Most Gifters Don't Want a Public Profile

So, who’s left? The personality-based forums soak up the more vocal minority who are more inclined to bare their souls (to strangers, no less [Image Can Not Be Found] ) and beg for help than to do the work, of course, and so the ‘top posters’ on these forums are able to do their poisonous work by posing as the elite and regulating the discussions, effectively limiting the efforts of the unwary.

Since these boards are mostly avoided by more prolific gifters they don’t attract a lot of attention from substantive people but it sometimes takes years for these forums to die from neglect and lack of substance because the ‘top posters’ are skilled, tireless workers and use behavior modification techniques to keep those forum efforts limping along.

This morning I woke up with the realization that when STuart Jackson’s stable of ‘top posters,’ who are mostly now featured on the old Yahoo forum, where they have no alternative than to slander each other in the absence of substantive contributors, had finally put me in a corner nobody else on that board came to my defense. They were obviously afraid to back me up because the ‘top posters’ had successfully painted me as a pariah. John Kilroy sent incisive, very encouraging and erudite emails to me in my defense, which I posted until Stuart banned me from doing even that. Meanwhile, the ‘top posters’ had full reign to slander me in posts. That effectively silenced teh good folks on that forum who might otherwise have backed me up.

The point I tried to make to Georg about this activity is that if one is in that position the only alternatives, unless one is willing to let these ‘top posters’ grind us down to powder, is to boot them or close the forum. Closing the forum is an admission of defeat and booting them, after they’ve gotten that much influence over the ‘good folks,’ might seem repugnant.

I’m only mentioning this, now, because I think I figured out why I’ve suddenly been hearing, every day, from people in the past month (since that evening in Dooney and Stevo’s parlor when we got the ‘new information’) who are active on those other boards—all of the surviving compromised forums, in fact. I’ve experienced so many similar initiations that the only reason I think this one was particularly significant, socially, is that the agencies are putting so much effort into derailing us at the moment.

Before that, I heard so little from or about these groups that I had the impression that they were essentially gone. The agencies are apaprently ‘breathing new life’ into them, lately in an apparent bid to derail our attempts to share the new, empowering information. When you see how simple this new stuff is, by the way, you’re going to laugh.

So, please consider that no matter how much noise is made on the compromised boards by the very vocal, slightly neurotic minority, most gifters are not compelled to create a public profile/nuisance or to incessantly whine about their lack of undertanding of these simple instructions; substantive people of all ages simply read the simple instructions and get busy with it, like you and I do. Those who lack confidence for making their own field orgonite buy it from vendors, at least in the beginning.

I’d like to call a little more attention to the parasitic world odor’s tactic of inserting personalities into otherwise progressive grassroot movements in order to subvert and devitalize them. Here are two examples in history:

Leibnitz made huge advances in the field of physics in order to validate deeper spiritual truths. The world odor, which was then based in London, plagiarized this contribution, removed the spiritual aspects and used their polluted version to promote Newton, instead: a showboat and irrational mystic. Here’s a case where empowering information was polluted and turned into a bulwark for materialistic science.

Tesla made advances in science that were so far beyond his generation’s understanding that we’re only now starting to figure some of it out. Einstein, meanwhile, was being promoted as the ultimate example of ‘scientist’ while only advancing theories, all of which have since been proven to be inadequate or even mistaken.

In Tesla’s case, his contributions were mostly weaponized and those weapons, apparently including the death towers and HAARP, are now arrayed against humanity. I don’t think the sewer rats can grasp his free energy tech because that’s obviously POR-based. It’s just not dirty enough for the agencies’ sewer rat scientists to comprehend.

So, if you’re one of that small minority who feel that you need to be associated with a charismatic personality in order to be effective in this movement, please consider disengaging from that personality for a little while and listening to your own heart’s promptings, instead—try it for just a month or so and see if I’m right, okay? I predict that you’ll do more gifting, then, and will finally get the confirmations that other gifters are talking about. There’s no need to denounce anyone, of course. Every war has camp followers, after all (read your history–lawyers, prostitutes, con artists, pick pockets, clergy) and they’ll always be following behind the real warriors, patiently waiting and watching for opportunities to exploit them.

Miraculously, even the best efforts of the world odor all eventually fail, though they might do a lot of damage along the way and may keep entire populations in the gutter, meanwhile. These days, the world odor is getting less and less effective with their subversion tactics, I’m happy to say and you might have noticed this on your own, especially if you’ve systematically created positive changes with orgonite where you live.


Almost all of my crystal and metal shavings sales Don have been going to non forum posters or members.

I’ve shipped almost a 1000 pounds of aluminum shavings and close to 200 pounds of quartz crystals since I started
offering them up for sale in June.

Does anyone want to do the the math on how many tower busters you can make with a 1000 pounds of Aluminum
shavings ? For the sake of figuring this out. A pound of shavings may make 30-40 cupcake size tower busters.
Let’s go with the lesser and multiply 30 x 1000, that equals 30,000 tower busters made from non posting etheric warriors around the world !

I know some of the shavings were going to folks making a cloud buster, so I have no way of guesstimating how many cloud busters have been made since June, but I know of at least 10 more.

All my crystals and aluminum shavings have made it to there destinations, except for 50 pounds of shavings which went
to the arctic north of Norway where they sat in a tiny post office for a month only to be sent back to me, because the post office never
told the norwegian gifter to come pick them up.

Who would have ever thought the sewar rats would have been able to hold up a big box of shavings in such a remote place in the world, but they did. This only confirms to me that the airport and huge radar facility located there is
a very strategic piece of realestate for them and needs gifting. The follow up to this is the viking has sourced other shavings and has gifted his village and airbase. [Image Can Not Be Found] The biggest challenge I see is getting these armchair warriors all 500-600 of them who visit the forum a day to get off a little cash and get active gifting. My hunch is less than 10% of daily readers all 50-60 of them are either gifting, buying supplies or purchasing already made orgonite from vendors. That number just isn’t right, but for now that’s the way I see it. The only folks who can do something about it are the ones doing nothing about it, unless of course the lightbulb in their head goes off to get active after reading this post, we’ll see. [Image Can Not Be Found]
On the same note, I can tell you that they will you use all means to keep people preoccupied and dumb downed and this even translates to Orgonite makers. I know if I haven’t made a batch of Orgonite in awhile, it’s only because forces other than my own motivation are trying to discourage me from making tb’s. The cure for that obviously is to make a couple of trays of Orgonite. I then immediately feel empowered again and excited knowing I am changing the world for the better and
spreading Orgone energy near and far.

[ EthericWarrior Supply Depot

Excellent, encouraging data, Eric, thx!

Since perhaps most gifters still get their own metal from local machine shops, too, the figures are surely even higher but your supply service is a very fine bellweather.

This all points up the reason why we keep EW clear of misleading ideologies and claims, by the way: the better we are at this forum job, the more people will be inspired to do the work.


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