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Dan, with respect, the reason for the orgonite under the pipes, along with the metal cap at the bottom, is probably to produce a little more throw into the atmosphere. There’s nothing mystical about this. Sacrificing some effect on the upper atmosphere in favor of the earth underneath seems like a poor alternative to setting a few earthpipes in the ground. I appreciate that you have some history with an entity on your property that has given you a hard time regarding orgonite in the ground in various applications. Maybe a better test site for you could be elsewhere in this case. Whatever queers the data ought to be factored out in any general experiment, I think. I’m only guessing, though.

I’ve tried to convince people not to take the word of one energy sensitive as authoritative, much less to promote that person as an unquestionable authority.

The reason none of the psychics are offering this service is because they understand that putting someone in that position is a disservice to the sensitive as well as to the overall scientific aspect of our collective effort. Some of us often ask them to evaluate our own and others’ modifications that capture our interest but we don’t post about it because that would be fuel for the sycophants, so misleading to the readers.

I you would call your modification by another name than ‘Croft Cloudbuster,’ I’d appreciate it.

A year ago there was a flurry of cultish promotion of a couple of people’s advice of this sort and when I objected to it there was some backlash and I was accused of being a martinet and intolerant.

What do you reckon Dr Reich would have done in that situation? He was quite adamant about not assigning authority to anyone, including himself, in the pursuit of this new science.

The reason Carol and I do extensive research before we offer any claims is so that our claims will hold up for any one in the field, in terms of physical observations. To base something on claims that only energy sensitives can evaluate takes away from the empowerment of the majority of people who do this work and puts the advice giver on a sort of de facto pedestal. What you might not know is that being put on a pedestal in any progressive movement makes the energy sensitive advice giver a target of manipulation and perhaps characer assassination. I don’t wish that on any of our friends.

I absolutely understand the need that many people feel to put their own identy on one or another of the very basic orgonite devices by creating modifiications and getting the blessing of one or annother energy sensitive but I also feel obliged to answer back when that’s done on my own forum, please understand.

The amount of research and observation needed to back up a claim is reasonably big. I spent an entire month in the field testing simple three ounce towerbusters and Carol, Kelly and I, along with others, performed a dozen or so gifting exercises to determine some working parameters for the earthpipes, which Gale Stark in Texas invented and was calling ‘cloudbusters.’ At least she didn’t call them,‘Croft Cloudbusters.’

If I didn’t insist on some reasonable standards, this network would have been obliterated years ago by people who crave recognition for making their own modifications or promoted questionable invenntions. I know a guy who has so much crap (suggested by insistent chest pounders) on his cloudbuster that it’s a miracle that it works at all. Every time someone posts something like this, Dan, I’ve typically spent many, many hours with damage control but I’m not going to censor you.

Hopefully, someone will have the courage to start a science forum for all this where people can report experiments and new inventions/modifications. If it devolves into a personality cult centered around a few energy sensives’ last words it will not have the proper edge and the participation will probably never grow beyond sycophants and chest pounders. Whoever may start a foruum like that is going to need the will to exclude agents saboteurs and their Monarch-programmed Greek chorus’, and to hold him/herself and all of the participants to the same high standards that Dr Reich exemplified or it won’t work at all.

Until that happy day arrives I’m going to have to occasionally play the curmudgeon on this forum when claims like this are made, please understand, Dan.

There’s a saying that might apply: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

All the basiic devices in our tutorials (only some of which came from Carol and I) are easy to build and easy to understand and they work wonderfully well. If I didn’t object to attempts to make it all more complicated then there would be a lot fewer people getting into this work. I want the number of giftgers to increase exponentially each year so that the world order’s demise will be hastened and we can then have the kind of world we wish for.

That’s why I’m putting my objection in your thread. I’m fine with anyone making their own efforts as complex and arcane as they wish. I only object when they and/or their personal friends insist or imply that everyone else should do it the same way; I think that’s the sort of ‘Everything you know is wrong’ attitude that kills progressive movements if not countered.

I’m happy to discuss this some more with you if you like. I’ve had this conversation with Kelly and Cesco more times than I can count. They’re not obliged to agree, of course, nor are you. You all do great work and thanks for posting your reports here!

