More Corporate Terrorism During The Olympics?

Don Croft
07 Aug 2008 07:36

Subject: More Corporate Terrorism During the Olympics?
Aloha Don,
Have you and you chat psychics looked into potential connections to
the Large Hadron Collider opening being near synchronized with the
Olympics opening? What with thepotential for piggybacking some extra
quantum influences into a very large mass of conscious (kinda… Smile )
observation by so many in near simultaniousness there could be some
nasty oook potentially slipped into the screens as subtle as
possible… The newness of the LHC and byproducts therein -
potentially creating cover in that it might take a while for sorting
of data before any ‘eccentric’ events are found and then the
probability that any kind of unexpectedness would be major PR problems
and thereby hidden would be pretty tasty tactic/strategy for
Obstructionists. Now to the extreme other side of the spectrum to
consider: there’s been a recent release (possible disinfo
self-fullfilling prophecy square tactic maybe…) of a ‘i-911’ event
(i being ‘information/internet’ and the touting of a subsequent
i-Patriot Act rollout. I’m simply going to rollout the worse case
scenario for y’all to plum and bob: Piggy-backing of the LHC to
distill and spread an expansion and indundation of a strange scalar
wave saturation that might cripple (temporarily) vulnerable nodes of
the Internet in nearly simultaneous action over the entire globe…
There are majorly strong failsafes, yes. Though the possibility of
enough tech-heads to even concieve of a complete planetary saturation
of the internets connective tissues as it were… Most people who
have read enough Heinlein, Niven, EE Smith, Card and the like who
would possibiley imagine something so “absurd” usually want to do much
more with their breath and actions than only write code for
silicon/human interface… We usually want to learn how read the codes
for the wetwares we ride that are already there and have been
forgotten, obscured and censored…
Anywhohow, that’s me 2 bits and I’ll trust you to do benefit with any
of this ramble that might help.



Have you noticed that Hollywood always reflects several levels of current trends? Lately I’ve been a little disturbed by their focus on hypderdimensional portals. In the corporate world order’s view, the only other dimensions are hellish ones, as illustrated by the films, THE MIST, and that one about the horrid monsters that invade Manhattan. I remember the name now: CLOVERFIELD

Maybe that scenario–the invasion of our world by insatiable, undefeatable monsters, is just wishful thinking for the corporate world order. It’s apparently at least their media attempt to generate hopelessness in the population. Maybe this is what institutionalized scientists are striving for, with projects like CERN and LHC, in order to help their employers, the world odor, regain their depleted power.

Consider the massive presence of Sylphs in our skies as a more positive sign that hyperdimensional realities are healthier than that, though. These are perhaps the harbingers of a closer association with benevolent, previously unseen species from here and ‘abroad.’

Let’s enjoy our relative obscurity while it lasts. We’re apparently on a collsion course with the world odor, right now. A time is probably coming when they’ll have to at least mention the work we’re doing and it’s not likely going to be a favorable mention. Their quandary is that mentioning orgonite at all will draw a lot of attention to it but so many pajama people already know about what we’re all doing that they’re getting suspicious that nothing is being said about it on the What To Think Network.

The parasitic world odor can’t sustain itself if the PJ folks wake up much faster. Their What To Think Network and academia are mandated to appear to be the PJ folks’ only reliable sources for news and information. The CIA has thousands of people working to degrade the internet to the stultifying level of the What To Think Network and university education with their fake conspiracy websites so that the PJ folks won’t dig any deeper when they test the waters of ‘alternative information sources,’ and are herded to those sites and forums to waste their time and become terrified.

I think it’s too little and too late for the massive CIA, though, becuase they’re in a reactive mode. Too many people are onto them, finally. It may be that teh NSA, MI6 and even the National Reconnaisance Office have ‘more power than the CIA’ but in real terms, it’s the millions of CIA operatives and untold milllions of their well-programmed drones who actually do the work of preventing the PJ folks from waking up, at least in the West.

Expose and get rid of the CIA and all the rest of the world order will quickly disintegrate. JFK tried his best to destroy the CIA but the game was rigged in the CIA’s favor & they simply shot him with impunity.

