Mme Carol's Encouraging Experience

This one, for me, harks back to the days when Carol and I were sort of living in the Twilight Zone–the first three years of this global, unintended revolution. We miss it and have been saddled with so much work, since then, that we have less time for adventures. That may change pretty soon, though.

We live close to a spot that’s reputed to be a time rip. Several of Carol’s psychic friends have seen it. It’s over the north end of Lake Coeur d’Alene in northern Idaho. More specifically, it extends over the eastern edge of the town of Coeur d’Alene and along narrow little Fernan Lake, immediately north of there. When I originally flipped all the towers around there (here) in the fall of 02 I had an unusual experience under that rip, driving along the shore of Fernan Lake on my way to flip the death tower array on top of the little mounytain that’s pictured on the opening page of (when I flew over the array, last summer for the photo op, it was already flipped from my previous visit): everything I looked at had a wavy appearance, like heat shimmers but it was all around and over me, not just close to the ground, and it wasn’t a hot day, anyway.

The only other place I saw this was when I was with Carol (she saw it, too) when we were flipping a hilltop array outside of Quincy, Washington in late 2003. Carol said we were in a vortex, there, that had been pirated with those death transmitters. Those looked like they were old and she had the impression that they were experimental in the 80s, during a time when the murder rate of that little farm town was sky high. It sure felt better a few minutes after we flung the orgonite around there [Image Can Not Be Found]

Several days ago, when she was driving in Coeur d’Alene, she saw a car drive through another car at an intersection. The two drivers didn’t notice anything. She was pretty sure she wasn’t imagining it but to prove it to herself she drove partly through a parked car in a parking lot. When it started happening she expected to feel some sort of deliberate activity but, instead, it just felt like she was flowing. She told me that she wasn’t going to tell anyone else because this sort of story triggers denial in nearly everyone who hears it (except me, of course [Image Can Not Be Found] ). I asked her if I could post about it, since the dynamic is quite different when someone is reading it. She said, ‘Go ahead.’

So, if you’ve been experiencing similar things I hope this will help you feel confirmed and not crazy or ‘too imaginative.’ Carol feels that hyperdimensional phenomena are getting more common and that before very long these things may even become undeniable to pajama people. I like to compare the present threshold of interaction with other sentient species as the post-medieval Europeans’ threshold of awareness of China and the Americas. Denial is quite powerful, of course. It’s the basis of the corporate world order’s power.

I got Lori Anderson’s latest CD, Homeland, a couple of days ago and will post the lyrics of one of her songs, since it supports my contention that the newly-medieval US Government is about to enter blessed oblivion [Image Can Not Be Found] and this consummate artist’s open but balanced approach to reality feels very current to me. Her view is that people in general love stories and that the corporate parasites employ the most skilled story tellers, hence the popular conspiracy theories, like Muslim terrorism, global warming, Malthusian economics, etc. etc. In other words, most people (pajama people) much prefer stories to reality.

When you see a spaceship or a reptilian, by the way (assuming your mind won’t immediately erase/explain-away the experience), you may notice that it only seems strange or odd with hindsight. There’s nothing to fear in broadening our awareness. Remember when the pressure to deny these little realizations and experiences was a lot stronger?

Our African friends have a relatively uncluttered view of reality (the world order has been unable to afford to set up the infrastructure for brainwashing the majority of humanity, who don’t live in the industrialized countries) but I think that until Carol and I go visit with them we may find it hard to persuade them to share these realizations with our readers. They hold their cards close to the chest, unlike me. Magic is as common to Africans in general as science is to us, though. I always suspected it but couldn’t confirm it until I went to Africa and got acquainted with some lovely indigenous folks. Science and magic are the same thing, though, as anyone who has flung a lot of orgonite has happily discovered. The corporate, secretive parasites know this, too, but the only magic they’re able to comprehend is the filthy, disgusting kind.


Hello Don,

Several days ago, when she was driving in Coeur d’Alene, she saw a car drive through another car at an intersection. The two drivers didn’t notice anything.

Some years ago a friend of mine made exactly the same experience.

He was driving on a winding road when he saw an overtaking car with high speed directly in front of his car on collision course. He told us that in the next moment the car coming in the opposite direction drove through him and his car. [Image Can Not Be Found];

We had no explanation for that phenomenon . We also had no reason not to believe him. He is a engineer who knows a lot about metaphysical things but he is refusing persistently to have any psychic abilities. [Image Can Not Be Found]

…reminds me of someone [Image Can Not Be Found];


could this youtube video of an incredibly improbable free throw be another example of changing dynamics?

it could just be one of those “one in a million” things, but I’ve played alot of sports and never seen anything remotely like it, and the shooter happens to play for Idaho State [Image Can Not Be Found]

the video has certainly captured the eye of the public, as it has well over 7 million views and was only posted Dec. 21, 2010.


Here’s another example of physics acting very strangely. They claim it has something to do with hot air trapped under the court surface, but that doesn’t sound plausible to me at all. The ball would still move even if there was a cushioned spot, it wouldn’t just stop dead like a strong magnet drew it down and held it.

I’m thinking more along the lines of somebody doctoring footage, for whatever reason, or maybe some system to influence the outcome of the games is not working “correctly?”

I dunno, but it looks to me like there’s more to this than they’re saying. Has anyone gifted Hisense Arena? [Image Can Not Be Found];


I’m still not ready to drive straight into an oncoming truck though. A residue of fear perhaps…