Mme Lubulwa is 'between opportunities' in Kampala

She took a very bold step, last month, and left her relatively secure but constrained circumstances in Nairobi to seek more personal autonomy among her countryment in Kampala, now that her son is grown up. She feels that this was required in order for her to reach her full potential as an educator, networker and exemplar in this unorganized healing movement.

Who among us has the stones to leave security in pursuit of freedom-- especially those of us who live in the National-Socialist countries? There are no ‘safety nets’ in African countries so when a woman seeks autonomy in those places she really does have to ‘rely on the grace of God.’ Kind of sobering to consider that and she hasn’t asked for a dime, even though she’s had to take lodgings in a pretty awful neighborhood while waiting for her business deal to materialize.

If you’ve read my book you’re at least a little familiar with Judy, since she edited it. Those of you who have corresponded with her are probably as awed as I am by her determination, eloquence and charm–the innate selflessness she evinces is rare in any culture and she enjoys corresponding with other gifters as much as I do. Her addy is [email protected], by the way, and if you will wire her a donation to help her get through this short term period of ‘inconvenience’ you certainly won’t be sorry.

Consider it a good investment in the liberation of AFrica from the world odor. She can pick up Western Union, MoneyGram and other wired money donations, addressed to Judy Lubulwa in Kampala, Uganda. Be sure to email her the particulars, including the amount, who sent it, your sending location and the transaction’s reference number. You can CC that email to me (she and I have solid, regular contact, which is tough for the hackers to erase) if you’re worried that the hackers will intercept the email, of course: [email protected]. Every time we go after the MI6/CIA hacker hordes in our chat sessions our ability to correspond with each other gets a little more efficient, by the way <img src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-wink.gif” border=“0” alt=“Wink” />

Like me, she loaths the notion of being dependent on others but some of us know that it’s better to receive than to give, especially in the short term. My best breaks in life and also career-wise have come from generous strangers. I think the ‘pulling oneself up by one’s own bootstraps’ notion is an urban myth.

Judy had single-handedly built a successful business in Nairobi–an internet cafe–but in the heavily missionized areas of Africa, like Nairobi, a married woman is generally considered to be entirely subservient to the husband so he got the business when she moved away and she now has to pay for her time on the internet. I used one of the internet cafes in Kampala and it’s a crapshoot, every time, especially when those effete MI6 creeps showed their sallow faces and then cut the connections <img src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” border=“0” alt=“Cool” /> like they did in Montreal to our server after their failed, two day attempt to take down EW last weekend.

She and I have had a few laughs about the circumstances of homelessness, which is a shared experience, as is the intense lonliness that follows any divorce if one is not inclined to reflexively leap into another dysfunctional relationship. She’s the same age I was when I was compelled by The Operators to seek my own destiny. That’s always a rough road, of course, as some of our readers know firsthand.



P.S.—Judy was unable to connect with the Kenyan/Sudanese gifting crew in Mombassa in December because David Ochieng, who had the cell phone, was struck down on the day they arrived in that coastal city and he remained bedridden throughout that trip–had to be carried onto the bus for their return to Nairobi, then on to his town. Since he was the experienced facilitator I don’t know, yet, whether they managed to get a boat but he recovered shortly after one of the other gifters finally contacted us. We went to work for him in the following chat session and he’s fine, now.

Salva Kirr’s wife, Christine (they live in Yei, Sudan, where she teaches school) has been preparing a good report, which I’ll share when I receive it. They did manage to distribute all the orgonite they took with them, in spite of the hardship.

Judy had met Dr Paul Batiibwe’s sister recently and they both paid a visit to her a couple of days ago, which really pleased me to hear about.

‘Hi, Dr B!’ She told me you read the EW postings, still
Three years ago he and I went to Northern Uganda in his car to gift the major towns in the then-wartorn area and it was a hell of a ride. He’s a very courageous and resourceful man.

He’s also the first person to gift in Nairobi, which was a brown-DOR hellhole, before, but now apparently has the typically lovely sky of a sufficiently-gifted region, thanks largely to Judy’s tireless efforts. The Doc was there a couple of years ago for a medical conference. That was a year before Judy showed up on the scene.

This meeting is perhaps one of the nicer confirmations that Judy’s persistence in the face of big challenges is leading steadily her toward her goal. Africa lags behind the West in gender equality but will likely lead the way after Judy gets to her full velocity. Sometimes progress for many depends on an individual’s choices in a short timespan. It only seems to really work, though, when that individual has enough humility to get out of the way, later on. I think Judy will make the grade.

History shows us a very, very long parade of similar folks who started progressive movements, then felt a need to control them once they reached grassroot momentum. This is the era for Beta personalities like most of us to really shine


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