More NSA Extortion Aimed at Mylow:


Here’s the latest, and the most remarkable, developments in the Mylow magnetic motor saga:

The good news: Mylow has built a much better motor – it’s self-starting and runs at 300 rpm. At first it wobbled but he was able to stabilise it by adding a second stator magnet. The layout of rotor magnets is apparently simpler as well, although the stator magnets are ‘banana-shaped’ like what Howard Johnson used.

The bad news: He doesn’t have it. The MIB are trying to persuade him to work for them. Enticing him by taking him to a secret lab in Chicago and showing him other suppressed technologies, and telling him they plan to release his motor or something like it to the public this summer via a university – which I am 99.99% sure is a lie. And at the same time threatening to kill him if he doesn’t comply with their demands. One of which he has already broken by meeting Sterling Allan in a restaurant and telling him what I’ve just summarised here.

Please read the whole article for a lot more details! It includes diagrams of the new motor design… you might want to save a copy (with images) too, in case anything happens to the website.

Apparently Mylow was supposed to meet with the MIB, including someone “close to the man in charge”, yesterday evening. No news yet on whether he did or what happened. I hope he makes the right decision.

So maybe further psychic intervention would be appropriate. Boosting Mylow, the MIB harrassing him and the chain of command? Finding the location of that secret lab and adding it to your “who will gift around Mylow?” thread? (Thanks for posting that!)

I wonder, could that “time tunnels” technique and boosting the positive outcome – the thing your group used in January to prevent O’Bomber being assasinated with nukes – be applied here??? That might be a way to affect not just Mylow himself but the bigger picture – replication efforts, disinformation campaigns etc. If that idea has merit, I hope it doesn’t come too late.


This is another way they get to you. Big offers and then nothing materialises



Thanks. The latest thing posted on PESWiki sounds like very good news – but also danger for Mylow that needs to be
dealt with urgently:

“Mylow Defies the BlackOps; Posting more Videos of his Magnet Motor – Yesterday Mylow met with a “very important
person” – possibly VP Joe Biden – behind a one-way glass wall. He declines their invitation to work with them and
says he’s going to continue to open source the technology. (PESN; April 28, 2009)”

I can’t actually read the article at the moment because I’m at work, where there’s a filtering program to stop
employees wasting their time on ‘undesirable’ websites, and it considers to be a “chatroom”. So I’d better
get back to actually working now



Mylow has posted a video of his latest motor running! 10 minutes long, and at about 7 minutes he stops it and starts it again – he just gives it a small nudge, and then it can be seen accelerating – the most convincing evidence yet. It takes several minutes to build up to its maximum speed, but it works!

Mylow seems quite dispirited by the negative reaction he’s received on Youtube and – there has been a loud chorus of people in both places screaming “it’s fake!” ever since he posted the first video on 22nd March – and says this will be his last video and he won’t work on the motor any more. However, it’s not the first time he’s said that [Image Can Not Be Found] He also said he would take the video down after 24 hours – which he may or may not actually do, but Sterling has already posted a copy of it.

Mylow is still corresponding with Sterling – here’s the latest information about the design of ‘version 2.0’:

The next month may be interesting Keep an eye on

I hope the NSA or whoever will now consider it counter-productive to murder Mylow or harrass him further, but please continue doing whatever you’re doing to make sure of that!


I think Mylow is undergoing the ‘CIA Online Professional Sociopaths and their Monarch-programmed Greek Choruses’ initation that every genuine person experiences when he/she tries to share actual information on any open membership forums in English

It’s funny, but it’s not funny. The mind is challenged to even consider how vast the CIA Monarch sociopath resources are and the way that they’re always ‘on’ with their hair trigger responses to truth. Do these people not sleep?

I hope Mylow will figure out that the agent/Greek-chorus assaults are affirmations. They only ever attack the characters of people who have demonstrated personal integrity, after all. That’s considered good advertising by people in the know.

I hope he’ll get past that and will soon recognize that it’s just not prudent to try to communicate on open membership forums, for now. The overunity forum is no doubt dedicated to covering up information about the scores of market-ready free energy engines out there. I think Agent Bearden is still denying they exist, even though I know that he had direct knowledge of Muller’s engine, at least.

Sadly, most of these inventors, not including Muller, have so much proprietary passion that they think they’re the only ones out there . Muiler networked with at least five other successful inventors, which is probably why he lived as long as he did.

Bill Muller’s magnet engine was/is powerful, even overpowering. But it’s a lot more complex than Mylow’s. I only talk about Muller a lot because he’s the only successful free energy engine inventor that I know, personally, and whose work I’ve witnessed and handled.

I’m going to continue to eagerly follow Mylow’s progress, also asking the psychics to look in on him this weekend, in case the NSA is still trying to destroy him. I wish I could participate but I’ll be talking and peddling at another one of David Wolfe’s doos in LA all weekend. Andy Schwarm will accompany me but Carol has to stay home, this time, because a grandbaby’s arrival is imminent.

Maybe they’ll be given a glimpse of what The Operators, past masters of timing and synergy, have in store for Mylow if he plays his cards right. I always ask questions like that