More gifting in Austin

Hello everyone,

Yesterday shortly after dawn I loaded up the car with orgonite and headed up the highway to Austin. I got there around 9:30AM and proceeded to gift towers starting from downtown and heading straight north.

A few hours later I met up with Jimo and we headed out to do some damage. We had a close call when we had the cops called on us when we were going to jump a fence to gift a sizable array on a hillside. We left the area but came back later to finish the job. We also gifted an underground base, in addition to the highest point in Austin.

I’ve vowed to gift all of the towers in Austin and even though I’ve had some setbacks I intend to see this goal completed. Also we plan to grid downtown sometime in the next few months.

All told 89 TB’s, 5 HHG’s, 1 EP, and 2 EPB’s were gifted.

I also sold Jimo some 30 TB’s and hope to be offering orgonite for sale soon.

Health, help, happiness


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