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Hi Don,

A few days ago, Laurent posted on Etheric Warriors a copy of an article titled, “Person Developing Magnetic Motor Intimidated By MIB”. It’s about a man known as “Mylow” who has apparently succeeded in replicating Howard Johnson’s ‘Stonehenge’ motor and posted videos of it on Youtube (he’s taken them all down now but other people saved copies – the most complete collection:

5 articles about it – I’ve given them numbers in order to quote them below without writing the URL every time:

Having read most of the information about it on PESWiki (shortcut URL: and watched a few of the videos, I think this might be a very important development. I have read about several free energy devices (although must admit my interest has remained mostly of an ‘armchair’ nature!) and for several years have felt that there needs to be a device that fulfils two requirements:

    Most academics and engineers are already convinced by years of ‘education’ that any kind of free energy is impossible. Only home tinkerers are open-minded enough to even attempt to build such devices, and those people’s resources and skills are more limited. So the device needs to be as simple as possible, cheap, and not require super-accurate construction.
    (Imagine if when you invented the orgonite cloudbuster, making one had cost $10000 and required days of careful work.)

    It needs to be absolutely clear that the effect isn’t merely a measurement error. If more power is coming out than is put in, it should be probably at least 50% more. The clearest demonstration would be a self-running device, i.e. no power input at all.
    (Imagine if orgonite didn’t produce obvious changes in the sky after gifting towers, or if the towers weren’t there.)

Mylow’s motor uses only permanent magnets in a certain arrangement – no electricity is involved. In its present form it requires a small push to get it started, but Mylow believes it will be possible to make it self-start.

The arrangement is simple: groups of ‘channel-shaped’ magnets (roughly U or C shaped, but all square corners rather than round) in a row around the edge of the rotor, one of which has one more or one less magnet than all the others and a larger gap after it, and one horseshoe-shaped stator magnet.

Mylow said that he had glued the magnets on with ‘crazy glue’ – I haven’t heard of that but apparently it’s not as strong and permanent as ‘real’ glue – so that he could take them off and re-arrange them easily.

How he ended up with that number of rotor magnets is an interesting story: they were a lucky find at the “Science & Surplus” shop in Chicago. He tried to do groups of 7, and found there weren’t enough – and the shop had no more of that type (they were clearance stock), and the manufacturer didn’t make them any more. So he tried removing the middle magnets to make groups of 3-gap-3, and then had one left over, so he made one group of 3-gap-4:
“It turns out that this non-symmetry of the last 3&4 set may be a key to the operation of the motor. He tried removing the 4th magnet, but the motor did not work. There is still a little wobble with the 4th magnet, but at least it works.” – [1]
The hand of the Operators at work???

Many people have claimed to have made all-permanent-magnet motors in the past. Given the relative simplicity of this one, hopefully it will be easier to replicate.
“[Mylow] said he scraped the magnets off and reinstalled them three times to make sure he could replicate the effect.” – [1]
Of course, ‘easy’ is a relative term with this sort of machine:
“First, he said that people shouldn’t expect that it will just work in the first configuration. “They have to play with this thing. It took me 10 hours to come up with the last configuration” (which appears in the Apr. 3 video)” – [5]
(Mylow’s last video showed a slightly different configuration, with groups of 6 magnets and one group of 7)

Mylow also says his motor has worked with a different stator magnet than the one he originally used – from [3]:
“Unfortunately, the iron stator magnets Mylow has been using have diminished in magnetism to the point that they are nearly dead, and the shop that was re-magnetizing the magnets for him in the past stopped doing it.
So on Monday I [=Sterling Allan] ordered a couple of horseshoe magnets (HS811N & HS90) from and had them shipped to Mylow.
He received those today, and has spent a lot of time trying them out.
He said that the smaller of the two, which is just barely larger than the stator magnet he has been using, worked so well that the centripetal force of rotation made some of the rotor magnets fly off. He didn’t count the rotation speed, but he said, “It was going one, two, three, four…[rapidly]”, at the speed he recalls, which I would estimate it to be at least 300-400 rpm.”

There are several people working on replicating the motor – see and – ‘Queue’, although he hasn’t succeeded in making it continue to turn, appears to have got somewhere in his videos 4 and 5 – the rotor gets a small boost of speed as each group of magnets passes the stator magnet. I guess within the next few weeks we’ll hear more about the other attempts.

