MIT, Cambridge MA_Gotcha!

Sunday, October 22nd 2006

MIT Campus gifted with orgonite earthpipes.

Nefarious hacker activity has been uncovered on campus and responded to with

earthpipes placed randomly in the ground.

Massachusetts Insitute of Technology, a bullseye of CIA/NSA mindcontrol and recruitment.

The poor kids don’t even see what’s right under their noses or under their feet for that matter.

MIT has a hacker department which operates within the college, but in secret from the rest of the campus. The CIA dupes the students and hypnotizes them into believeing they are working for the good guys while they hack pc’s and mainframes around the world.

MIT is so vast and so overfunded that whatever program the bad guys want to finance and develop is easy through the covert partnerships of the intelligence(NOT) community and MIT.

Case in point the new MIT Neuroscience building and research center.

MIT opens world's largest neuroscience research center

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—On Friday Dec. 2, MIT will officially open the new Brain and Cognitive Sciences Complex (BCS), the largest neuroscience research center in the world. The complex will advance MIT’s efforts to address one of the great scientific challenges of the 21st century: the understanding of the human brain and mind.

Located near the corner of Main and Vassar streets, the new 411,000-square-foot complex is the latest building to open as part of MIT’s extensive new building program. It will house three primary occupants: the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, the McGovern Institute for Brain Research and the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, as well as the Athinoula A. Martinos Imaging Center.

Keep in Mind, the bad guys create the bioweapons and the vaccines that supposedly cure you from the diseases they themselves unleash on the world. It’s a mess folks, but orgonite is quickly cleaning it all up.

Enjoy all the new Orgone Energy MIT !