N. New Mexico And SW Colorado Needs A LOT Of Gifting

Don Croft
21 Oct 2008 16:11
Subject: N. New Mexico and SW Colorado Needs a LOT of Gifting
I hope someone in the area who feels some commitment will get busy! Lots of cloudbusters in that area but precious few gifters, I’m sorry to say.

Here’s a firsthand account from Kathi, who lives and gifts on Apache land in Southern Arizona and took a trip thru this region:

We took another trip n to Colo. you should have seen Farmington, NM!!! way nasty vibes there- even my rather unsensitive husband felt “uncomfortable”. I suspected satanism, but re-thought it out & figure it was more likely due to three sets of haarps surrounding the city on 3 sides of mesas. We were pulling a heavy steel 4-horse trailer, & didn’t have any hhgs & not enough tbs to get to them. they’re on n,s, & e mesas above the valley Farmington sits in. we got towers in the town, but the place seriously needs help on the mtn tops.
going n up Co 149 to US 50 going e just before Gunnison at Curecanti National Recreation Area it was bone dry, low lake level, dried up streams for many sq miles, so I started looking for haarps. found huge panels, never saw that type before, up on a mesa. continuing e on 50 at Monarch Pass there was another haarp. but further e around Texas Creek, between Salida & Canyon City, Co there were many haarp. 7 miles w of Canyon City, south and west were more. we got single towers in Canyon City, and all along the way, but couldn’t get any of the haarps. got almost all the single towers going s on I25 to I40 going w, may have missed a few. oh yeah, Albuquerque had put up a few more towers beside the haarp I got right on the hwy just s of Alb, to counter the ones I got there before. too bad so sad, I got the nwe ones too! I got north side of Gallup, lots of arrays, but didn’t get s side single towers. yet….
We hadn’t gone to Montrose on I50, but plan to soon (not pulling a horse trailer). south on Co 149 to South Fork & s on US 160 were high mtns with no sign of drought or towers.
so anyways, Farmington is a very sorry place, US 50 e from Curecanti Nat Rec Area thru Gunnison & over to Canyon City are under the drought. it was very sick looking, & had signs of a fire long time ago, but no good explanation for how dry it was. somebody in Albuquerque really needs to get busy! K

Don Croft
26 Oct 2008 11:58
Subject: Re: N. New Mexico and SW Colorado Needs a LOT of Gifting
Here’s a followup email from Kathi, which has a helpful hint about using a Succor Punch:

I sure hope there are some out there willing to do the work. Like i said, Farmington was one bombarded place.
I’ve been having a strange experience. I keep hearing a “toning noise” like gov’t test tricks whenever I go in my bathroom. so I finally put a succor punch in there pointed out the window. noise gone while it’s on. noise back when it’s off. I figure someone’s pointed a tower at our bedroom. creeps!
well wer’e going on another little trip, not so long this time, thru an area different than we went before. guess I better get busy. oh and we will eventually get back over to Flagstaff.



Actually, she’s busted all the death towers and weather weapons for quite a distance around her town, so the beaming is most likely being done from a CIA van or by a CIA neighbor. A mark of a gifters’ efficiency is when the CIA and other $#!+bird agencies ‘become neighbors.’ On that day in Pasadena, almost six years ago, when DB took me on a walking tour of the neighborhood to point out all the houses around him that were now occupied by agency spies and hitmen (including a Los Angeles Police Dept. sergeant–hitman) was when he and I watched that green-skinned reptilian slowly drive her car psat us out of the driveway of the NSA house across the street from him.

A couple of elderly neighbors died of heart attacks a day or two before the feds moved into their houses. See how it works? There are so many gifters, now, that most of us don’t get that kind of attention, any more but if you’re gifting in one of their more precious areas you can expect some of this treatment from the professional, two-legged parasites.

A Harmonic Protector or other suitable orgonite pendant, worn on the sternum, will stop any electronic/DOR/microwave/scalar weapon assault, don’t worry, but you might still hear the tones related to teh attacks.


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