Mysteriously lost items

A few days ago, I was under some attack from Eric Nagal who wrote me at least 3 emails calling me unflattering names, after which I seemed to take on a psychic attack as well that lasted throughout Thursday. It was apparently because I’d decided not to order of zappers from him. On that day I also went out looking for more shavings, but couldn’t find any. All the places said they didn’t have any. Does cast iron work as well? It looks powdery to me and I wasn’t sure, because I’d read that shavings need to be swirly or curly, which is what effects the energy into orgone. If cast iron shavings are ok, then I can get lots of that. It feels like everyone I’ve gotten shavings from in the past has had their business go down these past weeks, so that they have no shavings to give me.

Later in the day, I also lost my reading specs, quite mysteriously. This is a little annoying as its happening at a time when I’ve decided to resume work on my book. And it’s the third time that’s happening to me. The first time was years ago when we were driving from Kenya to Uganda to bury my late mum. One minute I had my sunglasses in my hand, the next minute I didn’t know where they were. We stopped the car and checked everywhere, but couldn’t find them. Three days later, I found them conspicuosly placed on the floor of the car, where I couldn’t miss seeing them. The second time that happened to me, I was holding my wallet, at a restaurant, which suddenly disappeared from my hands. I was sure that I didn’t place it any where, because I was standing reading notices on a board.

This also happened to Solomon a few weeks ago, when we were feeling attacked by the police. He walked out of a shop with his wallet in his hands (with $100 or so), and suddenly it wasn’t with him any more!

I also notice that since I gifted recently, there has been more trouble with our link, resulting in hours of outages.

I revisited the pond, which we gifted the other week. Its still murky, though it looks a little clearer in places where we put the orgonite. We decided we should make it some more TB’s. As we left the place, by the way, some big bird in a tree emptied loads of booboo all over the back of my hands! [Image Can Not Be Found] Thank goodness I instinctively moved back in time (was that an operator who pushed me back?), though it was with arms outstretched!!

Let me post this before my internet goes off again, as it always does on Sundays. It looks like a pattern now. Promptly at the time our chat starts, my net goes down and stays that way for at least two hours. That has of course not been too good for business.

Its so sad that this is happening to me.After toiling to get some money to post my report,guess what,Don did no get it,i wish to re type it but less time,may be after i save again.

Thanks Don.

Abdullah Jim

any time I work with cast iron the filings that come off the drill bit are magnetic and magnatize anything they get near. I hate tools that are magnatized. I worked with a fella that had a little tool, if you wiped it one direction your tool would be fine, if you wiped it the other your tool would be a magnet.

cast metal is a cake mix of all kinds of stuff, mostly junk metal. it’s what they used to call slag or pig metal, the good steel is on the bottom of the crusible. I’m just regurgitating what I heard the old-timers talk about. People here used to forge there own parts for tractors back in the 30’s and I tried to learn from there stories.

I like to use brass, copper, bronze in my orgone devises

Judy, Jim , if the case is that you guys go to a public internet service place to use computers, although it’s not very safe, you can try opening a word processor document and write your post over there and save it every 1 minute or 30 seconds if theyr are bothering too much, I get that a lot be cause they know it used to piss me off for good, but you sure can blast it if you feel it’s an attack and see what happens, I think…

Well, after you save your word document, you go to where you want to post it and select all, then copy, then paste, and submit the post…. I think writting it on the computer first it’s not very relevant in security/privacy terms, after all we are posting so the rats see we expose them, thanks Don!

I hope this works for both of you! Jose

pd: I must add, that i forget to do this sometimes and have to go through typing again [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks guys…

Right now, I may have to resort to cast iron and see its effects, as Don avises, until I can get my hands on better metal shavings.

The plot thickens…. I also lost my sunglasses a couple of days ago! Hahaha! I think its time I stopped depending on objects in order to see reality [Image Can Not Be Found]

And I’ve been involved in a couple of mishaps/car accidents while gifting this past week or so, but that doesn’t bother me much.

Jose, I personally don’t have problems accessing the net.

Jim, I’ll see what I can do to help out financially, as you’re not very far from me.

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