More Federal Poison in Food Supply?

Hi Don,

I wanted to send this link below to you and your team because I know you all do suppression work. The gist of it is a major event expected to happen in early November while the president and many of his cabinet members are out of the country. The guy who released the original information had his website shut down by the government immediately after releasing his prediction. I had a good friend of mine and one of the original remote viewers call me up within a day after getting this information and asking what was up, she was told to call me by another powerful psychic who lives in Washington. When she tuned into the dates, she saw extreme darkness over the middle of our country where we grow most our food. I know there has been a surmised attack on our food and water supply for some time now so I am sending this out to those few who do the work in this arena. I thought it would be up the alley of you and your resistance team. … t-matters/

God Bless,



Thx, Drew–I’ll post it. The plan was probably abandoned as soon as your friend put the info online, of course, but I like to kick these baby-eating scoundrels when they’re down [Image Can Not Be Found] but I’m happy to know about your group’s psi work to bring this parasitic world order down–it’s the most productive way we know to confound these genocidists. The large-scale gifting work pulls the rug out from under them by taking away their death-energy matrix but they won’t ever give up without a struggle, otherwise, which makes them dangerous for as long as they’re drawing breath. Kind of like a horde of rabid sewer rats.

They’ve been poisoning all the corporate food and the water supplies for a long time, of course, hence the rampant obesity in America, perhaps. This also caused an explosion in health consciousness and solutions, of course, and even MalWart is selling alleged organic food, now.

You’d be hard pressed to find a water tower that’s not crowned with death generators, now. This poisons the water pretty efficiently until someone pitches a towerbuster or two in the immediate vicinity, then the water because better than before the death tranmitters were added in late 2001. Pretty cool–very cost efficient for us, too.

I’d love to also find out how they’re poisoning people with aerosols on a large scale. I think this is tied to the disinformation about chemtrails, lately. Almost every time my wife and I drive to town (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) for errands we get poisoned with aersols and this happens whether or not there are any chemtrails in the sky, of course. We’ve caught the feds doing it to us, up close, a few times but that probably doesn’t explain the sudden ‘flu epidemics.’ We suspect they use aerosols in the heating systems of large buildings across the country, including all public schools.

For what it’s worth, I advise folks to use a zapper to deterimne if flu symptoms are caused by organisms or by poisonous substances. If the symptoms are from organisms, they go away in a few minutes when you put a zapper on; if not, the symptoms are hardly affected by the zapper.

A lot of us would be dead from bioweaponry and other poisons if not for zappers. Look at how other activists are dropping like flies, right now, for instance. This is apparently more prudent for the corporate parasites than rounding us all up–make all those deaths look like they were natural, including induced heart attacks.

These frequent poison attacks concerned Carol and I so much that a couple of years ago we started trying ways to improve our vitality levels. Thanfully, it was about the same time that David Wolfe started promoting our zappers and he’s been a rich source of usable information. Every time we go to one of his Do’s to sell our stuff we come home with new, wonderful products to improve our health some more.

It costs quite a bit to commit to taking the various superfoods on a daily basis, at least until more people start doing it. The prices will come down after that. It’s also been spendy to get effective new equipment that keeps us away from death’s door: a BEMER from Germany and a Power Plate from England.

We feel and look better, now, than we did when we got together, ten years ago [Image Can Not Be Found] and the ironic bit is that these malicious federal agencies who routinely poison us directly inspired us to find ways to be healthy enough to keep their poisons and bioweaponry from making us ill. I suppose that’s the general pattern in our species current waking up process, though. How stupid are these corporate/gov’t $#!+birds?