More Progress for Patrick Swiney

(Don Croft) #1

Patrick’s continuing survival under horrific conditions has been a pet project for us since the spring of 03 and we’ve gotten plenty of confirmation from his wife, Sherry, for our efforts to preserve him from incessant murder attempts by the feds and by their creature, the Alabama prison warden who is holding him. If you’re not familiar, Patrick was a Sherriff Deputy who brought a couple of bureaucrats to justice in Alabama after they were caught importing drugs for the CIA. Patrick was later framed for murder and railroaded into prison in the late 80s. Prison for cops is effectively a death sentence, of course, but Patrick is well respected and even revered by most of the inmates, both black and white.

Lynda’s been taking him under her etheric wing lately and I’ve let Sherry know this. AFter the latest round of poisonings, which had brought Patrick close to death’s door again, he’s doing much better and outside doctors are being allowed to look after him, finally. They note that the ‘medication’ he was being given in prison doesn’t make any sense, by the way, which is perhaps their polite way of acknowledging that the warden has been trying to erase Patrick.

Sherry agrees with my observation, by the way, that 61 year old Patrick, who is as cautious as possible with his diet under the circumstances, might have expired by now if he were free and enjoying the typical Southern fried cuisine [Image Can Not Be Found] I know that the federal murdermongers are reading this report so I’m enjoying the sweet irony of this realization.

When we approached Lynda’s home in Barnesville, Georgia on Monday, by the way, we noticed a small blue hole overhead in the regional heavy rainstorm we’d been driving through all morning and the previous day. Carol and I knew right away that Lynda was making it without a cloudbuster. When we left that afternoon it continued to rain heavily all the way to Florida, where re reached the southern limit of that storm system. That was the only hole in the overcfast that we’d seen in three days, in fact.

She came under the gun, by the way, as soon as we left and was particularly savaged by teh occult/corporate minions for a few days. The Operators give us back tenfold whatever the minions manage to take from us, though, and I expect to see a change in her fortunes pretty soon.

We all pay for our selfless service, of course [Image Can Not Be Found] but it’s well worth it, don’t you agree?


(NedWalsh) #2

Hi Fellow Warriors-

Its great to know that the new site will be better than ever. Anyways, I just wanted to add that last weekend, Lynda, Ceed, and I, took part in a chatblast session for Patrick. It was a great experience, and it taught me to focus better during chatblasts. It was a real adventure as we found Patrick in a dark tunnel of some sort, sitting down restrained somehow. He was not in his cell for some reason. Our dowses showed that he wasn’t tied up, but he was somehow incapacitated (I think that’s the right word). I believe we thought that he was either drugged or was under some kind of medication that was restraining him. We boosted him and his wife. While we were in the tunnel with him, we smelled roses, for some reason, so we boosted him more. We also “recruited” the dolphins at a few points. It was lots of fun. I am very grateful to have had that great experience with Lynda and Ceed, we made a great team.

Ned Walsh

(Taoss) #3

Hello Don and all warriors who has been helping Patrick Swiney stay safe.

I would like to thank each of you for the tremendous work you have been doing for him for many years. It has kept him alive, in my opinion.

Here is an update —

Patrick is doing fairly well physically. He’s still in prison. We went the route of battling the court system much to our dismay. From the last round we now know that no matter how much evidence we have of him being framed, the courts are going to do everything they can to prevent that evidence from being shown to the court. It might just expose the real thugs behind all of this and they don’t want that to happen – even though it means they must break the laws to do it.

So now we are on a caper. I am in the process of building a network of people who are or will be pretty well connected to varying sources of news media.

I’ve already sent out one press release; we’ll be doing a rally nationwide on October 14, 2006 – about 1,000 people in each state is the goal. So far, we only have California, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Alabama participating but we hope to have more soon.

We are not saying in the advertisement that the rally is “for” Patrick Swiney, though his case will be spotlighted in each rally across the country.

If any of you see any down sides to us doing this, we would appreciate knowing about this ahead of time.

Meanwhile, I am continuing to blast anyone who might be considering stopping us or hurting Patrick. He’s okay for now, thank God. The medication he is taking is doing okay by him. There’s no way to get any devices to him – not allowed and no way to sneak one in (I tried). So we have our resources from out here and that’s it.

Many thanks to everyone for the wonderous work you are doing for Self, Patrick and the Planet. I think about you a lot and send you my very best wishes always.

Sherry Swiney

[email protected]

Stay well.