More Sabotage of Packages

I probably mentioned that two attempts to send some notarized papers to Francisco in Spain failed, even though I paid $50 for express mail. I’ll send it again when I get home, if Carol hasn’t yet done it. He’s just informed me that the last package of ten Terminator zappers that I mailed to him in June ended up in England two weeks ago and hasn’t moved from there. A year ago, he sent me two boxes of towerbusters and they went to New York, then to England for two days, back to New York and were stalled in customs for about two weeks. The boxes of towerbusters that he mailed to me recently were not interfered with, I’m happy to report.

Please boost that package in the presumed hands of British Special Intelligence (Assassination/Mayhem) Service, okay? There’s orgonite in the zappers so your boosts will especially ‘encourage’ these war criminals to send the package along to its correct destination. It’s good to know that the Brit parasites are behind the failing effort to destroy Francisco. Lots of things in his life and fortunes have improved since he went on that Caribbean gifting excursion with me in December

Thanks Don,

indeed personal life took a turn for the better and they probably hate the deed we did as well as my improvement. Evidently they are trying hard to block any attempt to rid off tax gestapo parasites and improve further.

This past month sales dropped so much. The mail server was targeted and compromised, if anyone wants to contact me they can use fran74(at)unseen(dot)is. Also i know many visitors get ¨glitches¨on purpose on their computers cause a few of them contact me to let me know they are having problems. As soon as they contact me, the problem magically disappears or the order mail appears on their inbox (a few days later for instance).

Google dropped my site very far away on the rankings even ´do i ve had some good positions in certain words for years. New disinformants have taken those positions. The TV comedy series portraying orgonite has been repeted ad nauseum , you know, to hammer the meme in. My site certaintly has been taken back into oblivion.

I am sure by now many people realise that people and businesses are always interfered with to stop their progress and claim their righfully worked and life of abundance. This , will also dissapear. Google might be the best search engine so far but people are waking to their ministry of truth ways and looking for alternatives. Here you have a list

One interesting which is in development and already taking website listing is here to cut gob and corporate propaganda.

and this may be unrelated but i took it as a sign that things are changing. I was parked in my car with my windows down while a father and son (about 10 years old) were passing by. The son asked his dad: Dad, how would you translate illuminati into Spanish? Laugh so indeed, youngsters do know how to surf the web and it is unstoppable. For more confirmations that these parasites cannot hide for much longer do visit Jeff´s positive news thread.


Thx, Fran. I think only a few of us, now, are experiencing constant assaults on our livlihoods. I reckon half as many as a year ago. So in our view it’s just a matter of surviving until the enemy finally weakens enough to fail to affect us, any more.

Google/NSA may just be in a reactionary mode in the face of humanity’s general rising awareness and also humanity’s growing disgust toward the ancient rule of parasites. Meanwhile, attrition is working in our favor, too. The last generation in American history to express numb loyalty to this parasitic, corporate regime in Washington, DC, are the alcohol-enamored flag-waving Depression Babies, for instance. Not many of them are still alive, which is to say that the government doesn’t have an enthusiastic, unquestioning base of support any more, but during the Vietnam War period they were generally content to let their sons be conscripted for cannon fodder in a demonstrably useless war.

White liberals, particularly ex-hippies who work in the ‘public sector’ (deadweight bureaucrats and academics, for instance) only support the gov’t because they think that they’re ‘getting their way’ by forcing everyone to follow Rockefeller-prescribed environmental protocols and to ‘protect democracy’ in countries where the corporate order wishes to steal all of the natural resources and destroy Islam. They’re just as brain-dead as the Depression Babies but at least will only support the alleged gov’t as long as they are under the happy illusion that the gov’t is doing THEIR will Wink, which I think is why these chumps felt that the current appointed president, Obama, was the Second Coming. National Public Radio, meanwhile, the Rockefeller-financed, atheistic propaganda outlet for western democratic liberals, is the most bloodthirsty proponent for war against Islam. It’s all quite weird.

My money is on people under 30 who grew up with the internet. Even though the sewer rat agencies have packed the web to the bursting point with disinformation and are able to nearly disappear empowering sources with their Google monopoly, which works in conjunction with WiCIApedia, by the way, the propaganda that works on everyone else has very little effect on the young. I feel very hopeful for them and, meanwhile, it only takes a tiny, tiny percentage of the rest of us to carry this empowering movement forward. That small percentage (the ones who usually manage to improve the course of human history in spite of the parasites) will find the empowering information that not even NSA/Google can actually excise from the internet. The benefit of all that disinformation and search manipulation, if I may say again, is that we don’t have to waste time dealing with people who are merely curious but will never commit to doing this work because they prefer to allow charismatic agency/theosophy/masonic-sponsored Pied Pipers lead them by the nose.

The other positive aspect of having a suppressed livelihood in our case is that wealth and notoriety for empowering people is pretty much the kiss of death until the Old Parasite has weakened enough to no longer be capable of destroying us. Slow, steady growth is better, in my view, and this happens in cycles. If you weren’t steadily gaining notoriety in Spain they wouldn’t need to field new disinformation sources and air that stupid TV episode repeatedly, for instance.

