New Chat Time--Sunday Afternoon for Europoids and Africans

(Don Croft) #1

I think we found a nice arrangement, except maybe for people in Asia who aren’t night owls.

1500GMT Sunday afternoons will be the time, starting this Sunday.

Meanwhile, we’ve been having some less formal chat sessions and I hope everyone will consider using the chatroom for this. When things come up and need resolution in a hurry it’s the best option.

After my dog was killed and Carol was poisoned, for instance, Dooney adn Stevo got in there with us and helped Carol get over the hump. Dr STevo has sent us some special products for moving poisonous material out of the body and we’re awfully good test subjects [Image Can Not Be Found]

I hope to recommend these products after we see what they can do because a few of us are getting poisoned by the secret police frequently these days and sometimes the zapper just isnt’ enough. That’s saying a lot, since any zapper will neutralize rattlesnake venom in a few minutes.

The upside, as I’ve mentioned, is that the more the secret police hit the front row folks, the less attention is directed at the rest of the network. We feel that this shift happened pretty recently and is centered in the Chinese military having likely taken control of all of the world’s secret police agencies since NOvember or so.

Kind of like MalWart having taken control of the US economy [Image Can Not Be Found]

So, when a problem comes up that you need to have resolved quick, just PM the folks you’d like to help you and ask them to join you in the chatroom, okay? I think you have more privacy there than on AOL or other instant messenger programs. Jacques has been paying a lot of attention to keeping the NSA out of our parlor lately.

Every time they smack us, such as last Saturday when they were able to block some of the chatters’ access to EW, Jacques gets in their midst and causes some really great damage, then our Montreal server backs him up by increasing his vigilance. The server even gave us a gigabyte of harddrive space for free after the last NSA hacker assault. That kindness is deeply appreciated.

In other news, Doc Kayiwa is in Khartoum, Sudan, on invitation from the gov’t, to address a science conference about orgonite and zappers. Some people in the government were quite impressed by what he did with orgonite distrubution in Southern Sudan, hence the invitation. Can you imagine your own government taking an attitude like this?

The folks he’s talking to this week are mostly Arabs and the Doc, who is fluent in Arabic, hopes to parlay this into some orgonite exposure to other Arab states in the near future. We may see some interesting things from that before long. He plans to meet Judy in Nairobi, briefly, on his way home, as there are no direct flights from Uganda to Sudan, due to the recent (failed!!!) MI6/CIA terror campaign in the region. I expect that when these two African pioneers meet it will be historic. I wish I could be there [Image Can Not Be Found]