New Gifter in Chile

Hello Don,

You must get a flood of mail, so I´ll try to keep this short.
There is a valley 500 km north of Santiago(the concrete jungle where I
live) called Valle de Cochiguaz, that I have been visting every summer for about
6 years. Last tuesday I went there with my love, Javi, for a month´s worth
of nature and a rest from the toxic city. This place is very special, it is
jam-packed with energy vortices, every single person who lives there sees
UFOs on a regular basis, it was a very important ritual center for the
Diaguita people (all masaquered).

Some of the mountains here are composed mostly of copper and have cavernes

filled with crystals(quartz, amethist,
citrine, turmaline, obsidian, and a few others) so you can imagine the
kind of healing energy this place has, also there are no towers to speak of,
not even TV or radio in the area. Of course its been a little spolied by the
new age junkies who recently claim ownership of the place, but the local
inhabitants(huasos or cowboys for U gringos…jeje) are very awake and
centered people, there are also a few maya-calendar people(as I call them)
who are on the right track.

Two days ago I was horrified to see a masive
chemtrail operation in this valley, before this I had only seen chemtrails
on the internet. I didn´t have a chembuster so I sent out a message with
all my passion, rightous anger/love to any slyphs that might help, I had never
seen a sylph in my life, so I was basically trusting the information on Ken
Adachi´s site about them. To my amasement a massive slyph that spaned the
entire valley apeared before my eyes and began doing its work, the skyes
soon cleared, I was in a stuppor, actually part of me still doesn´t belive
it. At the time all I could think was “thank you, thank you with all my
love” As a usual visitor to your site and newbe gifter I could not stay
there impotently watching this sacred place being desecrated by the sewer
scum… knowing how to combat them… so I talked the locals into
financing a couple of chembusters and raced back to the city to collect
materials….the people here were extreemly receptive to my mesage, I was
surprised, as most people I talk to in the city think I´ve lost my

I would like to thank you for your work and inspiration as I previously
thought the fight against the world odor was pretty much hopeless, thanks
to those ego-junkies of the alex jones kind, not that they are ill-intended
people…just misguided perhaps. I have one practical question for you, Is
it necesary for the chembuster cristal to be double terminated?, I´ve been
having a hard time finding them… can the second point be polished by
hand/machine? does it matter if the pipes are a little old and banged up?
Any feedback would be greatly apreciated……. Thank you very much…….


P.S. Attached to this email are a few pics of the chemtrails and slyphs
You can do with the picture as you wish


That’s a terrific report, thanks, Alejandro, and thanks for sending along the photos, too. You connected with those Sylphs in a direct way, which is the only way. There’s a fellow on Ken’s site who pretends to be the Sylphs’ spokesman and of course there is no such role. He also posted photos of demonic clouds, which are creations of the sewer rats, and called them Sylphs, so I’m doubly glad that you’re able to just recognize and allow a heartfelt bond to happen between you and them.

I’m not able to post photos, yet, but those sure look like Sylphs to me. You apparently got a deep enough bond with them that you don’t need a second opinion, though.

The way the chemtrails failed to spread out and cover the sky indicates that someone may have an orgonite cloudbuster within range of or in that valley but more is certainly better. It’s very good to know that you never saw them over Santiago. Lots of Southern Hemisphere cities have remained free of chemtrails for some reason so it’s possible that those chemtrails were spewed on your account.

It’s not necessary at all to use double-terminated crystals for orgonite cloudbusters, don’t worry. The only thing we ever use d/t xtals for is the Big Secret and Carol and I made ours five years ago. Well–the exception is that Carol uses Herkimer quartz in her dolphin balls but Herkimers are inexpensive and available to most folks and are too small to use for cloudbusters. Actually, she makes a mini Big Secret around the Herkimer in a dolphin ball Cool

The reason I’ve never referred to our invention as a ‘chembuster’ is becuase bustjng chemtrails is a minor and temporary function of the device. The reason Ken Adachi introduced the term was because Trevor Constable, his friend, got mad at him for calling it a cloudbuster. Constable later joined Jeff Rense several times on the latter’s nationally syndicated radio show, four years ago to attack our work and warn people not to do it. They stopped suddenly as soon as it became clear that there were a lot more cloudbusters out there due to the broadcasts.

Though Constable apparently resents us I still feel that his books, especially the ones written before six years ago, are very informative and useful, despite his habit of proselytising for Theosophy. Reich hated that sort of mysticism, of course. I also feel strongly that if Dr Reich had known about orgonite he’d have adopted a similar approach to ours and would probably have abandoned the original cloudbusters, since they have a lot of potential to do harm. Ours, when made simply, are entirely harmless.

