More Questions About Big-Scale Poisonings

Hawthorne and I are in a conversation about the latest round of poisonings. The psychics are probably the only people who might make much progress gathering usable intel about this but we don’t post much about the sessions, any more, because we don’t want to challenge our readers’ credulity. We want to attract balanced, regular folks like ourselves to this effort so what we do shouldn’t be sensationalized.


Thx for all the data, [Hawthorne]–I was curious about how you’re approaching health and when I was there it was obvious that you have a balanced strategy for your family’s health and survival. All of you look good and are probably going to be able to avoid the serial killers (MDs).

It’s obviously possible to be healthy eating meat if it’s done your way–avoiding the GMO/corporate livestock. Carol and I saw very vital octegenarian Afrikaaners and expat Germans in Southern Africa who ate lots and lots of meat–wild animals in that case, mainly. All the tourists who shoot big animals on those game preserves throughout the southern part of the continent seem to stock the market shelves–they only want the stuffed heads to take home with them [Image Can Not Be Found] . Same case with Australians, I gather (eating meat, not stuffing dead heads, that is).

Doc Stevo eats a whole lot of meat and is phenomenally healthy. Not many physicians will use themselves as positive examples, that way.

The first time we got invited to sell our zappers at a Raw Food expo (Sept 08 in Sedona) I was kind of clenched, expecting to be confronted by food nazis but that didn’t happen and, instead, we got to sample some stuff from genuine raw food chefs that was very tasty and satisfying. It took us a year and a half to get around to making superfood smoothies after that and generally improving our diet. When I lived on all raw in the late 70s it wasn’t tasty. I’d met Ann Wigmore a couple of times and visited her place in Boston–very impressed by the folks there. I had tons of energy but nobody to relate to [Image Can Not Be Found] but it’s different, now. The folks we meet at David Wolfe’s Dos are generally more down to earth and not fanatical. I think the reason superfoods get so much done for the body is via the dense concentration of energy in them. Everything’s an energy dynamic, much more than chemical. We’re just starting to understand that and orgonite is part of our (humanity’s) education. DW finally took an interest in orgonite, by the way. David’s success is through promoting other people’s products, which builds trust. After all, it’s unlikely that someone who is selling his own product will present a balanced picture of what it can and can’t to. I used his example to promote Andy’s basic zappers, by the way. When someone expresses the least hesitation or doubt about our claims I practically insist that the person first get a zapper from Andy for $35. This actually helps sell Terminators because when someone sees what a basic zapper can do they usually buy a Terminator after that.

Whatever the sewer rat agencies are now using on us activists, mainly in the Untied States of America, acts really fast but is not fatal or designed to entirely incapacitate someone so I’m wondering if it’s designed to do what the towers were supposed to accomplish.

Manhattan [mentioned by her in an email. ~D] is evidently well gifted. You can see it in the atmosphere in all the films made there in the past several years. One guy who works in finance had focused his orgonite-tossing/burying efforts on the financial district. No doubt more is needed. I hope to ring the island with orgonite from a boat next Sept. before or after my kid’s wedding in Boston.

Len Horowitz, who is on the level when he’s telling about his research efforts into bioweaponry and not spouting pseudo-Christian mystical horse $#!+, wrote about prions, years ago, that are evidently intentionally grown on GMO wheat crops. Who doesn’t eat bread, right? [Image Can Not Be Found] The prions are protein crystals of various sizes that stay in the body and resonate with various freq’s, no doubt broadcast from the all death towers back when they were all not yet flipped with orgonite. These freq’s can produce specific symptoms. I doubt this explains the entire thing but may be a key to understanding some of what’s happening. For something like this the feds could just park a van in a big neighborhood and broadcast a comparatively weak signal–can also target individuals with scalar or triangulation. I think the implants everyone has are transponders so that signals can follow the person around via GPS. I suspect that any zapper destroys prions but I don’t have evidence of that. I kind of assume they’re at least slightly acidic, which would make them vulnerable to microcurrent. Everything the corporate world order deploys against humanity and the environment is DOR-based, otherwise, so if the basic zapper won’t erase prions, a zapper with orgonite or else an orgonite pendant or pocket piece perhaps does.