My wife and I are mystified and impressed by what Kelly can do in the field, though we don’t actually understand it. Maybe we’ll all uunderstand it later on. Reich was also misunderstood that way. In his case he was simply ahead of his time, so maybe that principle is operating in Kelly’s field adventures.

On the other hand, what we all do with simple orgonite is easily understood becasue we see the consistent and empowering results. It would be a shame to sacrifice any of that for the sake of needing all our observations to be qualified by one or another energy sensitive, I think. It may be that we’re all being challenged to be more discerning in our field observations; to listen more closely to our intuitive promptings. That would be better in the long run than choosing to run everything by an energy sensitive to determine if it has merit. In that case, I’m grateful to the psychics for not taking that bait.

Occasionally I go on gifting missions withhout my wife so that I can keep my intuitive processes honed and I always get solid visual and other sensory confirmations for my successes. As a rule, if I can do something like that, absolutely anyone else can, too, as the bulk of reports on this forum attest.


Every time I feel obliged to answer back this way I worry that I’m going to offend the person offering the claim.

Really, Carol and I make cloudbusters differently each time and we’ve even got some new modifications in mind for the next two but the reason I don’t post about it, except sometimes in an offhand way, is because I’m pretty sure that many readers will assume that they have to do it the same way or they’d be wasting their time./

I know that a lot of readers make that assumption after reading unsubstantiated claims like yours, Dan, because I get their feedback in email, hence the hours of ‘damage control’ I mentioned. When you get constant rain after adding more orgonite to the mix you really need to consider all that you’ve done before. That’s not enough evidence.

The basic cloudbuster works just fine, of course, and this is a numbers game, not an ego contest. More basic cloudbuserters will be built than fancy modified ones, after all, as long as we can keep the focus on the fundamentals in this forum. The sad truth is that nobody else but Etheric Warriors is demonstrating workable standards at the moment. Would someone please take that bold step and set up a science forum? Lots of good inventors would like to have that service but it’s well outside the parameters of a unadorned etheric war machine like this forum, unfortunately. Years ago I assumed that there would be a dozen or more good orgonite forums in Engliish before now. Maybe as the CIA and MI6 continue to weaken and decline through exposure and public disgust they’ll be much less able to field and support their moles/saboteurs for forums.

Fortunately for Carol and I, sycophants are not attracted to us, so when we mention a modification they don’t create a cacaphony of imitation. I think they don’t glue themselves to us becuase we insist on accountability and discernment. If I sought a following I certainly wouldn’t post objections liike this one [Image Can Not Be Found]

DB often complained to me that he’s plagued by sycophants every time he makes a public effort and I simply replied that they’re simply attracted to his air of authority, so he ought consider being a regular guy, like me. A lot of people atually crave authority and to be put on a pedestal and that worked fine (or it didn’t according to one’s view of history) in the receding paradigm but it just doesn’t work at all in the emerging one. These folks usually end up goign nuts, now. The ‘new age’ is for retiring beta personalities, apparently; not for the strident alphas [Image Can Not Be Found]

I think the meek are inheriting the earth.


Sorry to have got up your nose to such an extent with this one, Don; that was certainly not my intention.

I take your point entirely about assigning authority to any one sensitive and I only mentioned Kelly’s comment as an aside (and in corroboration of my own observations).

If this particular CB hadn’t performed easily as well as any other I’ve seen then I would never have mentioned my modification to your time-honored design.

It is true that I have only made one CB of this particular kind and so can hardly claim rigorous testing of the ideas contained in these minor modifications and for that both yourself and Dr Reich have every right to criticize me.

In my defense; I only mentioned this because it seems to solve the problem of finding crystals large enough to adequately work in a CB whilst small enough to fit down a standard 1� pipe.

Had I not been sent some perfectly good crystals that were too big to fit the Croft parameters; I would never have felt the need to try and set large crystals under small pipes.

What I thought was a kind of neat idea has turned out to be as much of a disaster when reported on the forum as it has a resounding success in the field.

It’s interesting that you refer to yourself as a curmudgeon; the only other time I ever heard that word used was when you referred to me as one.

The fateful post has been deleted with my sincerest apologies.


