Naughty Nano Claims

I’m on thin ice telling this because one of the high profile fakers uses that term for one of his products and fakers love to claim that they’re being persecuted, but from time to time the sponsored fakers launch coordinated campaigns to ruin this grassroot effort by promoting their own version of ‘orgonite’ which is practically useless and they assign mystical and marvellous powers to it, each time.

This current, ‘miniature TBs’ fakery has been going on for awhile and I mention it in case our readers might take the bait and abandon the use of genuine orgonite for the all-important field work that we all do. On our travels, Carol sees a lot of death towers that are only partially flipped because someone hasn’t tossed enough orgonite in the vicinity of various tower weapons and a lot of this shortfall is probably due to the success of the fakers, whose aim is usually to compromise the ability of someone to use orgonite effectively in the field.

In that context I also often mention the failed 2002 campaign to destroy this effort with a coordinated promotion of complex, expensive but underwhelming pipe devices for which extravagant claims were beng broadcast by a lot of noisy, attractive but empty people, online. An awful lot of people bought into this scam and instead of tossing towerbusters at a dozen death towers they only put one of these pipe devices in the field, hoping to get it all done with that. The more observant gifters soon recognized that the local death towers were still pumping out deadly energy after that. Cops in at least three states found and blew up some of these devices, too, then it was reported in local newspapers and I think that was intended to happen in order to make the public afraid of orgonite. Each time, the reporters referenced an orgonite disinformation website. I think that honest, published journalists are like potentially good medical doctors: they’re nearly all weeded out in college by cynical and watchful clergy, er I mean faculty [Image Can Not Be Found] .

That was a year or so after the feds blew up the World Trade Center, after all, so the CIA/NSA liars were riding a tide of human terror that they generated. It turned out to be a small tide, fortunately, largely thanks to orgonite’s timely early distribution. I bet the current media campaign to prosecute the folks who put orgonite around the Serpent Mound is also going to backfire on these federal baby killers [Image Can Not Be Found]

Every time one of these campaigns fails, as this present one also will, grid willing, we lose a few fickle friends who had thrown in their lot with charismatic Pied Pipers but in the long run our rational and observation-based approach has won us many more friends and these are real friends. It’s better to have a hundred real friends than ten thousand backslapping goofballs because backslapping turns so quickly into backstabbing [Image Can Not Be Found] --it’s like the old saying: friends help you move; real friends help you move bodies.

Carol and I have been in the trenches with more real friends than most people will know in a lifetime. After corresponding with tens of thousands of people over the years we’ve found a score or so of coworkers who will sacrifice personal safety with us and a whole lot more of potential real friends. Without the internet we’d be lucky to find five to-the-death friends during a lifetime. I have a lot of faith in the internet’s ability to expose this hiding, global behemoth parasite and help us all to bring about peace, unity and prosperity for our species before very long. I bet it takes less than a tenth of one percent of humanity to completely expose the world order’s existence, thus destroy it, and to solve all ‘public’ problems in a short time. Figuring it all out as we move along is half the fun, too. We’ve already progressed well beyond dependence on charismatic ‘leaders,’ and human progress is now seen to be essentially unorganized, synergistic and fairly spontaneous.

A charismatic fellow in UK is promoting ‘nano orgonite’ (he calls it something else) and I traded a zapper for some of those from one of his customers. When we received them we had a good laugh because they were little bits of lightly tinted resin with a tiny bit of plastic glitter in each one. The energy from these was so slight that it rather shocked my wife. There are several of the fakers who are pimping this sort of crap and of course some of those are featured by the search engines. Caveat emptor.

A very basic rule has been that an orgonite device’s effect is directly related to its mass. Rules are made to be broken, of course, which is why a 12oz cone, especially if it has a distinct crystal and perhaps a simple coil arranged together intelligently in it, has perhaps twice the ‘throw’ of a 12oz blob of orgonite with a broken crystal piece in it. That increase is from shape energy and the dynamics of the added components; there’s nothing mystical about this. The more gifted among our associates (notably my wife) are also able to create extraordinary effects with orgonite that is worn or placed in one’s immediate environment. I call this, ‘interactive orgonite,’ since a main component of the device’s power in each case is the constant, synergistic interaction of the individuals’ energy fields when near these devices.

We are each quite powerful ‘devices,’ after all, even when we’re not aware of it. Honing one’s character and conscience with periodic reflection and self sacrifice sharpens our potential like nothing else can and orgonite seems to love to help us do that. There’s an old Persian saying: An hour’s reflection is better than seventy years of pious worship. Going to church, mosque or synagogue is potentially empowering as long as one is not merely warming a pew, of course. The Prophets are the best Teachers, after all.

Thom of is taking careful steps toward having a public forum to discuss this ‘fancy’ stuff and share information but he’s having to move so cautiously because the fakers and self-seekers are surely going to do their best to invade and poison that effort and some of those are incredibly patient and clever, as you might know.

These days, when a mole gets into my forum he or she will wait a couple of years, gathering a personal following in private, before pulling the trigger and dragging these confused folks away from EW with them but there are enough aware, conscientious and balanced people who contribute to this forum that I usually get wind of these behind-the-scenes ploys in time to minimize the damage when the trigger is pulled. It’s a natural refining process for EW as long as I stay balanced, personally.

