More good material from Al Bielek archives

I listened to this one this morning (it’s almost 2.5 hours) and there’s a great deal of info that I’d never heard before from Bielek, especially about Wilhelm Reich’s unwitting involvement with mind control research and early weather warfare tech.

The reason I don’t hesitate to share Al Bielek’s material is that Carol and I feel confident that he’s completely genuine. I would never have felt this way if we hadn’t spent an afternoon with him and asked him scores of pointed questions in early 2001. As I’ve said before, a lot of what he told us on that day became the basis for our orgonite fieldwork and other aspects of waging war back against the Old Parasite. Many other sources I’ve found have corroborated his material, including very old (read: unadulterated) works about archaeology and ancient history.

That’s not to say that you should have the same confidence in this material. I think everything I write ought to be vigorously discerned and if something seems unacceptable it ought to be put in one’s ‘wait and see’ file. My file is enormous and it keeps growing, pending more corroborative evidence from other credible sources.

After Bielek saw the film, The Philadelphia Experiment , in 1979 a flood of recovered memories of his personal involvement in that project overcame him and that was also around the time when many scientists and engineers had started to use a primitive version of the internet for global communication among themselves so the ones whose memories had been erased began comparing notes with each other to produce a body of material that is mostly talked about by Al Bielek.

The fellow who put this 1992 interview on YouTube referred to him as ‘the late Al Bielek,’ but one of the EW psychics whose father had put orgonite around the apparently CIA-owned nursing home in Florida where Bielek was interred (they had refused to let her see him, there) several years ago, did manage to reach him over the telephone after a niece of Al Bielek’s previous incarnation, Edward Cameron, in New Mexico had rescued him from that nursing home but he didn’t remember her from her time in the Montauk Chair in her youth or else he didn’t want to talk about it. His demeanor had changed since we knew him, evidently, and he had evidently suffered a stroke in that nursing home. He had told us that the CIA and other sewer rat agencies were forbidden to kill him because they were afraid of what that might do to our time continuum so we assumed that by inducing a stroke these secret police skidmarks could neutralize him as an information source, at least.

As always, I recommend revisiting Bielek’s and Schneider’s presentations every few years in order to absorb more material. We were all so heavily programmed that it’s essentially impossible to integrate it all at once, I believe. The more we will examine reality independently, the more empowering material we will be capable of absorbing. This is very unlike the process of hypnotism in which disinformation is swallowed whole, with no discernment at all. A discerning person will be accountable for information gathered; he takes a stand. ‘If one won’t take a stand for something, one will fall for anything,’ and this is the state of the vast majority of people who think they’re awake and are just sucking on the disinformation and fear-porn teat Cool

I don’t talk about reincarnation, much, because the subject often instantly turns otherwise intelligent people into babbling ninnies for the moment due to generations of efficient theosophy programming (mind control triggers). If you rationally criticize the concept you’ll get attacked for it by these unwitting robots but it’s not as bad as it used to be & I think it’s because discernment is becoming fashionable. I mentioned it here because Bielek often discussed how offworlders shared technology for implanting someone’s consciousness into the bodies of others whose consciousness had departed or were removed by these parasites. There’s nothing sacred about it and it’s not natural.

An orgonite flinger I used to correspond with was married to Frank Zappa’s brother. She told me that Zappa’s widow had recently brought the family together for a ritual to reinsert Frank Zappa’s soul in an infant born into the family. My acquaintance was alarmed and creeped out–refused to participate. I’d already learned about this practice from someone credible who was brought up within the ancient oligarchy. I don’t know if it’s real but I think some of the more disgusting Tibetan (nominally Buddhist but I bet Buddha would disown them Wink) orders practice that regularly.

The reason I encourage people to be informed of the Old Parasite’s secret agenda is because until enough people know about it I don’t think the reign of parasites can end. Maybe it only takes a tenth of one percent of the world’s population to stand against this tyranny in order to finally stop it so that we can have world peace, safety and prosperity. I don’t think the rest of humanity will even realize or care that this victory has been achieved and that’s okay, even amusing.

I started listening to the next segment of the 1992 Al Bielek interview and realized that I got something wrong. He didn’t claim that his consciousness was inserted in another body but rather that in 1947, while working for Dr von Neumann at Los Alamos, the feds erased him from the public record and aliens, presumably draconians, who were directing Project Rainbow age-regressed him to the age of infancy and placed him in a family in Long Island in 1927 as Al Bielek. I’d probably heard him tell that story a dozen times, before, but somehow missed that important point but this sort of thing is why I encourage people to revisit lectures like these. I don’t know how its possible to absorb it all in one sitting–it’s just too challenging to our belief paradigms for that to happen.

My critique of reincarnation was intended to draw attention to the hypnotic way that people are conditioned to believe in reincarnation; not whether or not the concept is real, though I suspect it’s not real and certainly is not a complete answer to the question of the soul’s progress. Dogma typically explains everything and answers nothing.

I’ve occasionally experienced being other people, living and dead, and this is not uncommon. I think it happens more easily in the dream state and some credible people throughout history have suggested that the dream state closely resembles our existence after the physical life. To cram that into a linear physical concept like reincarnation seems intellectually dishonest to me. A wonderful biographical book I read has an account of the author meeting two people who shared a soul and were living at the same time but not the same place. The first one, an old Gypsy lady, predicted his meeting with the second one, years later, whom he married. I don’t recall the details but both women, who couldn’t have known each other, showed convincing evidence. Gypsies reject the reinarnation concept, even though they spent much of their history in India. As a genunely explicit doctrine, reincarnation wasn’t promoted anywhere but in India and adjacent Tibet until the British financial oligarchy started spreading it in Europe and America in the late 1800s…

People who allegedly time travel also infer that everything that’s ever happened and will happen is happening right now, which may be to say that the human soul exists entirely outside of time and space. The reincarnation dogma seems to me to fly in the face of that as well as many other evidences of a much broader consciousness than we give ourselves credit for. If we consider that individuals are like the leaves, branches and fruit of a single tree or waves on the same sea we might appreciate that we’re more intimately connected than the dogma purveyors realize. The spiritual technology that’s periodically given to us by genuine prophets show how to keep the ego from ruling our lives and in that state the spirit can develop in an organic, progressive way. I think dogma has always been created and propagated by the Old Parasite (corporate world order) to short circuit this natural process. Dogma usually seems to be ego-centered, which I think is why newagers all seem convinced that ‘in past lives’ they were someone really important. Wink

Also, nothing in nature develops backward or repeats stages of development and why should it be any different for the growth and development of the human spirit? I’ve always felt that if one will take all of the allged ‘proof of reincarnation’ and simply apply higher intellectual standards to examine it one will come away with a pretty grand concept of the dynamics of the soul and consciousness. Accepting rote dogma always seems to rather restrict the mind and deaden one’s necessarily independent exploration of reality.