NATO Antenna Installation

03 Aug 2008 09:59
Subject: NATO Antenna Installation
Hi all,

After yesterday’s succesfull gifting trip, I made it to the antenna installation on one of the island in Southern Holland. A few years ago I googled ‘antenna’ and other key words to find interesting targets and put this one in the bottom drawer at the time.
I had a hard time trying to locate the exact whereabouts again on the internet, but managed in the end. Apparently this site belongs to the dutch NAVY, and the antenna installation to the NATO (!).

Arriving there I found about 20 strange antennas, not too high, 20 meters perhaps. The site being near the sea, it probably belongs to the HAARP-type program. But does it really matter what exactly it is for? Smile

Check it out, the facility got overgifted needless to say.


More up north near the shore there should be more HAARP installations, unluckily that is out of my reach at the time.



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Don Croft
04 Aug 2008 11:27
Subject: Re: NATO Antenna Installation
When Dr Dirk told us, a couple of weeks ago, that he had accumulated hundreds of towerbusters, etc., for his imminent gifting campaign I rubbed my hands in anticipation because this psychic, surgical gifter finds really, really good targets Cool

That’s one of the biggest HAARP weapons I’ve seen. When you bust a facility like that it generally produces phenomenal visual confirmations.

Carol and I busted a similar one in the southern part of California’s huge San Joaquin Valley (America’s Truck Garden) on the same day that Richard from Reno busted an identical one in the north part of that valley (we found out later) and all of the smog disappeared, that day. Carol and I did that multiple array with three or four ordinary Holy Handgrenades around the perimeter fence. For as long as I remember, whenever we had driven the 300 or so miles through that valley on the way south to Los Angeles the smog was so dense and oppressive that it felt like we were driving a thousand miles. It’s remained ‘gone’ for the past five years or so since we busted those HAARP weapons.


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