Doc von Peters told me that he saw some trucks spraying something around his neighborhood in the middle of the night last summer and there were no mosquitos, nor had anyone seen this happen, before. Carol’s seen people spraying stuff near her when we go to town and it’s also done with projectile implants from close by. Twice we’ve caught fedmobiles spraying our car with their windshield wiper squirters from the next lane. The second time, I was quick enough to push the button to stop air from coming in from the outside [Image Can Not Be Found]

I think they’re using a big variety of tactics and tech but it’s all underwhelming compared to what they were able to do for a few years with chemtrails and death towers. I bet all of it is just a temporary inconvenience, though they did step up the public poison agenda a year and a half ago. Notice that the annual ‘deadly new disease’ agenda fell on its face this autumn, though–one giant leap, then nothing at all [Image Can Not Be Found] ‘Don’t let the door hit you in the @$$ on your way out, schmucks!’

Years ago, before the death towers and chemtrails, I had already observed hundreds and hundreds of people using zappers and the ratio of chronic sufferers in those days was about 10%–a lot of Lyme sufferers and CFS, then. Now the ratio is about 40%–it skyrocketed in 1999 and leveled off in 2002, then has been going up again in the past couple of years. It’s easy to track this when one is in the healing trade; also easy to see that Americans are hardest hit–very different ratio in Canada and people are generally a lot healthier there, in spite of being on essentially the same standard diet as here.

It’s almost impossible to find any health professionals, even the alternative ones, who will look at this bizarre endemic in an objective way. Nearly all naturopaths are intentionally trained to be ineffective, by the way. This wasn’t so before the 1980s but most of the old school naturopaths, who actually cure people, are dead by now. Doc von P is a surviving oddity, that way. There might be a dozen more like him. Doc Stevo had gotten proficient at healing people by apprenticing himself to the best chiropractors in the country–cutting edge neurological healing and he otherwise takes the STandard Process approach with supplements. Good, genuinely vital stuff based on solid research from the 1930s by a gifted pioneer. There are more like him but I don’t think they network, much. Chiropractors are trained to keep customers coming back, so are discouraged from completely fixing anyone. The ones who get reputations for fixing people simply rejected that part of their training and kept educating themselves after they left school.


I used genital herpes sufferers to test subtle energy mods on the zapper, leading up to the eventual Terminator configuration in 2000, which Carol helped me finalize right after we got together. That’s because the genital herpes virus is the most virulent one ‘available’ for testing. The reason it’s the hardest viral condition to cure, though, is because that virus is phenomenally hardy and hides in the caudus equina in the sacral area when it’s not out in the bloodstream, replicating.

It’s so strong that unless someone keeps a zapper (loaded with subtle energy ‘weaponry’) near the sacrum more or less around the clock for at least three weeks, a complete cure is unlikely, espeically for men. Any virus life cycle is three weeks. I think gen. herpes is a natural virus–maybe nature’s answer to the ‘alternative’ to committing to one sexual partner?

I sincerely doubt that the sewer rats can come up with a genetically engineered virus that’s actually hardy, that way. Mycoplamsa is evidently what did most of the damage from chemtrails and it doesn’t survive and replicate much in the body. It excretes a whole lot of acidic poison in its short life, though, and the chronic sufferers who got sick in those years were simply damaged by repeated exposure–hundreds of exposures, perhaps.

The AIDS virus, another manufactured bioweapon, is also very easily destroyed with even the simplest zapper. We saw this mainly in Africa. Americans who have AIDS are most often killed by the prescribed cocktails, not the virus. Magic Johnson demonstrated that and others have explained it. Our zapper customers in the US who have AIDS will not give up the prescribed poisons but at least they wont’ die if they use zappers and they usually experience significant if uncomplete recovery–enough to resume their lives.

I noticed in 2005 with my father-in-law, who had a near-fatal stroke and still swallows a gob of poisonous pills every day, that constant zapping alkalized him and probably neutralized a lot of the pharmaceuticals. I zapped the guy for two months when I was living with him—long enough to ensure that he could finally get around on his own, then we hired someone to cook and clean for him (that’s the money we could have used to buy a home in the past five years). He was obviously alkaline within a week or so. He rarely uses the zapper any more and he didn’t recover any more after I left. MDs are a scourge. I think we’re supposed to remain homeless until after the US Gov’t is sufficiently weakened. They do prefer to have fixed targets.

Everything the corporate world order ‘accomplishes’ is via sneakiness and poison, so victory over them involves a mix of exposure and proper antidotes. Overt tyranny stopped working well for them in the mid to late 1900s. We don’t hear ‘Sieg, HEIL’ from the Pajama People when President Zaphod Beeblebrox signs yet another draconian fake law into existence, for instance. I suspect he just believes he’s signing his autograph for a fan. What an idiot. Obama reminds me of that numb, charismatic character from Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy–watch the flick! [Image Can Not Be Found] The Vogons remind me of the US Alleged Gov’t.