The professional liars and charismamongers of the CIA have lately been forced to follow trends instead of set them, though. ‘There they go, and I must chase after them, because I Am Their Leader!’ Notice how they failed to infiltrate and derail the gifting movement, for instance. Watch for the next effort to discredit orgonite: an orchestrated attempt to assign our successes to a previously unheard of technology. I’ll be surprised if they even try it because they’re starting from a pretty weak position, thanks to 8 years of meticulously posted reports by reputable people in this movement.

CIA and MI6 hackers destroyed three times in as many years but the guys who run the internet archive everything and all that is beyond the reach of the world odor’s hackers Cool and the last time it was destroyed, a year ago, Alejandro and his tecchie associate in Santiago, Chile, painstakingly re-posted a lot of exemplary reports from the HTML archives. All that was lost were photos in that case but any gifter generates good enough visual atmospheric confirmations that he/she doesn’t really need to see photos in order to ‘get it.’


Don Croft
07 Aug 2008 07:53
Subject: Re: More Corporate Terrorism During the Olympics?
Anyway, we’ll have another chat session right before the opening ceremony and we’ll hunt for more hiders, like the ritualists under that new stadium in Peking whom the psychics found and ‘treated’ last weekend. Parasites are very concerned about hiding, after all Wink

A couple of days ago I mentioned the traffic cameras and the local cops dressed like they’re about to invade Poland, so Carol and I feel certain that the feds are about to attempt something heinous. Today, during our trip to town, we noticed that the people in the stores and banks we dealt with on our errands were peculilarly tense. The bank computers were down and they said it was because Verizon Wireless was down.

After the errands, Carol got acupuncture from Dr Holly and the needles causd her to itch. Holly, who has loads of experience and was trained in China, said she’d never seen that response and Carol reckons that there were low frequency ambient transmissions that were causing the needles to vibrate.

You don’t need to be psychic to pay attention to subtle effects, of course, and now that most of the death towers are neutralized in so many regions the $#!+birds no doubt have been trying to set up alternative means to affect the populace in a way that will favor the implementation of martial law.

It might be that we’re particularly challenged to prevent the world order from succeeding with another World TRade Center -style false flag attack in coming weeks but it may be that even if they succeeded in another mass murder attempt, there are too many people, now, who will recognize the ploy right away and discuss it on the internet, the way Joe Vialls pointed out how a US Navy H-bomb detonation caused that tsunami in Southeast Asia and so many people immediately took him seriously. It’s really too bad he was murdered for it, of course.

Remember how few people noticed that the World Trade Center was brought down by conventional explosives in the months after the feds did that? Things are different by now; even less favorable for the CIA’s army of professional liars and their Monarch-programmed Greek choruses who dutifully and reflexively send around terrifying disinformation to large email lists.


07 Aug 2008 08:05
Subject: Re: More Corporate Terrorism During The Olympics?
I’m one of the few people I know who, the instant I saw the first tower drop, exclaimed out loud ‘freaking implosion!’ I didn’t have the ‘backstory’ in my mind, but I knew for sure that’s what I was seeing. Kind of like I exclaimed to my corporate coworkers ‘what’s the jet doing spraying stuff at low altitude over our building!’ (while pointing out window at plane). I quickly learned that I was down the rabbit hole, and that ‘helping people to see’ did not bring about a positive reaction from them.

“Maybe that scenario–the invasion of our world by insatiable, undefeatable monsters, is just wishful thinking for the corporate world order. It’s apparently at least their media attempt to generate hopelessness in the population. Maybe this is what institutionalized scientists are striving for, with projects like CERN and LHC, in order to help their employers, the world odor, regain their depleted power.”

I think, hopefully, that the ‘monkey trap’ thesis continues, here. For those unfamiliar, a monkey trap is a gourd with a hole in in large enough for a monkey to just get it’s hand through. Grain is placed in the gourd, the monkey grabs it, it’s hand cannot now fit back out through the hole, and it’s too stubborn to let go of the grain, and thus is grabbed by the trap-setter.

