Need boosting help now!

My mother is under heavy attack by the shitbirds since last Friday. She feels great pain in all her limbs and head. Her muscles get cramped and her joints start clicking in excruciating pain. She has pain above the eyes and is burning with fever. We need immediate help NOW! Only death stops this psychopaths from torturing others. She is old, PJ, incapable and unwilling of any kind of self-defence.

I’m about to gift that underground base near home and they are retaliating. Nothing they ever do will stop me.

Situation is still bad. I gifted with EPs yesterday some local places, but it made no difference. I have no way to get more EPs anytime soon. The EMF at my place has been horrible at night lately. My mother has pounding headache and fever. If this continues, tuesday will be hell for her again.

Sorry where on the map this happened?

Do you have a powerwand? If you do, you can bring it to places and set it towards the ground carefully with the crystal pointed down towards the earth (or even dig a hole when possible, which is better and makes it work like an earth pipe). It gives the best result when there is already a number of supporting EPs in the general area. I’ve hidden my PW in places (protected in plastic) and come back to pick it up again a few days later, or I let it work while I hang around and wait until I feel it has lightened the heavy energies (from my backpack that is sitting on the ground, which is stealthy in a city environment. A piece of cloth will protect the tip of the crystal).

(I did some distance work on a reptilian base where they are attacking you from, and they seemed very domineering and aggressive).