Necklace for the air force base

this gifting run was breifly alluded to in the thread by don on gifting the us navy’s lake-held infrastructure in the us northwest.

my gifting partner was diana, formerly of indiana and now residing in sarasota fl, who was also mentioned in another thread when her, don and carol gifted northern biscayne bay in miami, fl.and had a major day with dolphins

this trip had alot of orgonite to be used. it is always interesting to see other peoples’ orgonite and diana had plenty, probably 80 or 90 pieces. i had a five gallon buckets worth as well.

we planned a route that took us around a very neatly laid circle with the air force base as the feature in the center of it. we dropped out most of our supply in an easilly handled fashion. very casual gifting, it was. there was no fed activity until we stopped at a kinko’s to get addresses of targets in the area that diane wanted to hit after the base. these included a place called the i am healing center and some other training facility called solor ministries or something like that. we managed to gift the i am place. can you say i am gifted?

i understood, according to a report by diana that a special machine had recently been installed on the base, one of three in the nation, but i was not sure of its properties or purpose. i was simply glad to work that base as it has been a plan of mine for quite a while.

it is good to be in gifted territory and that area of manatee county and the bradenton area, tampa as well as sarasota had been pretty well covered years back by a gifter called greg brown, brer worm to many of you. the ambiance over there is pretty nice to this day and i’m sure diana will continue that legacy. someone recently emailed me and was asking for info on gifters in that area too. there really are a lot of folks out there who do this work, and we are building quite a history since gifting exploded everywhere sometime in 2001(right?)

on the way home there were just no towers left to gift.

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