Networking For Texian Gifters

Don Croft
04 Aug 2008 11:45
Subject: Networking for Texian Gifters
Texans used to be called ‘Texians.’ Wink

I got the following from one of my Texian zapper distributors who has gotten keen on the idea of gifting:

Hello Don & Carol,

I just read the Tales from Texas thread on your site and would love to get in touch with Garey McCune from El Paso, Texas. You can give him my email and tell him that I would like to get together with him if possible and if he is interested. Please let me know what he says. Thank you very much.




I connected these two guys but I’m posting here because I didn’t want to sidetrack Marcus’ excellent thread, ‘Tales from Texas.’

There’s apparently a capitalized plan afoot by the CIA and MI6 fakers to create an impression that something other than orgonite has caused all this wonderful improvement in the atmosphere and climate due to our collective gifting efforts. The campaign is in the beginning stage, so we’ve got time to flatten their tires, grid willing.

So, I’m going to do what I can to network reputable gifters in coming months and to hopefully get some reports from gifters in the ‘cleared’ cities who don’t share their results publicly. This is going to be the avenue for the $#!+bird agencies, apparently: claiming results for the very high profile cities where our most dramatic successes have been achieved.

There are so many clever fakers out there that it’s nearly impossible to know who’s genuine and who is just telling good stories to get our confidence. This has been a real obstacle to networking but I think it’s time to stick our necks out a little bit and start helping folks contact each other. The painful caveat I have to constantly share is that I can’t guarantee the integrity of anyone whom I don’t personally know and it’s essentially impossible to get to know anyone just with email. We have to trust our instincts.


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