to prove the existence of orgone. His research led him to believe that it was attracted by metal and organic material, and that the metal deflected the energy, while the organic material held it.

He began to build boxes called orgone accumulators, made of wood, metal and wool, which he believed could improve health and maybe even cure disease.

The US food and drug administration disagreed, and issued an injunction against the shipment of orgone accumulators.

Reich ignored that injunction, and continued to sell his accumulators until his arrest in 1956.

The government burned over 6 tonnes of his books, and for decades it was forbidden to even publish a book that mentioned the word orgone.

But many continued to experiment with orgone in secret.

From the famous novelists William S Burrows and J.D. Salinger, who regularly sat in accumulators.

To the pop band Devo, who’s iconic hats were designed to recycle wasted orgone, that the band believed would otherwise escape through their heads.

Today, orgone believers are all over the internet and claim to have improved on Reich’s original ideas, with the creation of orgonite, a manufactured substance that contains thousands of layers of metal, organic resin and quartz crystals.

Orgonite is meant to put the power of the orgone accumulator in the palm of your hand.

Believers say that it can purify water, make plants grow faster, and even control the weather.

To better understand the subject, I need to meet living true believers. I found a very interesting couple in California, who make and distribute orgonite crystals from their home.

Gabriel Lazar: This is called orgonite, and this is based off of Wilhelm Reich’s work.

What it does is it takes quartz crystals, fine metal shavings, a copper coil and a catalysing polyester resin.

We first got into this work because we were sick of the geo-engineering problem, also known as chemtrails.

Sharon Daphna: Many people don’t think thats happening, but we saw it quite clearly, and the pollution was very upsetting to us, and we looked for a solution.

The main way that we use these is that we distribute them into the environment, and at this point we’ve put about 4,000 of them into California.

We made 5 on our first day and we saw the air clean for about a mile around us, the sky started out polluted, smoggy and full of chamtrails, and then it cleared up and turned blue, with a circle over our house of blue.

Gabriel Lazar: On a small scale within the home, you can notice effects of improved sleep, and better cognisance in general.

Sharon Daphna: We’ve seen ice-spikes when water freezes, it can make ice spike in our freezer because its putting out a spiralling waveform of energy.

Seeing these strange ice formations increases my desire to conduct experiments of my own.

Sharon Daphna: The resin is very important because it squeezes all those crystals, activating the piezoelectric properties.

When quartz crystals are compressed, they start to vibrate, its what makes an analogue watch tick, and what orgonite gifters believe is the final key to the power of orgonite.

Sharon and Gabriel’s conviction in its power is compelling, maybe there is something to their claims.

Either way, with thousands of gifters having hidden millions of orgonite pieces in cities around the world, along major highways, even in our oceans oceans, its clear that I must conduct tests of my own.

If there is even a remote chance that this mysterious substance is affecting our bodies and minds, I need to know.

For my orgonite experiment, I will be rigorously scientific.

In the active freezer, I’m placing two glasses of water, one with orgonite on top of it, the other with nothing.

In the control freezer, I’m placing the exact same amount of water, but no orgonite. I’m also placing another glass of water with an object on top of it with the same density as orgonite, a hockey puck.

In another active freezer, I’m setting a glass of water with an orgonite piece set a few inches above the glass.

My control once again uses a hockey puck set a few inches above the water.

My controls and actives are now set in place.

While I’m waiting for this water to freeze, I’m going to explore one of Reich’s most controversial aspects of orgone energy, weather manipulation.

He invented cloudbusters to draw orgone energy out of the atmosphere to create clouds and rain.

Some even claim to have improved upon Reich’s ideas, constructing devices they call chembusters.

And hiding them in secret locations around the globe.

In 1996, the airforce published the paper “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”.

It outlined how the military could weaponise the weather. While all hypothetical, it aroused civilian suspicion.

People began suspecting that the long lasting clouds left behind by the planes contained chemicals that were put in place by the government to harm civilians.

Many chemtrail believers have started using cloud busters, much like the ones developed by Wilhelm Reich.

I noticed one of them in Sharon and Gabriel’s home.

Sharon Daphna: It encourages cloud formation, and it directs the energy upwards into the atmosphere, and it helps clear many many miles of geo-engineering pollution.

I was able to track down its maker, a man named John Robson, he’s going to show me how a chembuster is made.

John Robson: So here’s a 2 gallon bucket, you need some metal from a metal shop, this is steel, aluminium, copper, I think there is some brass in here too.

(the range) is from 75 miles in diameter to 150 miles in diameter, to keep the skies clear.

You fill up the bucket with metal, and do layers and layers of this until the top. Then you end up with a piece that looks just like this.

