Need Help Boosting My Sister!

My sister is being right now hit with a very heavy attack in her head. Although she’s doing well morally, She’s in great pain and in fever.

Please send a nice blast of love for the cowards attacking and that attacked her! Time to put them into their rightful place, the grave, god willing.

Thanks in advance.


Yesterday she woke up better, as I boosted the attackers during the night from 8 PM to 3 AM, with little pauses, keeping boosting while she was already sleeping, still in pain. When she went to sleep last night she was fine.

Because both my sister and my mother “lost” their Harmonic Protectors at almost the same time, we curently have only one home, while we wait another one to arrive. It usually stays all the time with my mother (because she don’t fight back) who weared the HP for many months, building her aura strong. Unfortunately my younger sister couldn’t use the HP for a long time before she lost it, so she’s the weakest aura in home.

When the attack on her begun, I told her to wear the HP and keep it. Mommy would be fine because of the constructive effect of the HP had on her aura. So they made a half hearted attack in my mother last night. I kept the HP in my sister and they gave up the attack unusually quick.

Today, my sister woke up with the same head ache and low pressure. They attacked her all night long during sleep. They tried to trick me into switching the HP to my mother (sorry but I was one step ahead of you [Image Can Not Be Found] ). The cowards knew sleeping people don’t complain and tried to make some bad damage on her head. She is recovering now taking saline in the hospital.

This is also the reason why I avoid using painkillers on me and my family, no matter how bad the pain. Masking the attack doens’t make it go away. Worse, it gives them the opportunity to do real damage. We go through the the pain, untill the attack is gone. Unless in case of emergency, when the damage has already been done, consulting MDs is also absurd. They are not trained for countering black magic I think hhehehe. My sister went through one the day before, because she need to accredit her abscence in the school tests due to the attack. He prescripted her TAMIFLU for her pain in the head and behind the eyes and fever hahaha. I suspect they are throwing this expensive poison to whomever they don’t really know what is going on.

Attacking little girls during sleep. This things have no other purpose than being the hateful tools for evil purposes. No spiritual purpose. They know they are wrong and don’t give a fuck. “Retiring” them is not just a convenience, it’s a service to be done.

So if the you are inclined, feel free to send a blast for the cowards who attacked her last night, please.

Hi, Edu,

Let me begin by saying I understand what you are going through, and have experienced very similar things within my own life, I’m sorry to say.

Within this context I would, however, suggest that we must be scrupulous in our language and presentation, as statements on this forum are and certainly will continue to be taken out of context by Ill Intended detractors.

So: “Please send a nice blast of love for the cowards attacking and that attacked her! Time to put them into their rightful place, the grave, god willing.
“Retiring” them is not just a convenience, it’s a service to be done.”

These, obviously, can easily be taken out of context as a threat of violence. I’ve made note of similar statements on the part of other posters whenever they’ve appeared in the past, so this is nothing personal, rather an effort to keep the level of discourse here at as high a level as possible.

Thanks for your consideration of this perspective,


I understand and apreciate your preoccupation in untying this movement to coventional violence. I have no intention to derail things to this way.

But some things must be put the way they trully are. War is war, not a nice thing surelly. It’s definetively not pretty. And we are at war. The main difference from our way of fighting is that we need to become better persons spiritually in order to survive, while conventional war work its way on the reverse, the worse the better.

Any way, I would like to apologize the readership and the members of the forum if the way I expressed myself was distasteful, for I wish not to cause misundertanding about the forum purpose.

And the boosting continues…


Thanks for your prompt reply, Edu. Please know that what you have said is not distasteful to me, personally, because I know and understand the larger context within which you speak. I am guarding against slanderers, ill intended Agents Provacateur (the list goes on) who could, would and will take your same points, the points that I just related that I understand IN CONTEXT, and present them out of context to damage, as best as they might, the orgonite gifting movement/this forum.

Edu, the corporate order is a parasite, so they can mainly just exploit weaknesses. I don’t know of any cases in which a gifter’s family member under the age of adulthood has been attacked or severely poisoned. I do know of al of cases in which family members who have emotional problems have been exploited, though. When one reaches adulthood, which some traditions state is around 14 or 15 years, one is then capable of standing on his/her own against such things. You’ve been reporting attacks against your sister since I’ve known you (several years) so I wonder if it’s possible to also try some more conventional help for her.

Al McAllister, the sometime premier Brazilian orgonite flinger, allied himself with Doña Leda, a traditional healer, who also joined the psychics in the etheric realm during our sessions until her passing a few years ago. Someone like her is more likely to help a disturbed person than a psychiatrist can, I believe. I watched another traditional healer, Kizira Ibrahim do just that in Uganda for a troubled girl.

We all have to condition ourselves to automatically repel attacks. Orgonite pendants are good tools to make this job easier but there are no passive protection measures that will repel a determined attack. Orgonite in the vicinity does repel ambient disruptive entities, of course.

Since this problem has existed for your sister for years I suggest that if our boosting hasn’t significantly helped her then maybe it’s time to find someone who can help her learn to do this for herself.

I asked Mrs Odondi about Africans’ general outlook on sorcery and how to handle it and I’ll post some of her responses at some point because they’re quite educational. I was fascinated by the Africans’ more grounded approach to magic when I visited Namibia and Uganda. A similar worldview exists among many Brazilians, of course. The corporate order rules as a parasite mainly through sorcery, though there are western terms for a lot of what they do and they use a lot of high tech supports, evidently including the death towers, to get to individuals this way.

