My Favorite Aspect of Je's Success in Spain

I’ve been thinking about this for weeks and it would be a shame not to make note of this for your consideration.

Je has established the best evidence, so far, for what orgonite can do to balance the weather in an entire country. It was a decisive combination of observable, dramatic precipitation in an area of extreme drought as recorded by uncensored satellite imagery, photographic evidence and plenty of first hand witness accounts.

The extreme efforts of the arschwartze agencies to discredit him after that, even to the extent of Dr Heriberto Janosch Gonzalez’ explicit accusation that Je was involved with those agencies’ blowing up of a few death towers, is underlining the importance of Je’s achievement. Horrible Herbie is a professional debunker of claims about UFS and I assume you know that the only people who have a vested interest in stopping public curiosity about this subject are the CIA and it’s butt-ugly, murderous fraternal twin, the US Air Force, both assisted by British MI6.

It’s funny that Je disbelieves in UFOs because Horrible Herbie has overextended his reach in this case. Several disinformation websites, dedicated to discrediting observers’ claims and evidence about chemtrails’ bioweaponry and weather warfare purposes, are also casting aspersions at Je, even including me in their diatribes. All of that is simply free advertising, though Horrible Herb’s allegations were potentially dangerous to Je before we exposed that schmuck.

I don’t take issue with Je on account of his disbelief in UFOs because this forum isn’t for promoting conformity or for sychophants, so I welcome disagreement on issues not related to the making and deployment of simple orgonite.

The fact that he is essentially anti-mystical simply makes his accomplishments in Spain that much more substantive. Nobody can claim, in this case, that there’s any mumbo-jumbo or proprietary technical devices to account for it. This is my favorite aspect: He’s done it with simple orgonite, intelligently distributed over a wide region [Image Can Not Be Found]


Alejandro translation.

Je ha establecido la mejor evidencia, hasta el momento, de que puede hacer el orgonite para balancear el clima en un país entero. Fue la combinación de precipitacion dramática en una zona de sequía extrema, siendo documentada por imágenes satelitales, evidencia fotográfica y muchas informes de observadores

Los esfuerzos extremos de las agencias de mierda para desacreditarlo después de esto, hasta el punto que Heriberto acusó abiertamente a Je de estar involucrado con terrorismo, subraya la importancia del trabajo de Je

Heriberto es un debunker profesional sobre el tema de los OVNIs y asumo que uds saben que la única gente que tiene un interés (mas allá de lo normal) de frenar la curiosidad publica sobre el tema son la CIA y la fuerza aerea de USA, ambos asistidos por MI6

Es chistoso que Je no crea en OVNIs ya que Heriberto se ha sobre-extendido en este caso

Varios sitios web desinformativos, dedicados a desacreditar evidencia sobre el uso de los chemtrails para la guerra climática y biológica/química le han tirado mierda a Je, incluso incluyéndome a mi en su mierda

Todo eso es simplemente publicidad gratis, aunque las acusaciones de Heriberto eran potencialmente peligrosas, hasta que Je los expuso públicamente

A mi no me importa en absoluto que Je no crea en OVNIs ya que este foro no es para promover conformidad o para sicofantes (adulador, parásito, gorrista, mogollón) asi que bienvenido sean los desacuerdos en temas no relacionados a hacer y distribuir orgonita simple

El hecho que Je sea esencialmente anti-místico, simplemente hace sus logros tanto mas substantivos. Nadie puede decir, en este caso, que hay gillipolleses o aparatos ultra-técnicos especiales que fueron necesarios para los resultados

Este es mi aspecto favorito: Lo ha hecho todo con orgonite simple, distribuida inteligentemente en una zona extensa

Thank you Don. Gracias Alejandro.

Here, we will fight like lions !

All the best

De nada, socio. Ale, thanks for that translation gift out of the blue!

Nadira, a Spanish woman who lives in Paris, has just emailed me about her plans to gift etensively in that city. She was inspired to do this by Je’s success. I CCd her note and my response to Je, since he’s sustained a human wave assault, lately, of agents and MKids on the web, doing their best to destroy his reputation with slander.

I’ve never seen such a vehement slander campaign! To me, it shows how important and significant Je’s achievements are. As you know, there was even an attempt to blow up some of the death towers and blame Je for it–remember Horrible Herbie, the professional (sic) UFO debunker who tried to implicate him publicly for that? That jerk practically begged me, privately, not to do a little YouTube expose about him. I think he learned his English at UCLA, which is CIA Monarch Central on the US West Coast [Image Can Not Be Found]

Ah, the power of utterance!

One of the funnier assaults come from a woman in Spain who has a website featuring questionable material about UFOs, aliens, etc., and her challenge was for Je to produce ‘scientific evidence’ that orgonite does what we say. She offers no evidence at all to support her website’s claims, of course, but all of us who post reports do our best to provide observations of the results of our efforts, which are scientific when taken collectively.

It’s easier to take the character assaults when we recognize that they’re desperate efforts that turn into free advertising. This is a genuine, grassroot global movement in spite of never having been mentioned on the What To Think Network, which is to say there’s never been significant advertising for it. In the first year (mid 2001-mid-2002) many thousands of orgonite cloudbusters were built, internationally, and the chemtrail program was essentially neutralized. If you consider how obscure this network is, now, imagine how muchj more obscure it was 7 and 8 years ago [Image Can Not Be Found] but the work still got done ‘on time.’


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