Murder Attempt On Sudanese Gifters' Son

Don Croft
21 Jul 2008 02:27
Subject: Murder Attempt on Sudanese Gifters’ Son
Our East African cohorts have had to bear the worst of the world order’s reprisals on successful gifters in recent years and every time one of them has been harmed we’ve rallied to their aid, especially in the ‘war room’ where the psychics have been able to identify and deal with teh assailants in appropriate ways.

This time, I’m kicking myself and have been unable to sleep, tonight, because I didn’t learn about the near-fatal knife attack on Christine and Salva’s boy until after this morning’s international chat session.

I’ve been sending energy to their son, who was in critical condition in a hospital in Sudan when Christine emailed me, and Steve Baron, who has faithfully supported our African partners’ extensive gifting campaigns, has offered to pay the hospital bill. We’ll do something for him in the war room shortly.

I hope you’ll send energy to the young fellow to help with his recovery. This family has undergone a lot of suffering and loss in recent years, due to the CIA’s and MI6’s rape and plunder of their nation, and they’ve committed to healing the land and people by distributing orgonite and educating everyone they meet.

We know what the downside of gifting in Africa is, unfortunately, but it may be that you and I in the West and the Antipodes would give our right arms to experience the warm-hearted and open-minded reception that most Africans offer as soon as they feel what orgonite can do, which is instantaneous in many cases. The deeply programmed mental and emotional barriers (Dr Reich called it ‘armor’) that characterize the average Westerner simply don’t exist in these folks.

I think it’s orgonite’s exceptional potential to transform Africa’s political, climatic and economic fortunes in the short term that has the world order’s murderous corporate/military/religious agencies so nervous about these courageous East African pioneers at the moment.

We really don’t want anyone to be killed or even harmed for doing this wonderful work, as things continue to heat up for gifters in Africa. We’ll make an extraordinary effort in the chats to run interference for these brave folks in coming weeks, as they prepare to visit Somalia to plant more seeds.

Here’s something for you to consider in terms of ‘planting seeds:’ David Ochieng and Leonida Odondi live in a small area of Western Kenya where Carol had taken the first orgonite to Africa, almost eight years ago. Neither of these folks were aware of Carol’s visit when they both emailed me within a few days of each other, four years ago, and asked about participating in this network. They didn’t know each other, either. They were the first Kenyans to express a commitment to this work.

I hope you’re as astonished as I am that Carol’s seed planting created this evident first harvest in Kenya. Many others have joined this effort, too, and have been making unique contributions. Dr Paul Batiibwe, in Uganda, which is right next to Western Kenya, was the first Black African to build an orgonite cloudbuster (June, 2003) and our correspondence led to an extremely productive visit to Uganda for Georg Ritschl and I at the end of the year, at the invitation of ‘Secret Supporter’ and with his and Doc Kayiwa’s extensive logistic and networking ability. Dr P had listened to our radio interview with Kanya McGhee in November, 2002. Kanya’s talk show, hosted by Blake Radio Network in Harlem, NY, is quite popular throughout Africa and is accessed online there.

Judy Lubulwa, a Ugandan living in Nairobi, Kenya, was recently interrogated at a pretty horrendous police station for 24 hours, right after she gifted a key piece of commercial real estate in that city. It was a harrowing experience but she’s stronger and more determined for it. Judy is a woman of enormous intelligence, experience and capacity. Before she started her extensive urban gifting campaign, that city’s smog was worse than Los Angeles’ had been, according to Carol. She told me it was the worst pollution she’d ever encountered, in fact, and when she flew into the city in the fall of 2001 it looked like a brown lense from a distance. Now the atmosphere in and over that vast metropolis is bright and pleasant, thanks to Judy.

These two tribal Kenyans, though, along with their Sudanese cohorts, represent Africa’s hope most dearly to me, maybe because I, too, am from common stock and wasn’t born to wealth or influence, nor am I university-educated. Does that make sense? This really is the time when the meek are inheriting the earth, as promised. They, along with Salva and Christine, seem like ignited fuses to me. I feel like a burning fuse, too Cool

Salva and Christine, along with their children and surviving relatives, were living in a refugee camp in Kenya when Salva first contacted me, three years ago. Not long after that, apparently thanks to Doc Kayiwa’s gifting efforts in Southern Sudan, the CIA/MI6-sponsored terror campaign abruptly and mysteriously (to some) ended and these folks were able to return to their village. Christine then got a teaching position in Yei, in Southern Sudan, and they connected with David and Mrs O on a successful trip to Mombassa, Kenya, to deliver orgonite to the dolphins. You and I would be fortunate, I think, to experience their intimate level of connection to the cetaceans, who showed up for them in droves to receive their orgonite Wink

I seem to know in my bones that as soon as the first ‘ordinary’ Black African starts selling or bartering his or her home-made orgonite to other Africans it’s going to start a sort of brush fire throughout the continent that will drive out the American, British and Chinese corporate plunderers in a timely way and will result in general prosperity, which will induce general peace and harmony, which likely existed in Africa for many thousands of years prior to the arrival of slavers, missionaries and corporations. This time, though, Africans will be full partners in a progressive global commonwealth.

It’s hard to reckon what might spread fast in Africa. An awful lot of people on that continent have cellphones now, for instance, and also get online regularly. Zappers, which cure AIDS and malaria (and just about everything else that sickens people there) and are cheaper than cellphones, are spreading in Africa at a snail’s pace. It will be interesting to see how fast orgonite spreads.

The compulsion of most of our African compatriots (including Georg) to travel widely and distribute orgonite will certainly continue to pay off in a big and timely way. I’m not one to second guess their instinctive promptings because that’s how The Operators instruct, protect and guide each one of us who will pay attention, after all.

What can we do to hasten the dissemination of this empowering material in Africa? Right now, I think the appropriate action for us in the West, Asia and Down Under is to support our East African and Southern African cohorts by sending them loads of good energy whenever we think of them, encouragement in posts and email, and sometimes money. I think Georg is going to post a full account of his recent networking and gifting expedition to Malawi and Mozambique, by the way.