Mojave National Preserve and Lake Mead National Rec. Area

Hi Everyone,

I will be visiting these 2 areas in the somewhat near future. If anyone has any info on the gifting done here please let me know.

I will be gifting in these areas as much as I can. Please boost me as you can starting today as I get ready for the trip.

I will give more detailed information later after I have finished.

BTW a load of earth pipes I ordered that went astray for about a month finally got to me yesterday. One really has to wonder where they were during this time?

I’m sorry I should have put this under specific targets.



Hi Everyone,

I just got back home 90 minutes ago from gifting Lake Mead (sorry Lake Mojave not Lake Mead), and Mojave NP I also gifted other areas on the way there and on the way home. Right now I am kind of tired from the trip and will post a full report later tomorrow.

Lake Mojave is in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Take Care,


Hi Everyone,

I just want to let you all know that I am new to Etheric Warriors and I will be post about my gifting as I do it and will probably post about past gifting I did. Only to get it in the public record.

On Wednesday this past week I finally decided that I was going to Lake Mojave and Mojave NP this past weekend. After that decision was finally made things started happening on the day leading up to the trip. Thursday morning I awoke with a bad neck ache and back ache. Since I have been using the zapper having those problems have been very rare for me. Those problems presisted into friday also. Except on friday I got a very bad headache. The day I was going to leave on the trip. I was going to drive my car with a friend of mine. It turned out they had to drive as I could not. I finally went to bed in the cabin and awoke on saturday without any headache at all.

I took about 40 tb’s with me and supplies to make another 50 if needed.

I also had 3 HHG’s and 21 earth pipes.

We went to LAke Mojave and rented a boat for half a day. We went north on the lake for about 20 miles and and dropped 30 tb’s into the water in those 20 miles. Mainly 1 about every half mile. But there were lots of hawks that were following us and sometimes they dove down at the water and I dropped tb’s in where they did it. One the way back in the marina I placed and HHG probably about 300 feet from shore. I did this because on July 4th there was a severe storm there called a microburst accompanied by 100 MPH winds. It totally tore the place up and turned the docks over. So I imagine the gifting I did there was well worth it. All the time I was gifting on the lake chemtrails were being spewed into the air. I pointed this out to my friend as he had never seen them before. It was also his first gifting of any kind.

On the way back to camp I spotted a massive microwave installation with about 20 separate microwaves. We had a 4 wheel drive and was able to drive up most of the way to it. As I was walking the rest of the way up to the towers at a certain point I felt as if something slammed in my head. It almost made me pass out. I am energy sensitive and the place almost over whelmed me. Luckily I overcame it fast and was able to gift the place. I placed 5 tb’s around the entire installation.

Once back at camp I rested for a while and washed up. Then we went to Primm to the casinos for a little fun. We did not stay long because the energy in the casinos was bad. I felt a lot of desperation there.

I plan to take another trip there in November or October to gift the casinos properly because we did not go back the next day.

Sunday morning I made 24 more TB’s to gift towers on the way back home. More to come later on the gifting done on Sunday.

Take Care and Love to everyone,


Hi Everyone,

I meant to finish this gifting report earlier but somehow I felt held back from doing it.

After making the 24 TB’s I placed 2 in a pond at the place where I stayed. Then I took a little hike out into the desert around the place and placed an earthpipe in the ground.

We the left there for home and drove through the Mojave NP for a couple of hours. Total, I gifted 4 towers within the park area. Next time I go I plan to spend more time gifting towers in the park. We stopped at Kelso Sand Dunes (very amazing area). Here I gifted 2 TB’s and one earthpipe. I felt the area needed it.

At Baker, CA I gifted 4 towers.

We then drove straight home from there. Along the way though I saw towns I plan to go back to in a weekend or 2. The desert in this area is very smoggy. Too much to just explain it with the auto traffic. I am sure there are underground bases everywhere here.

That is it for this gifting run.

Take care,


Hi Everyone,

Well, this week since I did this gifting run I have been having nightmares nightly. I haven’t had any for several months until now.

I used to have them all the time. At one point in my life I was only getting maybe 2 hours of sleep a night. Glad those days are over. I think I know where they are coming from and I will blast them good.


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say I had no nightmares last night. Just good restful sleep.


Hi Everyone,

As a side note I want to also report that I gifted the town of Mojave 2 week prior to this gifting trip. Altogether I gifted about 10 TB’s in Mojave.

I also gifted the town of Rosamond which is the main gateway to Edwards AFB. I intend to do earth pipe gifting in this area also. I will report on that after I do it. In Rosamonf I gifted about 10 TB’s also. Same gifting trip as Mojave.