My New Cloudbuster, My First, But Not My First!

Since Lucy and I brought our first house in September, I had been eagerly awaiting the moment I would be able to make my first cloudbuster, which we could house ourselves. Since the start of my gifting work I have made around 25 CB’s, quite a few with and/or for John, but mostly to give away or occassionally swap with folks who said they would give one a home.

The first few months in our home was far more expensive than anticipated, so although a couple of good friends helped me out with money for the Pipes and couplers (thanks Cesco) and some nice crystals (thanks Kelly) I simply couldn’t afford to get it made. Then, near the beginning of december I had to visit my family for birthdays, so this saved my petrol costs, so I decided I had to make the CB now or it would likely wait several more months.

Anyway the CB was made without any great incident, except the usual feeling of doing something really meaningful and significant, of course.

Although this is the 7th CB that I have placed in the county of Dorset, as I said before it is very special to me as it is the first which I can have and keep! Again, sorry the picture is not the best, but I wanted to put one up, for my posterity and as I had some financial aid in making it, so it is nice to see what my buddies monies bought [Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

As there are already lots of CB’s in the area I cannot say there has been much noticeable impact atmospherically here, though more locally everything just feels fresher, which is usually what I find from gifting. Also as a nice treat, when I was finalising where I would place it in our little garden, the birds who frequent our neighbours ivy covered house were singing, neigh cheering, a song of approval, which dimmed and heightened as I moved the Cloudbuster, so I tinkered around until they reached their crescendo at which point I knew it had found it’s home!

Thanks for the help guys, and, of course John for letting me use his palacial (in my mind!) shed to put the CB together.

You can of course get your own CB like mine, or, in the more usual straight pipe ‘Croft’ Style from John @ Whale Orgone

Best Wishes


Nifty, Rich. First time I recall an elemental being up in the upper part (about the middle of the center pipe).