Six crystals, one in each pipe.

And this goes straight up into the atmosphere, high altitude.

John and I travel up into the hills to see one of his chembusters installed.

But the skies were completely blue.

Is this a result of John’s hard work, or just another beautiful Californian evening?

John Robson: I have seen a trail disappear and go away, and that actually happens regularly here, with the implementation of the chembusters, they have a very difficult time getting these trails to stick.

There is no doubt about John’s passion, but this talk of conspiracy without hard data has me concerned.

To explore the potential for weather intervention, I meet with Patrick Chuang from the University of California, Santa Cruz, to talk to me about humans’ ability to control the weather.

Patrick Chuang: There are lots of things we don’t understand about the world, so lots of things that we didn’t think were possible, are possible.
But the idea is that there has to be some kind of testable hypothesis that you can post.

Cloud seeding may work for a small subset of clouds that are very close to raining or not raining. If you push them one way or the other, maybe they could go over the line.

I think most of our efforts for weather modification is mainly through rainfall for agricultural purposes.

Maybe some people don’t even try to evaluate whether their potential new idea is true or not.

Maybe Patrick is right, maybe its just the love of discovery that is motivating back yard explorers like Sharon, John and Gabriel.

I need to collect data of my own to find out what is real. Its time for me to return to my lab to check in on my experiment.

I’ve been running an experiment to see if orgonite creates unusual forms of ice inside a freezer, and the results are very interesting.

(The glass with the orgonite on top of it, and the glass with the hockey puck on top of it froze into the exact same shape.)

Reich believed orgone energy is attracted and held in organic material. The orgonite resin is organic, could the rubber of the hockey puck be attracting orgone energy and affecting the ice formation in the same way?
Very interesting.

We had two orgone experiments, one shows no significant difference from the control. This is perhaps due to the objects cutting off air to the water.

In my second active experiment, we see results in line with my hypothesis. The ice with the orgonite placed inches above the glass formed a shape that matches the experiments online.

The control experiment with the puck (placed inches above the glass), did not.

With such a small sample size, I can’t make a conclusive statement about the effect that orgonite has on freezing water, but these results certainly pique my curiosity.

Reich’s first ideas around orgone began with the study of the human mind, through his work in psychoanalysis. Maybe it’s time to go back to the beginning.

I learned of a psychologist in Portland named Daniel Schiff, who spent 40 years studying the works of Reich, using his ideas to treat patients with post traumatic stress disorder, major depression and other serious illnesses.

Daniel Schiff: Reich really felt that there was an energy that was moving us. He felt what needs to happen is the organism needs to fully discharge energy, and he felt that it was in the sexual orgasm, that’s what happens.
The whole organism goes into these chronic convulsions, and in doing so it discharges energy.
Its like as the energy moves through us, we can be more productive.

So muscles, the muscular system is totally involved with the stopping of feeling. He called that muscular armour.

What he discovered over time was that this energy would seem to be attracted to metallic, but seemed to be absorbed by organic material.

And then if you layered this, metallic, organic, metallic, organic, metallic, organic, you kind of created an environment that had a greater concentration of energy.

And then, as a person came into that, their own energy field would interact with the energy field of the accumulator.
Just like you and I, our energy fields interact.

I’ve sat in accumulators, I know it has a physiological effect. When the food and drug administration (FDA) claimed they did research to show that the accumulator had no effect, they weren’t following any of the principles that would in any way demonstrate that the accumulator had an effect.

How does orgonite fit into this?

Daniel Schiff: A lot of it doesn’t really seem to fit with the way Reich understood things.
If you put it near a tower or something like that, it is going to make the energy safe, that has nothing to do with what Reich actually said.
Actually what Reich said was that if you really look at the orgone energy field, these electromagnetic waves disturb the field, actually make them more excited, and that can be the cause of illness.

So it makes no sense that if you are actually going to have some sort of more of an orgone energy field, next to electromagnetic energies, its going to neutralise it.

A lot of these things don’t really follow with what Reich’s research was, or his understanding of how energy moves, or what orgone energy was.

What about cloudbusting?

Daniel Schiff: Cloudbusting was kind of feeling into the energy. You really have to have a huge amount of training and experience, the same way you have to be as a therapist.

So you believe that Reich’s ideas have never been properly explored by science?

Daniel Schiff: 10-1, most of the science community has never even read any of his work.

My time with Daniel has inspired me to build my own accumulator, I need to know if this is real.

For my final experiment, I’ve built an orgone accumulator using Reich’s original design.

His plans called for alternating layers of metal and insulating material, surrounded by wood and metal.

According to Reich, the orgone energy will be attracted to the metal, and stored by the insulator.