Discovered an interesting way to disable an implant. Tape the mega-magnet from the reader arm of a computer over the implant. Leave it there for several days. You will no longer set off airport security. Worked for us!

Coyote, about implants, it might be that you are already familiar with all of this, but I thought I’d mention it just in case. I learned from Dooney that implants have an etheric part as well as the physical one. She found two implants in my body and removed the etheric parts which brought great relief to myself. I’ll post more about the subject and about the circumstances leading up to finding the implants in a separate thread if there is interest. (Basically I programmed my radionics box to do away with surveillance and landed with a nasty little headache as a result…)

Just tape (or band-aid) a strong neodymium magnet over the spot the implant is and it will go dead in half an hour to an hour tops. Seems the magnet prevents it somehow from connecting to whatever its communicating or being controlled by and I think the implants are designed to go belly up quickly when their comm link is taken away so they can’t be found and reverse engineered to trace it back to the perps.

You could also just put the disc on the zapper thats farther from the side with the switch and LED over the area. This is the area in the zapper where its neo magnet is and that magnet is plenty strong enough to zap an implant. Sometimes they’re in areas though that are inconvenient to impossible to put the zapper which is when taping a magnet over them is really the only other way.

If you can find the exact spot of implantation there is usually a discoloration there or something that looks like a pimple or puncture wound. When you try to scratch the surface off to see whats below, its as if that are is stiff and very tough. The implant obviously either secretes something or does something to the area maybe electronically to make it impossible to get to (tough tissue means you’re not getting to it to dig it out). Put a magnet over it for a while and when its dead the tissue that you couldn’t even scratch now is soft, supple and you almost always will find a puncture wound when you do remove the surface of the skin over the area.

I’ve had several and they all acted the same way. Others I know have had the same experiences.

Sure there are those that seem to have some kind of etheric connection and even ones that are completely etheric but this is probably the wrong place to talk about this because as Don said in his original post, “we don’t want to challenge our readers’ credulity.”

Yes I had an implant on my abdomen area and placed a neo magnet over it with a band-aid. It was a tough area of skin as Gene describes. In about 6 days everything cleared up.

Another area of clarity that is important is the input of "clean food’ in your body that has little processing. Since so much of the processed food actually has toxins and possibly micro-implants in them to affect you. Thats why clean and fresh as possible food is important. Fresh is also full of “bio-electricity” that helps to remove toxins and build positive orgone and nutrients in the body. Learning the ART of cleanse and detox I feel will become a basic survival skill in the future. Eating food that builds nutrition and also detoxes the body at the same time is important to learn about. The Asians have taught me about the intake of raw duck eggs for this. Goose eggs are even better, but are more difficult to obtain. We have geese in Indonesia, but GETTING the goose eggs is the problem…geese are very powerful GUARDS… … /eggs.html

It’s very interesting that raw goose eggs are used in indonesia as part of the strategy to counteract a black magic attack. the person being attacked has their house surrounded by raw goose eggs and the raw eggs turn black very quickly because they absorb the dark energy and posssibly transform it. so putting good clean fresh raw eggs in your body may have the same effect, as well as the positive nutrition and detox effects. Hard to say… As well the indonesian art of herbal remedy known as JAMU uses a lot of raw eggs in their mixtures.

Of course with raw eggs you may have to see if your ethics fit for eating raw eggs. But i have found that thanking the animal for giving this gift truly helps. Everything is alive that we use as food…of course unless you are living on the light of the sun (a sun gazer) or a breatharian (living on the power of the chi in the breath)… I guess it all depends on where you are at in the whole scheme of things. i met a fellow who was a breatharian for a year…probably one of the most present men i have ever met…but then he gave it all up to enjoy chocolate and ice cream…and to simply feel the JOY of living…a wonderful man. i also met a very present man in indonesia that feels raw cobra meat and the snakes blood has powerful qualities to awaken the human…then again i have also met people who are extemely present and meditate daily and are vegetarian…another shaman in Guatemala was an amazing man that I met who was tortured by the CIA/military in that country and the PRESENCE of that man was ASTOUNDING…so hard to say what the path is… more and more i just follow my genuine instinct as the layers of BS peel away from all the programming i received as a little western fellow growing up in canada… i feel orgonite has played a huge role in this blossoming…as well as simply plugging into the EW community of genuine gifters and blossomers…