My MMS Protocol Findings

The Protocol I followed was the general cleanse as follows:
I used the 5:1 ratio mix having utilized the citric acid powder from [Oceans Lab Worldwide
Of course my clinical trial was imperfect as Holiday Travel upset my dose times. However, my conclusions are as follows:

  1. The taste is AWFUL. I have great will-power when it comes to such discomforts, yet even I found myself suffering.
  2. I did not notice an improvement in overall well-being (such as when I first used [Don Croft’s Zapper. However, it is important to note that I did not zap while running this trial and I remained immune from the Illnesses that afflicted those around me during the holiday airport travel and stress. [Image Can Not Be Found]

This leaves me to conclude that, if unable to zap, MMS is most effective in treating acute-onset symptoms from bodily imbalance. MMS will not repair the problems at hand, but lessen their effects. This claim is anecdotal yet evidenced by my wife using it to mitigate her sore throat and bodily inflammation from her illness acquired from air-travel. As she stopped using MMS the symptoms resumed as her body fought off the infection. This is due to the fact that inflammation is an expression of immuno-active cells repairing bodily imbalance.

In short, Zapping and proper nutrition is preferable to the MMS Protocol in my humble opinion.

I hope this is helpful and I welcome any and all feedback.


Hello Singerman, it is good to read your first hand impressions, also because you went into the full detox protocol, which I didn’t. Despite the many claims, MMS doesn’t appear to be the magic potion for all diseases. I’m saying that because I followed the Italian board for some time and the general impression I got is that MMS can only be applied to fortify the body immune system, but it seems to me too that the symtoms may appear again after some time you stop using it. However, I find it an incredible remedy for oral hygiene and so I’m using it when needed.

I too prefer the zapper which I always carry with me and use when I don’t feel well. I used it yesterday afternoon and again all night long which proved to be good for me as I’m feeling much better today. I have the Terminator Zapper and I’m very happy to have bought it. I recommend it to everyone reading this, btw.

I think that zapping along with alkaline nutrition (fruit and vegetables) and regular enemas to keep the colon clean (MMS seems to be great if mixed to the water) are a good way to detoxify the body, especially when you reduce the carbo glue, cheese and meat poison on which modern nutrition is based. I’ve adopted a better alkaline nutrition myself based on natural fruit and vegetables from my garden and the results are great as you can imagine but I will also do a liver cleansing, which is really important if you use the zapper a lot. I don’t know if you have wild cicory in America, but I truly recommed eating it a couple of times a week, just fresh with a bit of olive oil and lemon juice and no salt. In my experience, wild cicory is just great food to help a detox process of the body.

MMS Enemas? I think I am going to eat a raw food diet for a while and really cleanse my system!

A ways back I took a good hard look at MMS and what I found out really scared me.

This stuff is just chlorine dioxide created by putting several drops of 28% solution of sodium chlorite (used to purify water cheaply) in water and adding 5 times as many drops of citric acid to cause the stuff to out-gas the chlorine dioxide quickly.

Maybe the claims are true but call me crazy in that chlorine is a known mutagen/carcinogen and detrimental to ALL life.

Yeah there are 2 oxygen molecules attached but when they oxidize a pathogen, where’s the chlorine go when the body absorbs the dead pathogen and what does it then do to the body?

They use this stuff to STERILIZE operating rooms and meat packing plants! I’d be quite afraid to try this on myself.

Kind of makes you wonder when 1 drop of 28% sodium chlorite solution is enough to purify a full gallon of water what 15 time this much 2 to 3 times every day might do to the human body because that’s the kind of levels being suggested.

The levels being talked about here are many times more concentrated and well above the safe limit established by the FDA (yeah, I know but at least here they’re not trying to get us to take something but instead keep us away from it).

Near as I can tell the guy who “figured it all out” may be, for some reason, living in Mexico these days. Why? And there appears to be a very large multi-level marketing campaign afoot to sell as many little bottles of the stuff as possible at exorbitant prices. Where’s that money all going? I’ve seen statements to the effect that perhaps as many as 10K bottles/day are being sold though I have no way to verify this. BIG business! Sure sounds like a multi-level marketing scam to me.

As always, Caveat Emptor – let the buyer beware!


Gene, when you questioned where the chlorine goes after the oxygen has oxidized a target pathogen I immediately recalled reading that the thyroid can become compromised when overwhelmed by chlorine or bromine and begin to function erratically. This requires a whole food rich in natural iodine, such as minerals and phyto-nutrients found in sea plants, to bring the gland back into healthy function. Perhaps the left over chlorine is lodged in the thyroid? I know most horridly enriched flour contains bromide from the bleaching agents used.

I take Vickery Sea Plant Minerals and Phyto-Nutrients as a supplement now. I was prompted to when I started having erratic body-mass fluctuations not long after my self-experimentation with the MMS cleansing protocol.

