My encounter last sunday

Hi readers,
I had one fascinating experience that I wished to share with you. I t is all about the Orgonite pendant that I had been wearing. I fact I do wear it always, and even now as am writing I have it exposed on my chest. Some people do not understand what it is meant for, and some think that it is just any other jewellery that one can decide to put on as per wish. Those who understand it are close friends and those who had been to the forum where I explain the importance and use of the same.

Last Sunday marked the end of the religious week that we had in the college. The preacher was talking something about the emerging trends in the gospel music in the current society. The main topic was about the illuminati influence. He said that most musicians are members, including some of the most popular people in the world. He went further to talk about the Signs and Symbols of the Illuminati. He exhausted most of them from the website,

After the service, a group of students approached me, in the claim that am a member, and some wanted to tear my pendant. The issue created a scene and they were pointing at some of the symbols that are in the pendant, such as the Carol’s Dolphin, the spiral sign and the like. I was very confident and I had nothing to fear for I know what Orgonite means to me. However, my close friends came so close to me and in my defence. I was refereed to the dean of Students and so am to meet him at any time that I will be informed from now. According to some of those people who confronted me claimed that am a Satanic agent and I wanted to spread its wrath, an issue which I know to the best of my ability that is too far away from the truth and is very wrong. I am to let you know of all the next proceedings that will come out of the meeting that I am to have with the dean of student.


I asked Benedict to post about this after he emailed me and I think he may post a followup report.

I assured him that people who are successful in business rarely credit a university degree for their success. Working for a corporation, academia or the government requires faceless conformity, which many of us feel is not worth the material benefits one might ‘earn.’

One of our contributors was a full professor (headed a science department) at a prestigious English university and she was persecuted so savagely by the other faculty on account of her open-mindedness and fearlessness that she eventually resigned. Conformity in Western academia, now, is really as bad as it was in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, as you may know if you’re listening to the ‘global warming’ jive and the more popular academics’ strident materialism.

Benedict’s got a lot more on the ball than I did at his age and I eventually achieved material success after Carol and I got together in 2000. A college degree wouldn’t have mattered one way or another on my current path, though all formal education is potentially enriching in a personal way, of course, and the scholarly folks who post reports on EW are precious assets to this movement.

Nothing worthwhile gets accomplished without money, so material success is an integral part of the expansion of this global revolution, of course. Most rich folks are parasites and misers, getting their livlihoods through exploitation but there are a handful of them who have conscience and seek personal integrity and those, almost always independent businessmen or professionals, are the ones who will probably end up capitalizing the very large projects in the not-distant future, after the sewer rat agencies, the media and their Nazi handlers have failed to suppress this empowering information, finally. Thank God they continue to underestimate the power of the internet, which they think they own with their army of clever disinformants and fakers.

Some of the exploiters might even finance the reversal of the Sahara and buy up desert land in order to sell at a profit, after and that’s okay, too.

What the African Kikundi are doing represents the vanguard of this smoldering, positive global conflagration. All we each need to do is to keep putting one foot in front of the other as we follow our intuited instructions from the unseen realms and we can’t fail, no matter what we might think in the moment.

The I-Ching anagram that stands for ‘calamity’ also stands for ‘opportunity’ and I’ve seen that dynamic play out in my own life at crucial times, so that after awhile the personal calamities no longer disturbed me, much. Then they seemed to stop happening but after the corporate order nearly destroyed my life and took away my livlihood and family in 1994 I eventually adopted a ‘nothing to lose’ attitude in my open opposition to them and I’ve kept that

I think Thomas Paine is a good exemplar for today’s Etheric Warrior because he said that the only danger to the (1700s) world was Great Britain; the rest of the world only wanted to trade with each other. London’s secret-handshake @$$holes later created the present US gov’t to represent and enforce the corporate order’s hegemony. The rest of the world (except US/UK/Israel) still only wants to trade. After the coming (probably peaceful) demise of the US Government I’m going to close EW, by the way, because that will be the abrupt end of ancient global oppression and state-sponsored terrorism. The corporate order needed America to become like Nazi Germany and they utterly failed, so all that remains is for one state to quietly secede, then enough will follow that the parasitic US Government will probably only represent Washington, DC, if that.

Meanwhile, the torch of civilization has already passed from the IndoEuropean people to China, who are about to share it with Africa, I sincerely believe. It’s a wonderful potential synergy of ‘air’ and ‘water’ ethers. The Nazis who run the state-sponsored global terrorist agenda shout louder and louder, meanwhile, as the interest of the Pajama People continues to wane, heheh.