Need A Hand To Place Ep's Plugs?

My biggest problem with placing toilet paper core sized ep’s plugs was reaching the top of street sign poles, I’m too short to reach them and I usually do the gifting trips by myself. Most of the time, especially downtown, there’s lots of metal poles avaiable but not land to plant an ep.

I found some mechanical hands for sale but they’re too short, they go up to 80 cm, I need more to reach the metal poles. I thought about making a small ladder but it would be expensive and not practical, as most of the time I gift by taking the bus, carrying all the weight of the tb’s, ep’s, hammer, etc.

I came up with a simple idea of a mechanical hand made with pvc tubes and connections and a cheap nutcracker as a “hand”, and any kind of rope to hold the ep plug while you’re holding the rope, place it on top of the pole, let go of the rope and that’s it! Some pieces of pvc tubes, or any kind of tube, a cheap nutcraker or plier wired on top of it, it can reach the height you need and you can disassemble it to carry in your bag. It would be better with alluminium tubes as they don’t bend as pvc tubes do, but pvc tubes are doing the work fine, and that’s what I had in hand.

It’s very simple and cheap, but without it I wouldn’t be able to place ep’s plugs, so I needed to share this.
It was a must have tool in my last gifting trips.

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