As far as I’ve gathered, the individuals and entities under discussion are purported to not be able to conceive or understand entities or energies ‘above’ them in vibrational level. Their thinking patterns lend themselves very well to pyramidal controls systems, which they are the unquestioned masters of…herding, duping and controlling those vibrationally below them, but utterly incapable of going outside that metaphorical box in an ‘upward’ level. So, yes, wishful thinking, utterly.

“A time is probably coming when they’ll have to at least mention the work we’re doing and it’s not likely going to be a favorable mention.”

07 Aug 2008 08:12
Subject: Re: More Corporate Terrorism During The Olympics?
Truncated post, continuing…

One of the Chicken Little sites mentioned ‘cell towers are for mind control!’ the other day, with a link to I thought, wow, game over, check, mate, because now people will go, read, and their own discernment will rule the day.

The battle feels to be turning. My hope is that, just as we have gifters, here, who used to be Bush campaign members, that inviduals throughout the pyramidal control matrix will, er, lose their structural integrity within said matrix, and the matrix, the pyramid, will collapse. And the whole thing may disappear like frost on a Spring morning.

Don Croft
07 Aug 2008 08:51
Subject: Re: More Corporate Terrorism During the Olympics?
Before orgonite came along, Slim Spurling had the only show in town in terms of healing the environment with subtle energy devices. He eventually tried his hand with cloudbusters and cured his cancer with one of our zappers but it was really tough for him to let go of the proprietary and organization aspect of his efforts, so only a relatively small number of people committed to doing the work for the long term.

His interactive devices are very good but human nature dictates that only the simplest possible, effective solution to any problem will be universally adopted. Otherwise, a few very talented people like Slim would have sorted it all out by now.

If Carol and I had adopted a very proprietary attitude toward our orgonite inventions, as Karl Welz has done with his, those millions of new death towers and the poisons in the chemtrails would probably have enabled the world order to enslave or murder every one of us, several years ago.

Studying the world odor’s inner workings is like viewing a dead whale on a railroad flatcar: fascinating and hard to look away, but kind of stinky. The trick is to become certain about the nature and purpose of parasites instead of getting scammed into the notions that they either don’t exist or can’t be defeated.

I don’t spend a lot of time speculating on the nature of their secret, complex and interlocked hierarchies, any more than I spend time analyzing the hundreds of disease-causing parasite species that invade and infect a human body (thanks largely to antibiotics, I might add Cool ). Simple ionization destroys all of the internal parasites (and neutralizes the poisonous mold toxins, called ‘antibiotics’) and the distribution of simple orgonite takes power away from the walking corporate parasites. Both of those processes are economical, effective, empowering and satisfying.

The possibility of imminent martial law in America, the world odor’s keystone, is as serious as a heart attack. What I’m suggesting about a confrontation between the world order and this network is also deadly serious and I think it’s going to require real commitment to continue to post, here, after they start applying pressure on each of us, more directly. The remaining CIA moles in the EW membership, if any, who have managed to hide until now will have to show their hands, too. Fortunately for us, this isn’t a formal organization, so there are no institutional sycophants manipulating people.

This forum is mainly a work-oriented project, as Dr Reich might say, so contributors earn the privelege of posting speculative material by mainly posting substantive gifting reports. Contributors who post more speculative material than useful reports will eventually get an email from me, encouraging them to get back to work.

I enjoy getting solid, practical intel from our readers and contributors, though, even when it’s speculative, like the email I posted at the beginning of the thread. This often leads our psychics to productive targets.

Visitors to discredited orgonite forums learn that they are characterized by idle speculation and personality dramas, thanks to the professional behavior modification (Delphi?) specialists and their weak-charactered, Monarch-programmed Greek choruses. Genuine people who heard about orgonite but were funneled by CIA-owned search engines directly to the discredited forums generally get disgusted with their lack of real content and then they find EW, where we are seen to focus mainly on the productive, rather than the speculative aspects.


Don Croft
07 Aug 2008 09:15
Subject: Re: More Corporate Terrorism During the Olympics?
Regarding Jason’s mention of the inauguration of the LHC project, maybe we ought to look at any institution that begins projects during the Dog Days as a potential target. The corporate world odor’s fatal attaction to Sirius is probably something we can exploit a little more.


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