New Gifter in Bali

Dear Don.

Thanks for your reply and I’m gratified to read that you consider my findings

Reading around the forums (warrior matrix etc) I see that the ‘grounding’ question
is a constant preoccupation amongst CB users and from the outset this struck me as

I understood that orgonite transmutes DOR into POR and needs no help from the earth
or anything else so why should this be different when it’s employed to make a CB?

I received almost hostile reactions on one forum when I suggested that CBs
shouldn’t, in my humble opinion, need grounding at all and that the practice may run
the risk of causing the negative effects that I perceived.

I have gifted this area quite well I think and am becoming alert to noticing death
towers hidden, as they so often seem to be, in the heart of residential areas or,
more intractably, military bases.

To my knowledge I’m the only ‘gifter’ in Bali (perhaps Indonesia) so perhaps,
picking up on your suggestion about starting my own forum, I should set up an
‘Orgonise Indonesia’ site (after Georg’s ‘Orgonise Africa’)

I understand entirely your reasons for disabling registrations on Etheric Warriors
and will just have to be content to browse more speculative sites.

Best regards.



I didn’t know you’re an isolated gifter in Bali, Dan, and you’ve convinced me, by now, that you’ve got much more than a casual interest in the work we’re all doing so please do register and contribute to EW, okay?

Here’s the URL:

The ‘other shoe to drop’ for registering is that Jacques Lasselle, our administrator, will now get a personal note from me saying that you’ve been invitied.

Getting personally insulted by a Greek chorus of saboteurs and sociopaths on discredited boards, then persevering in spite of that, is one way we earn our wings.

I’ll leave it to you to broach the fascinating subject of the observed effects of grounding a cloudbuster. Laozu Kelly’s probably back from Malaysia by now (been working with Hari and his dad, there) and I’ll discuss that with him. He’s sort of the de facto research scientist we work with and he conveniently lives nearby.

I’m looking forward to seeing your gifting reports here and I think everyone’s interested in what happens in Bali.


By the way, don’t be discouraged by seeing death transmitters on military bases, okay? In that case, just surround the perimeter with orgonite, being mindful to put at least three earthpipes around there, too. I doubt there’s any military base on the planet, by now, that doesn’t conceal the entrance to a large underground facility and we ought to drive these rats out of all their hidey holes now.

Jeff, Carol and I neutralized the ‘HAARPicane Direction Center’ in Miami, Florida, this way last year, for instance. It’s a military base full of weather balls and HAARP towers which the American What To Think Network calls, ‘The Hurricane Tracking Center.’

Also, if there are any active volcanoes in your region you can likely calm them by getting orgonite to the vicinity. If you want help figuring out a strategy, our psychics will be happy to do that. Dr Kayiwa has arrived in Goma, Congo, to prevent the imminent eruption of a huge volcano, there. It’s his honeymoon trip with Olive.


Post Post Script:

Several members, here, have their own forums and we’ll support your effort in that direction, too. This helps to keep this unorganized movement decentralized.


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