I’ve also created a fake accumulator that looks similar, but has hollow walls.

My hypothesis is that the subjects in the orgone accumulator will be affected by the orgone energy.

While those in the fake box will not.

Each subject will be connected to a series of sensors to measure heart rate, breathing, temperature, sweat and brain waves.

Based on the subjects preliminary responses, the orgone accumulator is having an impact.

Next, I send a group into the fake accumulator.

The initial feedback from the group inside the box is far more negative than the feedback from the group who spent time in the accumulator.

The anecdotal evidence suggests that there was something to the accumulator.

To help me find out why, I turned to my sensors.

The wireless brain monitors failed in Reich’s invention, the metal-lined accumulator box blocks electromagnetic waves.

Fortunately, my hard-wired sensors still worked.

The data from the heart rate sensors is not conclusive, no pattern emerges from either group.

Next up, my breathing sensors, and here the data starts to get interesting.

The longer the participants sat in the accumulator, the deeper their breathing became. This would indicate the subjects are entering a state of tranquillity.

The stress sensors back up the idea that there is something to the box.

Data from (the sensors) shows that stress levels for subjects in the fake accumulator rose the longer they stayed inside the box. While stress levels for those inside the real accumulator declined. Very interesting.

Was there something happening inside the accumulator?

Anecdotal responses and preliminary data from the sensors indicate differences between the Reich accumulator and the control.

I can’t say for certain what is causing this difference, but these preliminary results are intriguing, considering the positive benefit people say they had in the accumulator.

I need to do more to control variables in future experiments, exploring what might be causing this difference.

My tests with orgonite also produced some interesting results, in one of my two experiments, the variations of the ice formations between the orgonite test and the puck test seems to support the hypothesis that orgonite affects the formation of ice.

It is certainly still possible that orgone energy can affect water, but because my prediction was accurate in only one of my two tests, I have to rethink my ideas about how it might work.

I need to do more experiments.



Mister Tachyon S01E06: Does Orgone Energy Exist is a fairly casual 22 minute long entertainment documentary.

Despite the time constraint and requirement to make it entertaining, it was generally well researched and the experiments were completed to a good standard.


There were two separate pieces of “orgonite” used in the experiments. The piece used in the first experiment, placed on top of the glass here:

And the piece used in the second experiment, placed a few inches above the glass here:

This is really frustrating, not only because the pieces are different to each other, but because part of the first piece, and the complete second piece is not technically orgonite at all.

Orgonite, in terms of the standard Croft-style tower busters and HHG cones, is a 50/50 mix of metal and resin, with quartz crystal in the matrix.

Any part of an orgonite piece that is just resin is not orgonite. At best it decreases the efficiency of the piece for it’s size, and at worst it simply doesn’t function as orgonite.

Here are examples of real orgonite using a 50/50 mix of resin and metal with quartz crystal in the matrix:


First piece - on top of the glass

Nobody should be discouraged from making simple orgonite, and the first piece (on top of the glass) seems to at least have a portion of metal shavings/resin, and a crystal - so thrown out into the environment, it will do the job of converting negative orgone into positive orgone.


However, the piece is clearly made for use within personal space, so it is right to hold it to higher standards.

From a technical point of view, because of how this piece is made made, orgone is attracted in through the top of the pyramid - as that is where a bulk of resin (organic material) is located.

It flows to the crystal at the top, and perhaps through the copper coil. Orgone is generally attracted from low density to high density concentrations, so from the resin/coil it flows to the first layer of metal, and down to the second layer of metal.

At the base there is another band of only resin, which attracts orgone, inhibiting the function of the piece further.

This piece can be improved by leaving out the coil (it is simply not required and unless expertly and precisely made and positioned, it can have negative effects), and placing the higher density band of metal at the top, encasing the crystal in the mix, and placing the lower density band of metal at the bottom, leaving a minimal strip or band of resin at the bottom.

This will mean that orgone is generally attracted to the band at the bottom, flowing through the low density band of metal, and into the higher density band of metal and out through the tip.

This utilises the shape of the piece, in addition to best practices in orgonite making in order to create the most efficient piece possible. This way there is a natural perpetual flow of orgone through the device, base to tip.

On a personal note, I prefer a cone shape to a pyramid shape, as I feel it gives a smoother and more radiant flow of orgone, but this is subjective and some people have very good results with pyramid shapes.

Second piece - placed a few inches above the glass

With regards to the second piece, placed a few inches above the water:

This piece simply is not orgonite. Pieces like this normally originate from India, and are sold as orgonite, when they aren’t. Thus far it seems that nobody is really holding anyone to account for intentionally mislabelling resin ornaments as orgonite.

