Negative downturn on EW, lately

Don Croft
28 Feb 2008 16:13
Subject: ‘Negative Downturn on EW, Lately’

you’ll pardon my saying so, but it seemed like there was a bit of a downturn
on the board’s dynamic—i’m couching my language here—it was obvious that
peoples’ feelings were being hurt.

either you know what i’m talking about or you don’t; anyways its none of my

keep fighting the good fight.



I’m not saying you’re mistaken, Boris, just that if you’ll try operating your own legitimate forum effort for a month you’re likely to get a taste of the incessant subterfuge I’ve been dealing with for seven years and every new campaign by the sewer rat agencies gets more aggressive and insidious. Fortunately, I’m basically an upbeat person,otherwise I’d get embittered.

Every effort has ups and downs and someone’s feelings will get hurt in any group interaction. I’m still in touch with the people you’re apparently referring to and we’re working things out, in case you didn’t know. Considering all the ammo that’s directed at me I suppose you could say that my feelings get hurt from time to time but I’d rather point to the specifics of slander campaigns than to complain about my feelings. Mostly, those attacks energize me, though, because ‘answering back’ is a very healthy, healing effort, potentially for everyone.

When friends of ours go along with being used in these campaigns against us it sometimes looks like I gratuitously hurt their feelings when I point out the dynamics of that particular subterfuge. These criticisms circulate in emails and private messages, not usually to me, because it’s convenient for the senders that I can’t defend myself. This is how ‘general opinion’ usually gets formed among people who won’t think independently and who like to lend an ear to slander, of course. They reach a fever pitch whenever I do something decisive to address subterfuge, of course.

This ‘lets boost Don because he’s a negative, mean-spirited guy’ campaigns on disengenuous forums is kind of silly, by the way, but if I were seeking popularity or a personal following, those comments would cut me to the core. Neither do insinuations by complacent bystanders that ‘I’m just not getting it’ bother me.

People are NOT falling over each other to be our close friends or associates. You might not know that. Most people just don’t want the level of world-odor interference and orchestrated slander that our level of activity generates. It’s a blessing for Carol and I, actually. My only hope for EW is that enough forum members, here, will find it worthwhile to keep posting their substantive reports for the sake of our readers and for posterity. If the poisonmongers manage to drive everyone away so that EW is merely ‘The Don Croft Show,’ they’ll have won a major battle against this unorganized movement becuase the cynical operators of the various disingeuous English-language forums will be able to seize the ability to create standards, which is to say that the English-speaking/reading forum demographic of this global healing movement would degenerate into noisy, indecisive rabble, chest pounding, silly mysticism and overall disharmony. In other words, it woul look, to newcomers, like any of the disingenous forums do.

I remember, in the early days when I participated on an open-membership board run by a CIA operative, whenever I mentioned the voluntary peer review board and their ‘Greek Chorus’ the concerted assaults on my character became an instant cacaphony Cool . I think that’s because the clever poisonmongers who have appointed each other to assess everyone’s reports and to incite the rabble to make some dutiful, if confused, politically correct chatter in the threads are made to feel very, very uncomfortable whenever anyone mentions those time-tested dynamics. The genuine people, who are always the small minority on open-membership boards, are hounded into silence this way. I think that more and more people are at least starting to recognize this stinky dynamic and exosure is the first step to countering it.

Who knows? Maybe if the peer review boards and their Greek chorus are induced to stop broadcasting slanderous private messages and emails they may actually start doing something useful. Peer pressure can work in that direction, too, perhaps. Am I being negative? Wink

[When I asked Boris, earlier to be more specific about his charge that I’m becoming too negative, I asked, 'Do you mean, by negative, statements like this?: When a person sets foot in a disingenous forum his shoe is going to smell like dog$#!+ when he steps back out; he can convince himself that it doesn’t smell but he won’t convince the people standing around him.

Above is Boris’ response to my request for more clarity ~Don]

Fortunately for EW, I think, most of the readers are simply looking for empowering information, not a personality to adore or worship; they don’t care about personalities or their own alleged social standing on the internet; they just want to practice some grand-scale healing and get the confirmations. The fact that I’m not a saint won’t deter them from empowering themselves or from healing their regions with the simple information and applications that we’re offering and demonstrating.


Don Croft
28 Feb 2008 16:44
Subject: Re: ‘Negative Downturn on EW, Lately’
The reason you won’t find melodrama on Etheric Warriors is because the contributors here are generally more inclined to do the work than to socialize. That’s why I invited them in the first place.

Other forums, especially any that has open-membership, quickly fill with people who are more drawn to personal drama than to constructive work. According to one historian, ‘… the main function of the chorus is not the spoken word; it dances and sings.’

This can be seen in the way that political correctness is acted out whenever the ‘peer review board’ that quickly assumes control of an open-membership forum deems it practical to deal with someone who displeases them. Unfortunately, working people are incapable of spending the time required to keep these ‘peer review boards’ in check, especially in the past few years when the ‘boards’ have almost entirely conducted their business in private messaging and email campaigns, out of view of the forum operator.

The latest slander/drama debacle has shown us, I think, that the shortcut to stopping these mischief makers from running the show is to expose their methods specifically enough that even their well-intentioned (one can only assume) but misguided Greek chorus’ will be held accountable by the membership whenever they ‘dance and sing’ to the poisonmongers’ pan pipes Cool

I think this is a very positive development, so it confuses me whenever anyone calls it negative. Without genuinely free discourse the clever saboteurs will always hold the day by default. This is what parasites do, after all. Exposing their methods, even without naming them, eventually neutralizes their poison. Most of the genuine people who operate forums won’t take the more obvious step, which is to just introduce these organized poisonmongers to The Boot, so I assume that there has to be another way, besides mine, to deal with that incessant social disease.