Mountaintop array

This gifting was done more than two weeks ago but I’m posting it anyway…

It was quite some time I was not gifting a big target from the time I got seriously ill in December , this

mountaintop array is on a location south of Rome, in a famous summer vacation town where most of

the richest people go from June to September , mountain had a big array on top of it , very nasty energy

all around , there was also a wooden cross on one of the mountain’s main peaks , indicating a main

vortex (most important mountaintop vorteices here in Italy have a cross , a statue of mary or other

dark symbol) , with my astonishment I also found the remainings of a megalithic building in the same

place ! Rising the importance of this mountain even more (it’s on the main ley line running from Giza).

There were three agents chasing me all the time , 1 man 2 womens , ugly faces , the two women with

clear arian/reptoid features , they were trying to appear as a cable tv crew filming around (but who the

hell is filming nature in such a place today ?!?!) , I saw one of the women pointing the digital camera at

me when I was leaving , possibly trying to implant me so I blasted the hell out of them and they stopped

following me closely , remaining in their van and at a safe distance [Image Can Not Be Found]

All in all it was a good run , many TB were dropped all around the mountain , it was a heavy chemtrail

spray day but after less than two hours all the area cleared and nice clouds formed up all the way to


Picture is very low quality because it was done with a cellphone camera, sorry, note the heavy dor

cover all around and the heavy consistence of the air , there was quite some dark energy !