In fact, Dan, any pipes in an orgonite base are going to affect the atmosphere and any orgonite in a pipe or near a pipe that’s stuck even partly in the ground is going to affect the DOR underground, which in turn positively affects the atmosphere. These are simple applications that require no arcane understanding or heroic technology, otherwise only a few people would have ended up doing this incredible work, so the bad guys would have won.

It’s the rigorous testing that determines if some new device or modification will be worthwhile. I’m interested in ways that will simplify our approach even more, though what we’re offering is pretty bare-bones technology, already.

One-time effects, such as a lot of rain after you deployed your device, can be impressive but never conclusive. That massive thunderstorm that occured right after Kelly put some TBs with energized water arouund a mountain top array are a case in point. He put similar TBs in several other vortices and didn’t produce that effect, for instance, but I have no doubt that the one storm was connected to the TBs.

A whole lot of factors can be considered in such cases in order to undertand one-time effects. I mentioned the entity on your property as one factor. The pleasure or displeasure of elementals is a factor that Carol and I always consider, though we can’t ever promote it objectively.

The reason I’m practically begging ‘the universe’ for a science forum is that EW can’t accomodate it. Anyone who’s been watching can see that the readers will focus on whatever subject gets the most attention, which is why the ‘underground cloudbuster’ fracas last year was so distracting to our readers, according to the feedback I was getting. If we load this forum up with speculative or even solid research material our readers will wonder why we have ‘warriors’ in the name and they’ll lose interest.

My main goal, as ever, is to attract and inspire as many people as possible to try their hands at gifting and predator blasting. The research and development some of us engage in is with that objective in mind., our companion site, is set up purely for psychic research and development, in fact, and while all of those techniques can be used for healing we’re mainly applying them to taking the world back (meekly, in most cases [Image Can Not Be Found] ) from that horrid corporate/occult world order. That effort involves healing vortices, of course, which is why we’re happy to support Kelly’s peerless effforts.

The only person I ever explicitly called a name in the past 8 years of doing this volunteer work is the CIA’s Horrible Herbie ( HERIBERTO JANOSCH GONZALEZ), whom I recently called, ‘Schmuck,’ and ‘Schmuckface,’ for trying to isolate and trap Jesús in a typically filthy, agency-disinformation manner. The jerks blew up some towers (probably gifted, non-functioning ones [Image Can Not Be Found] ) and Horrid tried to publicly link Jesús to those acts. We’re not quite done with Herbie, of course.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t call you a curmudgeon and if it looks to you like I implied it, please accept my apology, Dan. Your concerns were substantive enough that Kelly personally travelled to Bali to help you sort them out, after all.

We have a lot of fun with this forum but it really is a life and death effort, since each of us are marked by one or several $#!+bird agencies on account of our work. John Kilroy referred to Eric Carlson as ‘Mr Magoo’ on account of the nonchalant way he moves in and out of danger. Eric’s one of the few who has occasionally come close to getting burned by the occult/corporate freaks, though, and my wife and I have survived several overt murder attempts. Lots of us have been pretty severely poisoned. Some of the poisons, including toxic metal dusts, have a cumulative effect so a few of us have had to take extraoradinary measures, beyond zapping, to get our health back. By ‘extraordinary,’ I mean that we got competent professional help [Image Can Not Be Found]

Kelly’s one who also disregards surveillance and risk, though he’s been poisoned a few times and his house was set afire during his absence. He moves so fast that the $#!+birds can’t keep up with him and the few times that he did recognize overt agency surveillance perhaps caused him to be watchful. When Cesco was arrested at the prison he was gifting, they eventually let him go because the surveillance cameras experienced ‘technical failure’ whenever he passed within range of them. Thx Operators.

All of us have a lot of protection in the unseen realm and our protectors apparently can kick @ss in the physical one, too. The contributors to this forum who avoid considering or discussing this stuff are still welcome for their gifting reports.

I dislike conformity and I detest sycophants and chest pounders but I watch for people out there who have a sense of the nature of this war we’re engaged in and want to win in lawful ways, then I invite them to post here. About one in ten end up posting, though all of them are terrific gifters. In most cases, they tell me that they don’t consider their reports interesting or significant. In my view, that’s not an appropriately meek attitude and, in fact, some consider shyness to sometimes be a form of arrogance. Most gifters, I think, do it in secrecy or only in association with a few trusted friends. Most of the gifting in UK and Australia is now done that way, for instance.

