More on the Delphi Protocols

Don Croft
29 Mar 2008 11:56
Subject: More on the Delphi protocols….
Today, when someone, apparently well-intended, accused me of ‘hurting the movement’ by discussing the dynamics of subterfuge ‘too much’ I suggested to the fellow that when I make generalized comments about disreputable forums it’s not directed at an individual but when any individual on one of those forums openly accuses me of any number of real or imagined trespasses that person is not held accountable.

I suggested that this is a good example of the frayed Hegelian dialectic that the CIA and KGB have been employing in all public venues since the end of WWII.

A better example is how any PTA meeting is conducted. I think this is more within the grasp of ordinary folks like us, actually. I remember, specifically, when my older kids entered public school (after four years of homeschooling) in the late 1980s that the American education mafia, which is a union that controls literally all public school teachers in the land, began promoting ‘Goals 2000’ they weren’t hiding their strategy at all. They openly spoke about recruiting and deploying ‘change agents’ in PTA gatherings so that any conscientious parent who objected to their suddenly-increased fascist agenda would be ridiculed and made to look like an ingrate and dissident to the Pajama Parents, who are always a majority, after all. The world odor’s brain police have always been adept at influencing the PJ folks, of course, by attacking the characters of rational, observant people of conscience but I think the tables are finally turning on these old parasitic agencies. As far as I know, that destructive Goals 2000 program is still going on (presumably under another name Cool ), even though the creepy, horrific goals of the old program were not even nearly realized before 2000.

Here’s an interesting, lively discussion of the universally implemented Delphi techniques on another forum (thanks, Ray!). I wonder if you can imagine the vast resources that were required to get all this into play, worldwide, after WWII, which is when the CIA was born. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that these tactics are finally being openly discussed. There’s a lot of power latent in our ability to consult with each other openly and candidly and it’s demonstrated in this thread:…0308-000381.htm


Andy Schwarm
12 Apr 2008 20:31
Subject: Re: More On The Delphi Protocols….
Don, thanks for that link. That is a very intelligent discussion going-on there!
Much more than just the Delphi Protocols. The comments are brilliant.


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