More Material from Steven J Smith

I think it was in 2009 that Stephen J Smith contacted me and offered to furnish scientific explanations about how orgonite worked. I’m always skeptical of such claims but his personal history intrigued me, so Carol and I arranged to visit him in Portland, Oregon. The main thing he wanted from us was $1300 per month for a year, which he said was how long it would take him to design and build a free energy engine. He wanted to develop the device and release it to the public as a way to undermine the NSA’s power. I think his offer of scientific analysis of orgonite was an inducement. Since I already knew that free energy inventors are routinely killed whenever they bring a new device to the market I felt that it would be a waste of money and would encourage his own demise so I declined to help him, that way, but we did give him a zapper and some orgonite. He was very reluctant to accept the orgonite but our impression was that it was because he was justifiably paranoid about engaging new acquaintances in a personal way. He and his wife had been routinely battling NSA psychics, including a lot of Russian and Chinese ‘contractors’ in the metropolitan area and had also evidently figured out how to neutralize the death towers remotely. He was quite emphatic that the death towers are partly used to enhance psi assaults on targeted individuals. Carol and I always assumed that the death towers are primarily subtle energy weapons with GPS-assisted capability so this didn’t surprise us.

Since this forum gets new readers every day it’s seemed like a good idea for me to bring attention to significant past developments from time to time and this fellow’s personal history warrants more public attention. When we met him he had difficulty walking and said it was because when he was a child, NSA agents threw him into a crematorium and turned on the heat. As soon as the flames ignited he found himself on the sidewalk outside of the facility with third degree burns on his feet. He told us that the room was full of children of a similar age and that the NSA murderers were jacking up their terror by forcing them to witness the destruction of their mates in that crematory. I assume that the NSA was harvesting that energy as fuel or sustenance of some sort. He told us that all of these children were natural psychics whom the NSA was using to remotely steal secret research data and technical information from the Russians.

For some reason the NSA finds it worthwhile to generally dispose of these psychic children when they reached a certain age. It wasn’t clear to Carol and I why that could be but Stephen evidently kept working for them and the next time the NSA attempted to dispose of him was when he was in his late teens, when they threw him off the roof of a tall building. He was unhurt but after that they evidently had no use for him and he was consigned to a dead-end existence, unable to work for a living. During that time he knew Phil Schneider–evidently one of a small number of friends. He visited Schneider the day before the latter was found strangled in his apartment in Portland in 1997. If you’re not familiar with him I recommend watching all of his available lectures on YouTube, which are mainly about the underground bases and the interface between agencies like the NSA and predatory aliens. When we met Al Bielek in Atlanta in 2001 he was living in a house previously owned by Phil Schneider but he said that the CIA bought that house and were probably going to evict him (they did). Bielek knew Schneider’s father, Ernst Schneider, from Project Rainbow during which time Schneider was a German U-Boat captain who had suddenly become a US Navy Captain and the ‘medical officer’ for that project (‘The Philadelphia Experiment’). Montauk had been the location of a German underground base since long before WWI. Bielek’s (as Lt. Cameron in 1943) father was a member of the German navy in those pre-WWI days and raised a family in that vicinity. He had wives and families in several ports around the world and was evidently from an aristocratic bloodline; quite rich and powerful and influential in New York City’s aristocratic circles.

I doubt I’d ever have met people like that if not for the orgonite enquiry but I’ve been contacted by quite a few people who have tried (usually unsuccessfully) to get clear of the horrific occult apparatus that permeates those families. Stephen J Smith fits that profile for me. It’s too bad that these people are so challenged to achieve personal autonomy because a lot of them are powerful psychics. Their obsessive hatred toward the established order (their extended family) has made a few of them unsuitable for our online psi chat sessions, unfortunately. We’re ineffective when we hate the living enemy–it’s counterproductive, actually. Hating thoughtforms (A.I.?) and predatory corporations like Monsanto, AT&T, Siemens, Chinese Overseas Shipping Corporation and IG Faren is another matter. Non-person evil which has to exposed before it can be discarded. In the early years, a lot of EW contributors were militant pacifists who seemed to be mandated to protect these monsters, strange to tell. In those days it was really hard to find gifters who would post reports so I had no choice but to include them when they asked me. Now, I do what i can to screen out the militant pacifists when people ask for EW membership. This forum is an instrument of overt war, after all–the effective kind that relies on exposure and neutralization rather than bullets and manacles.

My good friend, Carlos, of took it on himself to find the most substantive material available that still survives of Stephen J Smith’s work and I posted a new link on EW’s homepage to include all that. Here’s what he emailed to me, yesterday:

Carlos Silva <[email protected]> 11:55 AM (1 hour ago)

to Don

Don, whoever gathered all those papers by Steven Smith available on EW did a great job. Unfortunately some of the images seem to be missing. I’ve recently come across the archive of his “Scientific Papers” at geocities and - even though I don’t understand most of what he was talking about - felt an urge to archive the whole thing on my computer. Didn’t even ring a bell in my mind this was the same man from the NSA - Citadel of Evil paper :-P I’m sure other people had that urge to preserve Smith’s work - John Whale for one, but his own version is missing some equations (images).

After some work I’ve put together every ones of the pages from his “scientific papers” website. I think all the images are there - my last resort which is an archive of the old geocities. I’ve also tracked every external source that he mentions and included that too. Only one picture from inside a radar is missing but I don’t think that’s important.

After all this work I didn’t think it would be best to keep it all to myself so I’m sending you the link. I’ll be posting it on my website soon and I’ll be sure to mention his others papers, whether the ones hosted at or EW I don’t know, whichever will be easier to read.…ith.tar.gz

Incidently I’ve stopped using google for email and file storage. Oh I still get the emails and the files haven’t been touched (such as the gypsy book) but I’m not using it for new things anymore since some time ago google wouldn’t let me access my account because of “security”. I could access it again the next day but I can’t trust it won’t happen again! ;-)

Stephen J Smith evidently did get his funding from someone else and a year later I was told that he had developed that engine but then he died soon after. He hadn’t contacted me any more after our meeting in Portland but the nature of his death seemed to be just like he described to us in that meeting as one of the methods that the NSA uses to eliminate threats (good people). Not long after he told us about that, Dooney became quite ill and nobody, including her mate, Dr Stevo–a rarely-competent physician–could find the cause. During a chat session, then the other psychics found what Smith had described to us: a woman who was a sort of living voodoo doll who was being killed with poison that produced the same symptoms that Dooney was experiencing. Right after we went after the NSA murderers Dooney go well very fast. I think we could also have saved Stephen J Smith if he had agreed to network more closely with us and had contacted us when he got sick.

Lots and lots of people have invented free energy devices, by the way. I think there are so many of these inventions that as soon as the NSA and similar murderous agencies are exposed and neutralized there will be a rather sudden end to extreme poverty, starvation, endemics, and the rule of parasites in general in the world. I’m sure humanity is ready for this ‘challenge’ and this orgonite movement continues to expand in spite of monumental efforts to stop it, including Google/NSA burying us under a dungheap of liars, fakers and Pied Pipers Cool

Stevo said, ‘Google is the NSA’s clown name.’ Wink He’s also the one who came up with the descriptive word, ‘Mossadomites’

Thanks, Don!

Inside that downloadable archive is an image called ‘map.jpg’ that makes a bit of sense from the jumble of files. All external sources mentioned by Smith in his ‘papers’ are also present in the archive - if you search for it you will find it ;-) The only exception is when he simply mentions an active website, such as


EDIT: new file in zip format, easier to open for everybody (new file) (mirror1) (mirror2)