New Coil Design From Cesco

Don Croft
12 Feb 2008 20:04
Subject: New Coil Design from Cesco
I got a couple of his new coils in the mail last month


He also sent enough of the 3DCesco coils (I"m used to calling them that, at least) for my next project, an egg-shaped base cloudbuster. A bigger one will follow for the middle of the cast base.

Kelly had mentioned, to John Scudamore if I’m not mistaken, that pointing the single pointed crystals down instead of up in the cloudbuster pipes is perhaps more effective and I’m going to try that in this cloudbuster. Last week I had a hunch that pointing the Succor Punch toward the base in a cloudbuster might get more work done than pointing it out along the pipes does, too, so I’ll try that as well, and will put an obsidian egg on top of the Cesco coil in the orgonite base.

This new design, he says, may relate to some free energy application and, at least for now, we’re going to ask all the visiting psychics and sensitives to study and discuss it. We’ll see Kelly tomorrow and will be seeing Dooney and Stevo, again, pretty soon.

I mentioned in another post that Greg Brown had demonstrated a free energy characteristic in a simple orgonite device, some years ago, though he nor we had been able to repeat the experiment successfully. I think the elementals like to tease us all, now and then, but patience and perseverence probably pays off.


Don Croft
12 Feb 2008 20:07
Subject: Re: New Coil Design from Cesco
If the image of his new coils doesn’t show up for you in the post (as it’s not showing up on my screen), just smack the US federal, Mossadomite or MI6 hackers that are bothering you, or else go to:



12 Feb 2008 21:48
Subject: Re: New Coil Design from Cesco
Hi Don, you mispelled the URL when posting that pic, thats why it didn’t show up. I just fixed that, so it should be seen now. In any case its the wrong photo, it shows a funny sign in Japan or China, not the new coils.

13 Feb 2008 00:05
Subject: Re: New Coil Design From Cesco

Anyone know where the right photo is?

I went to Cesco’s site but found no reference to his new coil design.

13 Feb 2008 04:00
Subject: Re: New Coil Design From Cesco
Kelly never mentioned pointing a CB ST down, to me. That was for one of those underground CBs, pointing into the pipe. He has mentioned in the past to get a TB crystal tip pointing out so you can aim it down a pipe, can’t recall what we were trying.

Can’t wait to see Cesco’s new coil.

Image Image

13 Feb 2008 21:03
Subject: Re: New Coil Design From Cesco
The only time I have intentionally used a crystal pointing down is in an earth pipe or a Peacemaker. In the latter case, the TBs are made with the crystal pointing out, and then the TBs turned upside down on top of the pipes.

16 Feb 2008 05:42
Subject: Re: New Coil Design From Cesco
Is it still possible that this little frog that Don let out concerning placing crystals pointing towards the base could empower the CBs? Some psi feedback about the issue would be interesting, if not otherwise, just to better understand the dynamics of orgonite which is still is more or less mystery for majority, including myself. Without the practical confirmations I am sure the idea would not be adopted by many people. The work itself is the teacher and the guide.