Maria of in Hellas (Greece) went through a similar process a few years ago and came out on top.

Here’s a delicious bit of evidence that the zappers were diverted to England instead of to Francisco’s address in Spain:

We use the post office’s own online label/stamp program: It saves a lot of time, there’s a modest discount and the post office mails us bundles of shipping boxes and envelopes for no charge. I’ve always been an admirer of the USPS, which is a private business, by the way. In nearly all post offices, too, the postmasters seem to take steps to prevent or minimalize the molestations by the various sewer rat agencies, including the FBI/KKK, CIA, NSA. i can count the exceptions on the fingers of one hand (Houston, Chattanooga, Macon, for instance) and we’ve had a mail order business for 19 years.

We’ve never had a problem with and when I send a package to a distributor, such as Fran, all I need to do is pull up the address book and select their names, then the label is automatically filled in with current data and I press ‘print.’ While I was doing this for Fran ‘Great Britain’ printed as the country of destination instead of ‘Spain’ which was in the address book so this is pretty obviously because some Mkid or ‘new patriot’ was manipulating the program while the label was printing Cool

That package in England will no doubt be sent back to us, eventually. Today, after I printed the label for his replacement package I double-checked the country of destination and will do that with each of my foreign orders from now on. That’s never happened, before.

Meanwhile, the three boxes of towerbusters for which I traded 20 Terminator zappers arrived here without apparent interference or sabotage. I think Francisco is getting hit the hardest by the sewer rat agencies, right now, and in my view that’s a position of honor, considering the nature of humanity’s corporate enemy.

Maybe Georg Ritschl of is even with Fran at the moment: sabotage of his website on account of his very generous offer to help the East Africans sell their orgonite abroad but we’ll see. He’s been in business longer than Fran and that seems to be a factor in one’s favor in this war–broader public profile; too many eyes watching?

The package that Don mentioned ¨missing in London¨ miracously appeared here some days after he posted about it. I post now cause the pressure is still on. After having returned to more or less operative sites and mails i see that another parcel that Don sent was deviated to Fort Worth before reaching Madrid on the 16th. That is a weird detour for the normal route but the funny thing is that the parcel has been returned to Fort Worth on the 18th instead of coming here.

Just another way of delaying and interfering to piss off my clients and slow me down. To celebrate this latest round of sabotage i am anouncing a special sale on the vendors area, very cheap orgonite and a good punch for those who would like to see these guys on their way out Wink


well… wouldnt you know it? just a few hours afterwards the Terminator parcel tennis match continues, fort Worth has bounce it back to Madrid !!Smile

i include a partial caption of its route. IN san Francisco there was also another match back and forth from one place to another which doesnt make so much sense either. Either way… hopefully they will reach here unmolested.

(image missing)


Drawing attention to sabotage is usually very productive, since parasites need to work in secret so thx for reporting this, Fran. is getting slammed harder by sabotage from several angles (including psi attacks & resumed media slander) than any of our other affiliates, right now. When the Old Parasite hits us this hard we at least appreciate knowing that they’re being particularly threatened by us in the moment. People in Spain are evidently talking more about orgonite, these days and is in the clear in terms of not having to deal with a small army of poseur Google/NSA missiles, as we have to do in the English-speaking countries at the moment. As always, I"m not complaining because the only people who swallow those hooks are mainly the less discerning who won’t likely end up doing much of this work, anyway.

Maria in Hellas came out on top a few years ago when was similarly assaulted and she also had to contend with some extremely aggressive and clever fakers. In her case, I think the market simply rejected the fakers.

Georg of never had to contend with Google darlings, much, and he’s been in the clear for years and is doing well, I’m happy to say. His site was assaulted when he offered to help the Kikundi sell their orgonite but he sorted that out in a few days without too much loss. The kikundi have acquired some magical elements from Tanzania for their special orgonite, meanwhile, and Mrs O will be sending samples for Carol’s and Dooney’s evaluation so that I can promote them based on some first hand descriptions of the energy effects.

Carol mentioned that some of the labels on her packages to foreign customers were also sabotaged during the printing process but now we check the country destination on each printed label. I assume the US Postal Service is aware of this hacking problem on and will fix it. They’re a competitive business, after all, and none of the local postmasters I’ve known, except one (Klamath, Oregon), have been jerks. Most of them I’ve met seemed like stand-up people who were also appreciated by the people working there. There are only three post offices in the US where the postmaster allows the FBI/KKK to sabotage our packages to zapper distributors: Houston, Chattanooga and, lately, Macon, Georgia. The only area outside the Bible Belt where a lot of FBI are also KKK, I gather, are on the Indian Reservations, especially Pine Ridge, South Dakota. KKK represents the ‘other side’ of the glad-handing drunks who wear fezzes and drive little clown cars in parades. American culture is full of creepy stuff like that, sorry to say.

Things are actually improving for Francisco since our little excursion to Central America and this no doubt also angers the Old Parasite. For most of us, success at this point is characterized by economic survival but I still think these are the Good Old Days because we’re still breathing and not in chains, in spite of considerable effort to destroy this unorganized global phenomenon.

Not even Google (‘NSA’s clown name,’ according to Stevo) has managed to bury it Wink