More Gifting Reports; Less Extemporizing, Please

I lost some sleep last night, worrying that our readers may be a little frustrated because most of us (myself included) have lately done more talking than working (flinging orgonite in the field), then this morning I got this email from Mrs Odondi, which she also posted in the Africa section of the forum in a thread started by Christine from Southern Sudan:

Hi Don Today I did the gifting within the town of Kisumu Nyalenda area, I visited some of the tower boosters and the work really succeeded. Another which also received my impact is the police road blocks. In fact we went there at 5:30 am and hide some orgonite in such stops so that whenever the police men will operate in such areas would find these stations already cured.
I also visited some swampy region where fish farming is taking place and there I also did some gifting. I also helped some of the fish farmers by giving them the orgonite to increase their fish productions, am very much optimistic that the result will be good.

Mrs O

As you probably know, Kisumu is the city in NW Kenya at the end of a long, narrow bay of Lake Victoria where the orgonite movement in Africa first became established in 2003. It’s Mrs O’s and her son, Billie’s, hometown. Migori is a nearby town where late David Ochieng and his wife, Emmah, got started around the same time. When David and Emmah were murdered in 2008 Mrs O adopted their two small children.

The kikundi, who live and operate in five adjoining East African countries, have always been loosely organized with Mrs O as a sort of coordinator. Most of them earn a livelihood making and selling orgonite to farmers and fishermen, though they encounter a lot of obstacles along the way which we in the rest of the world (except perhaps in China) rarely experience. Note Mrs Odondi’s strategic effort, this week, to put orgonite around local police roadblocks where the police routinely confiscate their orgonite. It really pays to be proactive, this way.

The Africans are doing more field work than the rest of us and if it weren’t for them I wonder if this forum would be viable any more. Typically, we do a whole lot of work locally and regionally, then slack off. There are a few exceptions and we’re grateful to them for so often providing new reports. I’m always watching for more people who will share substantive orgonite field reports, here. By now, most people who post reports here know better than to just report tallies of how many towerbusters they tossed during a field campaign. I bet 99% of the very prolific orgonite flingers in the world would never consider having a public profile and this is the only legitimate record of this global effort so these reports are valuable for several reasons.

Carol and I manage to do about one orgonite field campaign per year, partly because we can’t afford to do more and partly because the enemy have been trying to murder Carol, again, since April or so. We can gauge who is most important to this effort by seeing who is getting hit the hardest, I think. Commercially, the hardest hit is Francisco of and I think we’re in second place Wink. I’m very happy that most of the people, outside of Africa and perhaps China, who do this work are being left alone. In the early years, none of us could pee behind a bush without hitting a secret policeman. A few of us still contend with a lot of hacking and gaslighting but we just think it’s an unwitting pat on the back by the Old Parasite for work well done.

Doc Stevo, who delivered me from death’s door many years ago after I was severely damaged by beryllium poisoning at the hands of the FBI, is now helping Carol to recover and I’m wondering if the enemy are using a human voodoo doll to destroy her, as the late Steven J Smith described to us in 2010, about a year before he was apparently murdered that way. Some of his writing is on the homepage of this forum from the link, ‘NSA: Citadel of Evil.’ He didn’t want to work with us; otherwise he’d probably still be alive. Dooney survived one of those NSA voodoo assaults in 2011 and recovered after we took care of business in the international chatroom.

There’s a doctor who owns a hospital in Ghana who is very keen to get started with orgonite and zappers, so the kikundi might soon experience quite an expansion Cool. I like to end on a high note.

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