New Development?

About 2 weeks ago, we were gifting some towers and decided to regift a couple of towers along the way. My experience is that most towers have atleast 1 each 8 x 12 building underneath which houses their generating source. (Some death towers have up to 4 and 5 of these buildings) Most of the time when I am in close proximity to a tower the generator will come on and I will hear it but they seem to be muffled because they are not that loud. When I gifted the death tower in question with 1 building underneath, it was as loud as a mac truck going 70 miles per hour! I was about 1/16 of a mile from it and it was so powerful that air escaped from it (I assume from out of the vents) and it stirred up alot of dust all around it. My intellect told me that the tower’s negative energy was drained by the powerful orgonite I had with me and it reacted according to the way it’s programmed. The approaching orgonite registered DANGER to the death tower’s livelihood -imagine that.This thing was so loud it may have woken up residents nearby. Nevertheless, I continued my approach and nailed the thing by burying two towerbusters instead of one. Remember this tower was gifted in the past and my original intent was to use one towerbuster. I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences?