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Raw milk collected evening of 5/4/09. Experiment begun 4:30pm of 5/5/09.

Day One: Poured equal amounts of raw milk into 2 mason jars at the same time, covered tightly with cling film. Set up both jars in a dark room, one set on an orgonite coaster. We’ll call the control jar “Jar A” and the jar set on the orgonite “Jar B”.
Day Two: Cream has separated from milk, cling film is drawn inwards, results appear equal in both jars:

Day Three: No noticeable change.
Day Four: Both jars show a yellow layer between the cream and the milk, this is faint on Jar A but more dark and thick on Jar B. Cling film on both jars is still sucked in.

Day Five:

Day Six: Cling film on Jar A has risen to become level with top of the jar, while cling film on Jar B is still sucked in. The cream in Jar A appears lumpy while the cream in Jar B appears to have just begun forming bubbles.

Day Seven: Cream in Jar A appears considerably more lumpy while the cream in Jar B shows rising bubbles forming milder lumps. The cling film on Jar A is now risen above the top of the jar. The cling film is still fully sucked in on Jar B.

What appears to be happening so far is the orgonite is stalling or modifying the fermentation process. I began this experiment to see if orgonite may have a positive effect on the shelf life of raw milk, or, keep it fresher longer. If orgonite proves to have a preserving effect on food I think the implications are significant. More to come…


Thanks a lot, Natalie–I’m forwarding this to Manfred in Austria in case he wants to invite you to post on his new science forum. This would be terrific! I don’t know if you’re following the dilemma in Mozambique with Georg Ritschl and friends but that situation points up the need for some genuine science (like this) to back up what we’re all discovering.


I concur with this observation, here are the photos of bananas I have kept in my room for nearly 2 months (around 20°C all day long at least)…
They went a bit bad at some point when I put them in the fridge for 1 week (I think that’s why they have little darker spots, but they are very light), then I decided to take them out and put them back next to my orgonite pot because they seem to prefer staying here [Image Can Not Be Found]

They can be completely black on the outside, but the inside is just perfect, great taste without any after taste of alcool like rotten bananas have.

Can I ask a stupid question
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