My Package is heading to me!

2 Months ago Don Croft sent a package to me. It never arrived until our psychics identified that the CIA was under this and this last sunday October 8 we, the other warriors, blasted the holy shi… outta them alltogheter in the chatblast session.

Dooney, Stevo, Carol and Mary-Anne saw my package from where it was and how it got liberated from the rats interference, hopefully heading to me. And so it did, this picture shows the status of the package

Dear reader, If you dont believe this, I really dont care cause am not here to convince anyone, but I do advise you to wake up, and stop living in stupidity. Besides all the psychic attacks headed to me this is by far one of the greatest confirmations ever.

Am not very good at writting posts in english, so if you participated on sundays october 8 chatblast and presenced how we took down those cowards by tossing energy and dodecaeding them, and feel you could be more expressive than I am please add whatever you want!

CIA s…cks, they dont want people to heal, nor know the truth about how disgusting they are, they just want to ruin peoples life, thankfully our orgonite network is getting all of us and others free from their stupid lies.

Am so glad that package is here, that one includes 3 zappers, one is hopefully going to be used by a youg girl with HIV/AIDS and another one to a CANCER patient.

CIA = loosers, rats, rotten, junk…


José M. Baztan

Two days ago, I received my parcels from Georg, after much blasting by the warriors during the chats. They had been held up for almost two months and were about to be returned to sender. MI6 were seen holding them, and after being blasted, Dooney saw them flying toward me.

Thank you all so much who helped me get these chaps out of the way. I am going to gift the places where we have constant droughts and take a cb there.

Thanks for starting this thread, Jose.


Well now!! High five of the day! Judy and Jose, this is just generally heartening news, but also a tribute to you guys, for not being intimidated by threat and imposed frustration.

The whole issue of “intelligance services”, aka gumint goons, interfering is way too reminiscent of 1930’s Europe and Salinist Russia. Folks of that ilk seem to batten on fear, and to be most energized, when most successful at disempowerment of caring peoples, and desertification of the natural world.

Many, just regular folks, have not wanted to believe that governments are capable of mass deception, and are being jolted out of anaesthesia. Not necessarily a cozy time, but this truly internationl news from Judy and Jose is a reminder, to “choose life, only that and always, and at whatever risk…”

Congrats, Jose and Judy! In case our readers don’t know, these two warriors are poised to affect vast territories with their efforts and are making good progress, so the sewer rats have been particularly thick around them for some time. You can probably see why perseverence is a necessary attribute for any warrior.

Our Sunday efforts on their behalf are part of an ongoing effort to keep the obstacles down to a manageable height. Judy’s now got more latitude to gift throughout E. Africa and Jose’s Spanish site and forum will unlock new doors and inspire & encourage lots of new warriors.

Normally, we don’t need group support to punish the freaks who interfere with our livlihoods but Judy’s and Jose’s problems are special cases due to the level of the threat they represent to the World Odor, so we’re happy to help them out. If you’re experiencing a lot of hacking and are not recieving your packages in a timely way, just get busy and punish these criminals on your own, okay? Dooney’s dodecahedron technique is easy and quick and it keeps working once one initiates it, nor do you need ot be psychic to do it successfully… It used to be a lot harder to punish these freaks.

If I were to rate the sewer rat agencies in terms of effectiveness at messing with our livlihoods, I’d put MI6 at the top, followed by CIA. who use radionics and satanic rituals. The Russians’ contemporary KGB agency, Mossad and the Federal Bureau of Intimidation are merely bloodstained, stumbling mouth-breathers by comparison; the Fudds. ‘Shhhhhhh! I’m hunting TEWWOWIST! Hehehehhehe!’ (thanks, Mary-Anne).

NSA has the best hackers–I think Massachusetts Institute of Technology is set up to mass produce them for the feds now. We’re going to do a comprehensive sweep on them on Sunday because too many of us are getting bothered by these freaks these days.

We havent’ actually encountered any agencies that call themselves ‘HOmeland Security,’ unless we include some Russians who have gotten in our faces from time to time. I suspect that the CIA and FBI are still conducting their generations-old bloodfeud. The Vril hit squad who were lined up to murder someone a few weeks ago were a speical case but Vril are pu$$ies, not even worthy of being rated along with the other sewer rat agencies. The Vril guys we’ve encountered, who look young but are probably a century or so old, rather remind me of aging, raging queens.

I considered hanging ‘Federal Ken’ (my Man in Black effigy that hangs by the neck–a ‘fed repellent’) outside the door in our new neighborhood but Ryan McGinty suggested that it also looks like a Mormon, so I changed my mind. We’re back in Idaho, after all (Coeur d’Alene–‘host city of the annual nazi parade’). It was great ot see Ryan again, and especially wonderful that he helped me unload the U-Haul last week.


Andy Schwarm of is the other fellow whose business we boosted last Sunday. HIs biz was dead in the water for a week, which I suspected was due to CIA radionics. The psychics confirmed that and we dodecked the sewer rats and his biz is jumping again, thank grid.

Andy’s the premier orgonite vendor on the planet–that’s to say he’s the first one.


Andy Schwarm of is the other fellow whose business we boosted last Sunday. HIs biz was dead in the water for a week, which I suspected was due to CIA radionics. The psychics confirmed that and we dodecked the sewer rats and his biz is jumping again, thank grid.

Andy’s the premier orgonite vendor on the planet–that’s to say he’s the first one, which is perhaps why the CIA is so eager to try out all their latest radionics assault efforts on him. I’m not going to mention whom the psychics usually see in the middle of thesecampaigns against Andy and others, but I bet you can guess.


Thanks Judy, Mary-Anne and Don. It feels so good to read this posts, they make me happy and lifts me up…very encouraging! (spelling?)

Don, I get to see that rat’s picture inside a dodec from time to time… His interference is one of the stupiest one, I mean, it´s allmost imposible to hide from that kind of behavior, not to mention from the eyes of plot hunters as this network’s psychics are.

By the way, each time I see the rat I get a very obscure impression/feeling about it, very lonely and life-less.


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