Chest pounders who pimp ‘personal power’ are missing the point, of course. I call that, ‘Hitler spirituality.’ [Image Can Not Be Found] Hitler’s first occult training was from Theosophists, after all. I get a kick out of folks who call poisonous occultism, psychism and silly mysticism ‘spirituality.’


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Dirk, a prodigious orgonite flinger in The Netherlands, who posts here as ‘psychiatrist’ is getting hacked at the moment. He sent the following observations to me in an email (my comments follow):

hi Don,

Read your recent post on EW and felt like writing you cause I have an orgonite friend here… Perhaps it is not very interesting for you to hear the umptied story like this, but who knows.

I don’t know her very well…

Anyway she tends to make her orgonite too small, she pretends she puts in special items to enhance it, but the towers she busted nearby were like Carol describes to you. She’s always posting the latest new age meditate-together thing on her Facebook page and talking peace and love crap. I don’t think it’s much use trying to talk these people out of their delusion but have been surprised to see that it is possible to stay locked into this mindframe working with orgonite.

For me it really is yet another kind of ‘mysticism’ mechanism like W Reich describes in ‘god ether and devil’. Anything that will keep them from getting in touch with themselves for real or making a real difference (busting towers like she’s not been doing like I urged her to,) they run away from one way or another.
Perhaps she’s just fake, though I would be suprised, and like that time I met ‘****’, I keep on wondering where the consciousness starts in ‘bad guys’.

Wishing you and Carol the best for 2013!



Dirk didn’t get my rather long and appreciative response and I didn’t receive his second attempt to email me but Carol did (he CC’d to her). We generally assume that when the NSA and/or MI6 felons are interfering with our freedom of speech, this way, it’s because they’re desperate to prevent a substantive interchange. Over the years, it’s been productive for us to CC to someone else and ask that person to forward to the second party. Francisco of and I do this for each other every time we get hacked, this way.

I looked in the trash folder for my original response to Dir’s email but it was removed from there. I was going to post that response. I check my trash folder daily because the NSA routinely sends my business email and other important messages to the trash folder instead of to my inbox. A few years ago, my server,, adopted Google mail, which is owned by the NSA. It’s tough for the sewer rats to hack Apple computers so this is how they’re able to hack my correspndence, now; through Microsoft software, which they also own, ever since they extorted Bill Gates with an imprisonment threat many years ago, as you hopefully know.

I think that newagers who make too-small orgonite are simply uncomfortabe around powerful, positive energy. They’re kind of like the joke Unitarians tell about themselves. “A Unitarian came to a fork in the road and the signposts read: ‘Knowledge of God,’ and ‘Talking about God.’ Which road do you think he took?” [Image Can Not Be Found]

A lot of these ninnies are quite psychic, strange to tell, but on account of their dogmatic programming they like to assume that ‘spirituality’ is not a two-edged sword. When I tell them that Aleister Crowley was very spiritual they are shocked and scandalized. Dooney once told us that a friend of hers who goes to Rainbow Gatherings tells of fistfights that break out among young men who argue about who is more ‘spiritual.’ It’s nice to be in my sixties and relatively free from the ravages of testosterone.

I think it’s the same fear of knowledge that causes them to take comfort in the notion of reincarnation, which is a convenient dodge for people who resist personal accountabiity. After all, if we will bounce back here after we expire it doesnt’ really matter if we f#$k up in this go-around. The ‘I Am God,’ thing is also a comfort for people who are afraid of genuine self-knowledge and you probably noticed that the people who think that they’re God are also among the more neurotic and fearful.

As irritated as I get around the dogmatic Pajama People who confuse their pipedreams with the waking state I’m coming to terms with the possible fact that after the corporate creators and maintainers of these myths have left the stage in coming years these wretched but dominant and persistent ‘lifestyles’ that we know as new age-ism and bornagain chumpism will probably continue for generations because they’re so comforting to people who are terrified of discernment, intellectual integrity and personal accountability. At least communism, racism and nationalism (the three murderous false gods of the twentieth century) have essentially expired, thanks to humanity’s rising awareness, I believe. There are still some tenured Marxist professors who control much of the university curriculum in Western universities but they’ll probably all be dead in ten years. Old hippies are kind of pathetic.


Last year, Dirk kindly sent me a copy of Reich’s book about his desert reversal work and I’m itching to fly and fling orgonite along the ancient rain barrier that he identified and temporarily broke in 1953.

I’m in Arizona right now, to learn powered paragliding, but I’ll need a sturdier aircraft to do that barrier in California’s Sierra Madre. I didn’t bring one with me on account of $ constraints. Getting motorcycles for our East African fellow warriors has precedence over reversing America’s desert, for now. I did bring a hundred towerbusters in case I’ll be able to gift (from the air) the Salton Sea, which is directly east of the ancient desert-creation ‘device’ in the mountains. I also brought along a big desert 108 for Ixma to place in Mexico in an area designated by Carol. I hope to see him next week. I made that one two years ago.

Meanwhile, there’s still a lot of grass growing throughout the American desert so we’re making progress. Reich saw green grass here before he caused it to rain. He felt sure that the barrier was created by parasitic aliens in ancient times and that deserts are not natural.