I do believe you have helped realize a causality I had overlooked. THanks

If you think MMS was a bit risky for experimentation you should get ready to read my observations regarding a DPT vaccination I received after lacerating my finger. I decided to prove to myself that I was not just being paranoid and that the tools I had garnered through years of study would serve to counteract any harm. I intend, in the near future, to publish an article here on EW regarding physical and etheric observations of the ordeal I had weathered.

BTW Don’s Terminator Zapper was more than up to the task of cleansing the tetanus toxoid from my system. Left some seriously dark circles on my hands though for a while [Image Can Not Be Found];

Thanks Gene for that post which really casts a shadow on MMS.

Before using MMS I read a lot about it and decided to give it a try for dental hygiene, which proved to be very effective. I have problems with my teeth and have managed to solve a toothache successfully in two or three different occasions without going to the dentist’s. I have ingested it a few times but couldn’t say much because I’ve never tried a full detox protocol which I normally do eating alkaline food and using the Terminator Zapper. I do prefer the zapper because, for example, after a session I see that my blood is purer because my teeth are no doubt whiter. Then, I feel the effect of the zapper because I breathe better and feel a general sense of wellness.

MMS is intended to be an emergency remedy so taking it for a long time can cause an axidative stress that is no good for the body, of course.

The most amazing result I’ve seen about MMS happened when a collegue at work complained about her toothache which couldn’t be treated by a dentist because of her osteoporosis. She had been taking a lot of antibiotics and painkillers for months without getting better. I activated 10 drops of MMS and asked her to keep it on the teeth for 2 minutes. After that she started to feel better and hours later she came to thank me because she was feeling well. She has interrupted the antibiotics and has felt well for months now, so I think this is the case to use MMS as an emergency remedy.

I wrote to the administrator of the Itaian forum this morning linking this thread and asking him what he thinks about your post: I will report his answer because he knows a lot about MMS and the possible risks.

I know that MMS causes no problems to the intestinal flora and kills only bad pathogens and that the remains of chorine dioxide in tha body are “salt” (couldn’t explain better) in a very small amount, but couldn’t say more, though.

One last thing: I know about people using it for enemas, but I’ve never tried that which, in the light of this thread, seems to have been a good choice.

It’s the best form of stabilized oxygen if it’s taken straight, I’ve found. Also the least expensive. Like any other brand of stablilized oxygen, though, it has to be used aparingly–measured in drops.

I quit using it, though, after my heart health started improving last year. Doc STevo’s got my heart working more properly so my exercise regime isn’t causing the production of lactic acid, any more. I can’t plug this guy enough! My heart was weak all my life, which is why the feds try to erase me by affecting my heart with designer poisons [Image Can Not Be Found] but I think that after another year or so of the Doc’s skilled ministrations my heart is going to be stronger than ever. I’ve got an awful lot of work left to do and some of it requires physical activity. Thanks, St!

What I"m still patiently waiting to encounter is a personal claim that MMS has actually cured a serious illness. Of the hundred or so people who have aggressively promoted MMS to me in the past two years since its sudden widespread appearance, not one has actually been cured of anything like malaria, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, acute infections, herpes, AIDS, retinitis pigmentosa, brain parasites, heart disease, tuberculosis, ulcers, worms, etc, all of which any zapper can reliably cure in a short time.

I think that the reason zappers are never promoted this aggressively is that they actually work. A lie can travel around the world before the truth has laced up its boots. Also, people are conditioned to clam up rather than spread genuinely empowering news. I know people who send massive numbers of disinformation articles and websites to huge personal mailing lists in a kneejerk fashion and these have even done some gifting and seen the results but they will just not talk about any of that to their audience. I bet you know what I’m talking about.

If you look at the way other ‘miracle cures’ were vigorously promoted (coordinated, top down apparently, like the Theosophy component of the hippie movement was in books, products, music and academia), with the implication that the inventor doesn’t want to prosper from it) you’ll remember that the frenetically promoted miracle cures also disappeared just about as fast as they sprang into public awareness. I rarely hear of MMS any more but if any reputable person tells me, someday, that MMS has cured his serious illness I’ll be open minded about it. When I was first accosted with the MMS promotion, accepted the sample and read the literature that was thrust at me, it felt like I’d been talking to a Scientologist. I think that’s an old masonic dynamic: the carrot on the stick sort of motivation that never quite satisfies.


Don’t get me wrong, guys! I’m actually happy that zappers are spreading almost entirely by direct, quiet referrals. If I have to spend more than a couple of hours in a day with business email I get kind of depressed because then I’ve got no time for aviation. My public exposure is manageable, rather. That said, I do enjoy helping people get well and talking to them about it.

If zappers suddenly got positive media attention my life would be turned into a $#!+storm and the feds would probably just disappear me into their Gulag Archipelago or run us (I rarely travel without Carol) off the road with a big truck and into a deep canyon

EW is all about sharing empowering news and information, which is why people come here. There are lots of ways to feel a little better but I’d like for our collective focus to be on ways to really connect with our personal destinies, to have certainty and to erase disease and confusion.