More Freedom in Russia than in the USA?

Hi Don! Sure, please feel free to post this and/or the other things to the forum.

I’m glad to know that you are fascinated by Russia. This is really cool to me, and sometimes I end up making all my friends sick of hearing about it, because I’m constantly bragging to other people about it [Image Can Not Be Found]. Every American I’ve talked to has been dumbfounded by my statements that Russia is a much freer society than America is at this point. Sure, the cities and such might be a bit bloodier and tougher than American cities, however people don’t let themselves be stopped by “intimidation” and once you step out into the countryside, it’s pretty much as close to dynamic-chaotic anarchy as you can get. As my Siberian friends tells me “You can jump on your own balls (assuming you’re a guy [Image Can Not Be Found]) all day long, and no one will stop you from it.” I was once stopped by police in New York for walking along a roadside and questioned as to whether I was a menace to myself or not [Image Can Not Be Found]. I was also told by a state trooper (on a different occasion) that I could not sit along the side of the road since it was “state property”. I told that guy he was a jackass and should let me finish my breakfast in peace. (I was doing some 60 mile walk.)

One of the reasons I like the English-Russia site so much, is that I think it really captures a true essence of Russia in some way. You can find pretty much anything there, like old Soviet propaganda paraphernalia, to countryside photos, to crazy stunts on home cameras, to underground tunnels/dungeons, to abandoned military sites, etc. etc… However I will restrain myself, since there are so many, and only send you this one other link which I thought you might find amusing, after hearing your story about the public meeting you attended. I think that you are correct to maintain your sense of humor in these times. Any Russian will tell you that a n ability towards humor is an essential survival trait, and they’ve lived through some pretty shitty times. I would suggest you peruse at least a few pages of English-Russia…. it’s extremely entertaining [Image Can Not Be Found]

Well, I’ve been totally inspired just lately to start back up making new orgonite. I think I’ll start with some HHG’s. I would really like to give one to my friend who happens to be a pack-rat, and collects a hodge-podge of all kinds of weird and miscellaneous stuff. I know he’ll stick it in his room somewhere. [Image Can Not Be Found] Not only that, we’ve decided to expand our garden, and for just the reasons you stated- about food becoming the feds new weapon. It will be nice to experiment further with the orgonite-plant relationships. I think gardening is probably a pretty good way to go in these times… though I can just imagine some ridiculous gov. requirements for “gardening licenses” or what not. That right after the “breathing tax” is implemented [Image Can Not Be Found]

Don’t know if it was coincidence or not, but right after emailing you I started having pretty bad pain in the center of my body in two spots right behind the shoulder blades. I wrote it off to my weight-lifting session earlier in the day, even though it didn’t match pains I usually get after training. It lasted pretty much all day, and when I tried to go to sleep that night I was unable to owing to a deep sort of restlessness. I tried stretching it out, relaxing it… nothing. I then had the impression that these were two wonky chakras I was dealing with, so I grabbed my succor punch, my zapper, and my HP, and laid out a few crystals just for good measure…. The pain disappeared like in 0 seconds it was that fast. And I fell asleep in five… woke up from a perfect sleep. It was cool.



Thanks, Amy–good stuff! I bookmarked the englishrussia site. When we moved here we befriended a Russian-American family and now I’m seeing some interesting timing in all that. Andrei in Moscow, who is a professional web designer, told me, last week, that he intends to set up a Russian website for orgonite and related subjects, also that he intends to film his new orgonite cloudbuster’s effects in the atmosphere with time-lapse photography–that will be a first!

Of course, Sergei in Samara (E Russia) has been gifting and reporting here, also sharing photos. He’s the very first gifter in Russia that I’ve been in contact with and that was about a year ago, I think. Before that, I rarely heard from anyone in Russia, though travellers sometimes shared observations with me.

Congrats on dealing with that apparent psi assault. We’ve also found that the attacks are getting weaker and less frequent, as though the corporate world order’s sewer rat agencies are running out steam or are busy with more threatening concerns than us. Maybe they’re planning their own survival in the face of humanity’s awakening and their imminent exposure [Image Can Not Be Found]

It seems like the more fed up Americans get with this federal gov’t, the more treasonous legislation they create. If they could actually enforce it we’d all be in trouble, of course. I read that Congress is now even trying to ‘outlaw’ organic agriculture [Image Can Not Be Found]

What a joke. This gov’t seems to me like a drunken, armed village idiot but they’re still worrisome, of course.

I wonder if you’ll be the one to finally gift Lake Baikal. Doc von Peters tried to get over there the last time he was in Northern China but just didn’t have the means. He did some gifting in Vladivostok, though.


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