The properties of the crystal are still present, and this is likely what produced the positive result in the experiment, but its rather disappointing that the only experiment that showed positive results for orgonite technically didn’t use a piece of orgonite, and further fuels the mislabelled or fake orgonite problem.

For anyone interested, I’ve previously written about this, and other things to check when looking for orgonite, so I won’t go into any further detail here.

The orgonite cloudbuster

I thought Patrick Chuang’s segment was a rather weak attempt at debunking cloudbusters. There are numerous documented reports of cloudbusters constructed using a series of hollow metal pipes affecting the atmosphere and weather.

One example:

Reich continued to develop new ways to visualize, measure, and harness orgone energy from the atmosphere. The cloudbuster, for example, was an experimental instrument that could affect weather patterns by altering concentrations of orgone energy in the atmosphere. It comprised a set of hollow metal pipes and cables inserted into water, creating a stronger orgone energy system than that in the surrounding atmosphere. Water, which strongly attracts and absorbs orgone, draws the atmospheric orgone through the pipes. This movement of orgone from a lower to a higher energy system was used by Reich to create clouds and to dissipate them.

Reich used the cloudbuster to conduct dozens of experiments involving what he called “Cosmic Orgone Engineering (C.O.R.E.).” One of the most notable occurred in 1953. During a long drought that threatened the Maine blueberry crop, several farmers offered to pay Reich if he could bring rain to the parched region. The weather bureau had forecast no rain for several days when Reich began his cloudbusting operations. Ten hours later, a light rain began to fall. Over the next few days, close to two inches fell. The blueberry crop was saved, and in local newspaper articles the farmers credited Reich.

Documentary: Wilhelm Reich - Man's Right to Know

Orgonite cloudbusters are something slightly different, but work in a similar way - using crystals in the pipes, with the pipes encased in orgonite rather than connected to water via tubes.

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence for the orgonite cloudbuster or chembuster, and much of this has been documented with photos and detailed descriptions for the last 20 years or so.

However, there needs to be detailed research undertaken with meteorological experts to assess the impact of orgonite CBs on short, medium and long term local weather patterns. Positioning, period of operation, timing, etc. are all variables that need to be investigated in detail.
There are concerns that such devices could potentially cause localised droughts if left operational for long periods, and it would be good to settle this with hard data.

“I need to do more experiments”

The documentary ended with the line “I need to do more experiments”, which perhaps leaves the door open for a more detailed look at orgone energy in a future episode.

Orgonite cloudbuster experiment
It may be outside of the scope of this show, but an experiment could be conducted by surrounding a weather station with orgonite cloudbusters. The weather station would need to have existed for a long time, and for its data to be correlated with other stations say 25, 50, 150, 300 miles away.

The cloudbusters could be operational for a period of a year at least, and any differences in rainfall and sunshine can be compared against the history of the weather station, and also against the surrounding weather stations during the period of the experiment.

Orgone accumulator experiments
In terms of the experiments conducted on subjects within the orgone accumulator and dummy box, this was excellent in demonstrating the positive effects of the accumulator.

However, it would be advisable to place orgonite pieces on top of and around the accumulator box, because it will not discriminate in the energy it accumulates - it will accumulate negative orgone (DOR or deadly orgone) if there is a source of this close-by, which would have negative effects on the subjects.

An alternative would be to place the box far away from any electrical equipment, and use absolute minimal equipment in the experiments.

Its also worth mentioning that the main anomaly that remains to this day is the temperature difference inside the accumulator box compared to the control. This was verified by Einstein in 1941, and it would be good to see the show reproduce it.

The other anomaly is increased plant growth in orgone accumulator boxes, so this would be an interesting experiment - sprouting seeds and growing plants inside the accumulator compared to the control.

Orgonite experiments
The same goes for orgonite - apart from the ice tests, plant growth is the other reproducible experiment that can be conducted, and would be interesting to see the show conduct orgonite experiments with plant growth.



Mister Tachyon: Does Orgone Energy Exist? is a good short documentary, entertaining and informing viewers in the field of orgone energy. As discussed, there are some shortcomings, the most significant of which was mistakenly using an object thought to be orgonite in an experiment, which wasn’t orgonite at all.

It is overwhelmingly positive to see orgone and orgonite taken seriously in mainstream media, and there seems to be a big opportunity for this show or others (such as BBC’s Trust me I’m a Doctor - in the UK) to explore this field in more detail.

Orgonite is gradually becoming more and more widespread, as demonstrated by Google Trends:

With this episode first airing at the end of August 2018, it seems like the spike of interest in orgonite highlighted in the above graph in September is due, at least in part, to Mister Tachyon.