Thanks very much for the clear disclaimer about avoiding the use of violence in this effort, Jeff! I also believe that as the enemy gets more and more alarmed by our survival and orgonite’s approaching popularity they’re bound to use every scrap of ammunition against us that we might help them gain. That’s one reason why we’re coming down on frivolous posting, too. EW is the only credible record in English and it’s the only credible source of basic gifting information so of course we’re like a burr under the saddle blanket for these felons, regardless of this forum’s relative obscurity at the moment.

When the syndicate (US, UK, Israel: the terrorist states) falls these problems will probably just go quietly away and then it’s probably going to be up to local officials whether to round up the corporate order’s minions and hold them accountable. That’s not our job but we do need to hit them back when they assault us or else our lives turn to $#!+ and they’re then also encouraged to harm others.


The emotional problems you mention, caused by a heavily manipulated village vagabond to whon she had related with 1 year ago are completely solved since september 2012, Don. I’m 100 % sure.

Actually she is quite calm despite the pain and physical weakness and is also boosting back. Despite her young age, she helps me out boosting most of the times. And have repelled attacks on her own many many times. This is quite common actually. Sometime she call me on skype telling that my mother is being attacked ( pain in the arms, the legs, stabs in the heart, the usuall). I tell her to boost. 20 minutes latter I call back and the pain is gone. Just another attack. I know the pain my mother feel is real and it is an attack. She has a spot of darkened and thickened skin in both arms, near the shoulders, result from repeated, relentless attacks since I started gifting 2 years ago. I saw and personally fought back hundreds attacks on her by now, I can surelly tell. There was a time it was every day.

Both me and my sister are well experienced in recognizing and repelling their attacks. It’s so common place for us that most of it goes unreported. So she’s a warrior too in practical sense ( I call her “Lieutenant” [Image Can Not Be Found]; ), although an imature one. In many aspect shes is far ahead of the people of her age ( she’s 15) and even adults. She even poured orgonite to be sent for me for gifting. Everybody in home is battle worn, me, my sister and my mother (although mama don’t fights back, which is why they attack her preferentially). They are cowards who go for the weakest spot to do harm. They even tried to poison my mother, but poisoned my sister and the vagabond by accident, about one year ago. Simple zapper solved this incident. I actually rarely have to boost for myself at all. They only fully attack me when in desperation. So they foccus on my far away family.

I’m 100% sure it’s heavy psychic attack, coupled with implants in her head. I faced this before enough times to learn to difference it from psychological problems, which I also helped her overcome. She describes it as pain over the eyes coupled with severe headache. She described it some times as an knife piercing into her head. Using the HP improved a little. She has an painfull spot in the back of the head. The pain of the spot goes away when a neodimium is placed there. Unfornatelly my family has very few of them right now (we are awating the arrival of more neo magnets I bought) . They unsuccesfully tried the same attack on me while I was boosting. A pain that enters the 3rd eye, branches trough over the physical eyes, them proceed to the middle of the brain and all the head. I haven’t told this to her. So I know what she is telling me is real, even through I’m in Piracicaba and she is in Itapeva, with my mother.

Since I begun figthing me and my familly have experienced everything including diarrhea, fever, sore throat, lack of concentration, muscular wounds (like a slashing knife, but without the open cut), heartache, headache, stomachache, all sort of ache, punctured eardrums, just to list some. And we are usually healthy except on those bloody mondays and tuesdays when they decide to nail us down. And now we are infested with more implants than ever before!

I can surelly say that more than half of the money I spent related to gifting was actually spent in building our deffences, PWs, HPs, 108s, gemstones, magnets, etc, etc, etc. Thanks god I had a timely payrise recently, from which my last gifting run came from. So shitbirds had to increased their attack power in order to cause some damage on us. I don’t think there are many determinated gifters in Brasil, as far as I can see, so shitbirds probably have an easy time here flocking around the more obstinated fighters.

So I continue to boost the attackers. This is not the first crisis we endure, and will not be the last. There are weeks in my life when it is pretty common to boost 3-4 hour straight most of the days. This seems to be one of them. The good thing is that this usually ensures two or three weeks of little harassment, while the parasites assigned to battle me are licking their wounds.

So I’m still fighting. The worse part was monday night, and this morning, after a stealthy tuesday night attack, was a close call, as she barelly could stand because her pressure was low. Her head is still aching, but much less than monday night, so I guess they are still keeping her under fire. I expect it to worsen a little at bedtime, when the attacks get more intense. So I’m attacking first!

By the way, shitbirds just tried to prevent me posting this [Image Can Not Be Found] , by blocking my acces to EW when tried to submit it. Thankfully my sister was on the line, and I sent her the post and told her to post it for me. Before that was done, my acces resumed heheheheeheh. Can’t block everybody can you?

EDIT: As I expected, they are pressing the attack. Most phone calls are disrupted. My sister is with a small cone HHG ( the size of a TB) with the base against her 6th chakra in the forehead. This is helping her protect her eyes. The implant in the back of the head is aching more.

The situation is under controll, although the attackers persist they are underpowered now.

Thanks to all who read this.