More on Africa

(Don Croft) #1

Georg, it’s a little frustrating not being able to use the ‘reply’ mode here for now but it’s also a miracle that Steeve has recovered EW at all after the last NSA hacker human wave assault. REminder: send Steeve a boost whenever you think of him, folks!

Congrats on that phenomenal success reversing the drought! Yet another notch in your belt, my friend. Who’s going to match your successes, eh?

I hope someone will turn up to share your adventure to Tanzania! As the network continues to grow benefactors are showing up more and more often and before long there will be some major capital funding for an Asian gifting project, apparently, which might give us all a neat shortcut rhough the planned, massive CIA disinfo/slander morass we’re about to face.

Dr Kayiwa did some gifting in Southern Sudan last week, by the way. The drought was so bad there that most of the wells had dried up but massive rain happened right after he tossed just a few towerbusters and this bodes pretty well. AFrica is particularly ‘sensitive’ to orgonite for some reason, so it takes a lot less to get dramatic results there than it does in N America or Europe.

Another gifter, Salva Kirr, has volunteered in Southern Sudan, unbeknownst to Dr K. The Doc has been distributing it in a quite dangerous area where the CIA and Brits have been sponsoring the rebel force that has been attacking Uganda from that region. His party, who went to Sudan to investigate the possibility of helping to establish fair government there, had a sufficient military escort, thankfully. The area is rich in diamonds, uranium and other things that are precious to walking parasites, which is why the CIA and UK’s sewer rats had been so busy there, trying to ‘remove’ the population and government.

I expect that the CIA-sponsored mass murderers will have to move elsewhere now. Orgonite is powerful in many ways, of course [Image Can Not Be Found] and the Doc is going to do the same in the bordering region of Congo as soon as he raises the $ for materials and travel expenses.

DAvid in Migori, Kenya, reported that they got rain after he handed out your towerbusters to people in his town. I’m pushing for more and more people to send you donations for orgonite to our African gifting comrades.

Salva Kirr lives just north of the Kenya border and can retrieve his orgonite from a postal address in Lodwar, Kenya, thanks to our arrangement with Mrs Nyakundi, a customs official in Nairobi. A gifter in New Zealand has sent money for Salva’s gifting effort, Georg, and the Kiwi fellow who had a dolphin-contact business in Mombassa may soon be in touch with us, again. I want to get some pointers from him for our Kenyan friends’ upcoming dolphin-gifting sortie to MOmbassa…

I wish I were on your continent, you lucky guy!