Alejandro and I were discussing how many of us are taking on really big gifting goals, as Dan has been doing in Indonesia and beyond. Ale reckons about thirty people are doing it, worldwide. We know of about half of those, so he was extrapolating. Judging from my own correspondence it seems like the number is slightly larger or several times larger. Ixma started gifting in Mexico City, last year, for instance, after that death pall of constant smog had been mostly obliterated by someone else–a little disappinting to Ixma, perhaps [Image Can Not Be Found] . Nicolai in Russia is apparently encountering similar conditions, though there are apparently no death towers in that country. My personal goal is to inspire enough people in a grassroot way that many thousands or millions of gifters will just take care of their own small communities. Busting the towers, after all, is only a first necessary step toward healing a community. Grid gifting is the next phase, also disabling the deadly energy connected with all of the thousands of new underground bases/cities.

Gifting the seas is another daunting challenge, of course.

I can’t seem to convince most of the people who email gifting reports to me that every report is significant becuase it adds to the broadening base of empirical evidence of orgonite’s power to transform bad energy into good energy, which is the fundamental principle of how we wage war back on the predatory/parasitic world order and capture & holdta the physiical territory that they stole, exploited and polluted over the past several thousand years.

For the members of EW who don’t specifically share this vision I’m still glad that they’re putting their gifting reports on this forum for the record. I’m also grateful that they extend the courtesy of not undermining the rest of us.


A definition of ‘peerless,’ is ‘having no equal; matchless.’ We’re all created equal, of course, but in the context of this discussion I would consider Kelly to be ‘matchless,’ since nobody else has done what he’s doing and most of us don’t quite understand it.

Another discussion Ale and I have had during his visit is about the possibility of getting work reversing climate sabotage and deserts after orgonite reaches mainstream awareness. Several of us will perhaps be in demand for this essential work, now that EW is collecting enough empirical data to show that this works.

We both have the impression that while sponsors will probably be attracted to the individuals who have a clear track record for healing savaged climates, such as Georg Ritschl, Jesús Torres, Alejandro and two or three others they might not see the value of what Kelly’s doing. We agreed that anyone who gets hired to reverse deserts and/or disable the world order’s weather weaponry in a region would be foolish not to ask Kelly to help, though. Pretty interesting?


I had the same problem that Dan talked about, having crystals to big to fit a 1’’ pipe. I found a simple solution that may be of use:"/>

A Fitting Reducer from 1 1/4’’ or 1 1/2’’ to 1’’ attached to a lenght of pipe long enough to hold the crystal, should do the trick. Hope this helps people that have encountered the same problem of oversized crystals.


Thx, socio–sometimes people have a hard time getting suitably-sized crystals, in fact. When we were in Namibia in late 2001 none were available but there were funky, skinny quartz shards with suitable points laying all over the desert floor on Gert Botha’s property and we used those to make some kick-@ss African cloudbusters.

It’s a good thing that this isn’t rocket science and is, in fact, more ‘pastoral’ than ‘technical.’

A couple of years ago I simplified the instructions for the orgonite cloudbuster some more, at Carol’s request, changing the ‘double-terminated’ crystal recommendation to ‘single terminated’ crystal, also got rid of the recommendation to glue the crystal into the bottom of the pipe. When a crystal fits tightly in a pipe we also do without the coil.

In my best of all possible worlds we could get rid of death towers, spewplanes and HAARPies by rudely gesturing at them–it can’t get more basic than that.

The only thing we use a double terminated crystal for is the Big Secret, which is the simplest of all of Carol’s inventions. She might object to naming it her invention, since she says she only reluctantly accepted a little Andromedan’s insistent, middle-of-the-night explanation of how to make it. We were driving past the China Lake underground base/city at the time and the visit took place as I was watching several little, bright spaceships track us nearby [Image Can Not Be Found]

I miss seeing and interacting with UFOs. I hope Carol will be up for more adventures like that, pretty soon.


Oops–four of us have been sharing three computers this month. Ale was logged onto EW with mine, before, which is why I accidentally posted under his name. Remember playing Musical Chairs when you were little? ~D