I have listened to the 50-minute interview that Sterling Allan did with Mylow on 23rd March, and he comes across as sincere and sounds like he’s genuinely thrilled to have discovered something. He’s also said repeatedly that he’s not looking for money to develop the device. (Sterling has just started selling copies of plans for the motor, and plans to split the money 3 ways between Mylow / PES / Howard Johnson’s successors – but he points out that wasn’t Mylow’s suggestion)

A very curious thing is the NSA thug who confiscated the motor returned it the next day. I hope that’s a sign of progress… of course there’s always the small possibility that the whole thing is fake and the NSA visit was set up.
“I’m not accusing these guys of tapping phones, but I find it curious that the lawyer and the suit returned the items quite shortly after Mylow phoned me this morning to tell me what had happened.” – [4]

Some more about it:
“He said the paper they handed him, stating that he was to stop working on this stuff for the sake of preventing a disruption to the economy [e.g. the bullies losing their control over the playground] had some kind of official U.S. Government looking stamp on it. He said that he ended up ripping it up and throwing it out.
When they brought Mylow’s motor and papers back the next morning, the NSA guy said, “Here’s your toy. Keep it that way. Have fun playing with your toy.” He also said something to the effect that it didn’t work [when they tried to run it wherever it was that they took it?]. He also told Mylow to not post any more videos. “We will know [if you do]” (as if that would be hard, since anyone in the world could have subscribed to Mylow’s YouTube channel).” – [5]

…and what’s this about?!
“I was phoned this morning by [JB (not John Bedini)], who was asked by a U.S. Congressman to look into this MIB incident with Mylow. He said the Congressman was going to be mentioning the incident in a Committee for Homeland Security meeting later this morning. JB is an inventor himself who has had an MIB incident as well. They took his computer then brought it back. The Congressman asked JB to keep him abreast of the Mylow situation. JB has the plans to build one himself. He also has some ideas about how to engineer it to withstand the higher speeds without falling apart.
JB phoned this afternoon to report that the Congressman’s secretary had been able to confirm that an NSA visit did indeed take place with Mylow on Friday.” – [5]
(this Congressman isn’t named – I’d like to believe he’s genuinely concerned, but if he gets invited to ‘Homeland Security’ meetings, naturally I’m very suspicious of his motives)

Howard Johnson demonstrated a working model of his motor to the US Patent Office in 1980. Mylow is the first to (apparently) successfully replicate it, and in the interview he says there’s a simple reason why he succeeded where so many others have failed: He noticed that HJ’s motor shown in photos is different from what’s described in the patents, and he went with the photos.

So this device might be – if only the parameters of construction can be nailed down – something that can build up a critical mass of replications. As such, it might be worth some attention from the EW psychic group. IMHO it would at least be worth taking a look at whether it’s genuine, and if it is, looking at the situation around it – some ideas are:

  • Is Mylow in danger?
  • Find the NSA guy who intimidated him and follow the chain of command upwards.
  • Find the anonymous Congressman and see what he’s doing.
  • Why did the NSA give back the motor?
  • Is anyone trying or planning to sabotage replication efforts?

Obviously the relative importance of any of this would need to weighed against whatever’s happening at Tavistock etc. – stopping WW3 is a more pressing concern in the short term! – but please give it some consideration.



Thx a lot, Matthew–I posted that for our readers.

Muller’s magnet engine was much, much more complex and relied on a proprietary integrated circuit. I hope Mylow’s is genuine because that’s something which could spread very, very fast and chop the feet out from under the oil cartel, which would probably also destroy the corporate world order’s old genocidal London/US/Israel-based Illuminist terrorist heirarchy, leaving only Russia’s and China’s imperial tyranny to toss out.

The simple fact that the NSA $#!+birds didn’t murder him might mean that the world order is no longer able to stop the spread of free energy devices.

I have another Joe Cell, a seeding cell and have just ordered a half-VW airplane engine (with distributor) for my next aircraft, which I’ve already started building. I have a hunch that by the time this one is done, later this year, the NSA will not shoot me for succeeding [Image Can Not Be Found] as they probably would have done if my first attempt had succeeded in 2002. That one fell apart as soon as it caused the engine to shake violently from implosion in the cylinders–I was so close! In those days, the feds were on us all like trailer trash on Velveeta or a fat man on a plate of fried chicken but there weren’t many of us, then, of course, and the corporate world order wasn’t yet falling apart at the seams, as they are now.

By the time my plane is running on orgone implosion, there might be a half dozen affordable free energy devices in play.


Awesome! I deal direct with a Chinese manufacturer of magnets for my MOJO bed and Qi Gong pads:

They have an office here in Hong Kong so if there are exact specs of magnets that you would need please let me know and I would be happy to visit them for you. They make absolutely every configuration of magnet imaginable.

It’s time to bring free energy to this planet and send the parasites packing.

All the best…Hong Kong John