More Hacking Against our Business, etc

The sabotage of our business correspondence reached a head, last week, when I found that the majority of emails from customers and zapper distributors was in my trash folder. Now, I check the trash folder each day for new mail and the problem is going away. I expect that after I’ve posted this I’ll be finding even less business mail in my trash folder.

We have an account with for the past five years and after wildblue started using Google mail this little problem started happening. I assume that the NSA bought

Twelve years ago, when Carol and I got together, we had an account with and in early May, 2002, the day after I posted simple instructions for flipping the then-new death towers with simple orgonite all of our business corresponence disappeared. Our personal correspondence wasn’t interfered with. Our business website was hosted on and on the same day we were locked out of that site [Image Can Not Be Found]

When I told Don Bradley about the problem (we had met in April, 2002) he laughed and said that when he applied for a job at Earthlink in LA he noticed that they shared a gated enclosure with the west coast headquarters of the National Security Agency. The fence was topped with razor tape and there were guard towers in each corner of the compound, just like in a prison.

I frantically called earthlink and a tech advised me to start using a free, online email service–I forgot the name of that one. A few years later it became impossible for me to get my email on that site, too, but we had set up a site and email account at a local server by then.

The NSA and CIA now directly interfere with perhaps hundreds of thousands of individuals’ freedom to communicate with each other. I think that all one has to do to get onto that exclusive list is to visit an informative website, utter a tagged word on the telephone or go to a verboten lecture. I think it’s worse in the US than in any other country, except perhaps UK and Israel, and it’s so blatant that it’s become the elephant in the room that even most of the brilliant techhies seem loathe to acknowledge aloud. Since all parasites thrive on hiding this really frustrates me. Exposure is the fast lane for discarding this sort of tyranny, after all.

When I receive an email in my trash folder I now tell the sender that it happened. Every single bit of exposure really does help and this Nazi International regime is completely dependent on our programmed silence, after all. The world is not 1930s Germany, though; the Gestapo won’t bust our doors down in the middle of the night and haul us off (much as they’d like to [Image Can Not Be Found] ).

With the internet we can blow this ancient tyranny apart at the seams without much effort. If you’ve flipped all the death towers in your town I think you will be delighted to discover that people are no longer as brainwashed and terrorized as they were before so you can say things like this to them and they won’t shrink from you, as before. We’ve found this to be true in all of the towns we’ve lived in over the past eleven years.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re each turning their new, infinitely costly, premier mind control apparati into tools for liberating the human spirit. Why not make the most of it?


A more annoying hacker problem, for now, is that I’m unable to reach Captain Azti. He’s due to visit us in one week so I really need to find out when he’s arriving so we can pick him up at the airport.

I lost his phone number but I’ll send him a postcard tomorrow, hoping that the FBI won’t steal it enroute [Image Can Not Be Found] . Posting this for the record might help me get past these trolls, grid willing. I also emailed Francisco in Spain and he’s forwarding it to Azti. In most cases it’s easy to get past hacker barriers by routing an email through someone in another country. Francisco and I do this for each other–he gets quite a bit of ‘surgical’ hacking, too. This is a flower in any activist’s lapel but it’s still an annoyance.

The felonious feds are happy to know that I can’t understand most people over the phone, due to partial deafness, and that Azti dislikes doing email. This is the most annoying incidence of hacking I’ve had, so far.

Azti is usually too busy to get online, even though he makes his living with the internet, but I really look forward to his visit and I hope the feds haven’t screwed up this opportunity for us.


Don, like you encourage, to post against interferences towards us… online, our livelihoods, etc.
Here is my post about it. I been corresponding with Don for the last month or so, regarding the translated version in Spanish of the their Adventures and my website, and suddenly I started having trouble signing into my hotmail account, I have to go through hoops just to access my inbox…
So to the sewer rats and those that pretend to pass them self as genuine warrriors to infiltrate our trust(I can smell you a mile away), you can interfere with that which can be stopped. This orgonite revolución is inevitable…


Sorry for your trouble, Ixma, but at least this overt reprisal gives us an opportunity to expose the tactic. They literally thrive on the population’s denial that this sort of thing happens, after all.

Hotmail is a CIA and/or NSA tool, of course. All of the big stuff on the web that is ‘free’ is most likely also theirs, including Wikipedia.

When Earthlink (NSA’s) started disappearing all my business email the day that I posted the first instructions for flipping the then-new death towers I was able to get my mail on but that eventually got hacked to death, too. I had set up an account on a local server, which also later got compromised.

I think it’s only by broadcasting my internet troubles that I’m able to stay in business at all. After I started checking my trash folder for hacked email the number of business emails in my trash folder suddenly declined. On some days there’s a dozen or so in the trash folder, still [Image Can Not Be Found] but I now seem to be getting most of my email, at least.

I think the NSA, MI5/6, etc., have hundreds of thousands of hackers interfering with humanity’s birthright to communicate freely, now. Anyone can see that the hacker problem is growing quite fast, these days. The only way to be free of hacking, evidently, is to keep bending over for Big Brother [Image Can Not Be Found] and anyone whose email has a ‘thought crime’ word or phrase in it (found by Echelon) is probably targeted for direct hacker interference, now.