My New Micro-chipped Friend

Today started as all the other days, with something I was not expecting at all. A fine way of getting along with life is to be present and open, yet sensitive to what is around in order to catch the public parasites that like to hang around in many places. I got into a bus and sat down. After a couple of stops a man got in and walked by and sat close to me. I heard him speaking on a cell-phone, sounding somewhat distressed. Then he started to talk with an elder woman sitting next to him, telling about microp-chips that had been put inside of his body. At this point I got quite interested and joined the discussion.

According to him, the police had been torturing him giving such electro-shocks in the brain that he had to confess two homicides. He was on his way to the police station (which has a nice EP in the immediate space). We talked about micro-chips and implants in general. As we arrived to the metro station he was walking away but I went after him and started telling about orgonite etc. Luckily there was one tb made of brass in my bag which I handed to him. He mentioned being some kind of experimentation target for the micro-chips/mind control. He mentioned having practiced yoga at some point too. I told him about SP and the effect of the 15Hz we use in them, asked for his number in order to give him one. We’re gonna make it GOOD. After our ways parted I started to blast the forces behind this sick experimentation. They sure got fired.

I believe there is a bigger program running of which he is only one part, the first person I personally met who’s conscious about being part of such. Please boost the man so he can maintain his freedom. I am going to test if his phone is being surveilled by the police. In Finland this can be found out by adding any number in the end of the phone number and if it still works it is being bugged by the police. My father’s phone is like that. Strange to tell, mine is not. But I am not doing things that are against the law which explains it, my surveillance is more linked to the occult butt-flies.

Things have once again gotten pretty interesting, I am going to investigate this more. One of the small joys of life to dig up the rotten parasites into the day light. If my new friend can stay out of the cell he will soon learn how to use the fine philosophy of etheric warfare:
Pre-emptive counter attack is the best defence

Let’s keep him boosted, shall we? I have a strong feeling he is an opportunity to cleanse a real viper nest.



I forgot to mention an interesting thing he told me. He said when he’s thinking of a black line nothing can be seen by those who monitor him. That’s when he mentioned yoga. My understanding was that there had been some kind of experimentation on him. He said his eyes are like cameras. The man seemed sober and clear, which encourages me to find out more about this in the first place.

I’ll call him after a couple of days, three days is a maximum duration anyone can be held in jail during the investigation, at least officially. Yet in case of mind control experimentation the odds are pretty good the law gets streched over regulations.



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