Trevor Constable is one of a small handful of people who have been able to get consistent, positive results with the original-style Reich cloudbuster, by the way, and the published photo records of his DOR-busting efforts in Israel and Sinai (1980’s?) are incredibly good. Desertification of that region actually increased since WWI, when the Jews started arriving in large numbers, by the way, and though they irrigate their farms the old prophecy that claims that in the latter days the deserts will bloom is probably unfulfilled. It’s going to be orgonite that will reverse those deserts, of course.

Dr Reich got even better results in Southern Arizona in 1953 but after he left the region reverted to desert again. Only orgonite will hold the territory taken away from the world odor.

The very arid region you’re visiting can probably also get more rain if you’ll gift it systematically. It’s possible that cloudbusters, alone, will achieve that but most deserts and arid regions are that way because of more distant dynamics. For instance, in order to get rain in Southern Arizona Dr Reich had to set up a cloudbuster in the Sierra Nevada, far to the west. He claimed that predatory aliens generate deserts in our world, apparently by stealing orgone and we sure agree with that, though apparently many or most of those predators live here and directly influence international corporations and major governments… I think we’re witnessing and even perpetuating the end of the rule of parasites, actually.

The western slopes of teh Andes are in a ‘rain shadow’ because prevailing wind is from the Atlantic, but as you can see from the ongoing reversal of the North American deserts, mountain ranges, upwind, are not necessarily able to remove the moisture from the atmosphere, downwind. The N American deserts were fertile pastures and forests before 500 years ago, or so, and I suspect that in the time of the Incas your region was also verdant. Empires aren’t built in deserts, after all. When Spanish settlers arrived in New Mexico in the late 1500s that region was prime farm land with plenty of rainfall. It’s quite arid, now, and partly desert.

I know that there are terrific gifters in South America but no doubt most of them are not conversant in English. I hope you’ll stay in touch with me because I think you’ll be seeing some amazing things from your efforts, more and more, and I want to hear about it. Most people who make or buy cloudbusters aren’t very interested in gifting but that shouldn’t be alarming. It doesn’t take a lot of gifters to revolutionize the condition of the world’s atmosphere, ground and oceans, after all.

You’re very fortunate to be vacationing in a small community where many people can discuss these things. The Pajama People, here, are barely starting to expand their awareness but they can’t be pushed. In Dr Reich’s day, teh PJ folks in America, who were an even larger and more homogenous–overtly fascist–majority than they are now, were violently opposed to expanding awareness so we’re seeing amazing progress in that area. This was starting to happen even before the US Government initiated the present terror campaign against its own populace in the mid-1990s.


Inspiring report Alejandro.

I’d just like to back up Don when he says that you don’t need to use DTs for CBs. I have used STs in most of the ones I have built, including the first one (nearly 4 years ago, which is still working well with the original crystals).

Sometimes with DTs it is difficult to determine which is the positive end. My experience is that an ST is definitely better than a DT turned upside down.


Alejandro and his gal, Javiera, will be posting soon, I think, but the following is an update. They’ve committed to gifting the entire city of Santiago, which is huge and quite polluted, and Javi then came under a considerably painful personal attack by a previously reputable person who is selling harmful orgonite these days–lots of us have had that sort of wakeup call and initiation, I think, and she’s recovering nicely. Send her a boost to speed up healing, okay?

I must say that there are very few people who intentionally make disharmonious orgonite but getting personally involved with any of them, however innocent one’s intentions are, usually entails some pain when one withdraws his/her personal support or even interest.

I was astonished when these two gems started corresponding with me and telling me of their successful gifting/cloudbusting efforts to date and their very broad but specific intentions.

Thanks for the supportive comment about d/t crystals, by the way, Grampa Kelly.

Hi Don,
Thanks once again. Javi is better, just sore from the ordeal, no more
acute pains. She’ll be resting for a couple of days. This past week has been
the most eventful of my life, I think.
Started to gift on a larger scale and
started to get big confirmations as a result. I had been observing for the
last couple of weeks a massive cumulus nimbus wall above the mountains, but
it seemed something was impeding them from coming down over the city. The
day after we gifted that haarp array on the hill top and placed about 70 TBs
spread out around where i live the clouds started to move more towards the
Today, wow! its full of beautiful clouds and it seems like I´m in
Miami or something is very humid which is unheard of for Santiago in the
summer, the orgonite is doing its job.
Helicopters and strange two-prop
planes are constantly flying close by, I can always hear one in the air.
This whole lilly thing just made me much more motivated to gift as much as I
can, today I´m building our third cloudbuster with about 3-1/2 gallons of
orgonite. I also started to feel more connected with the good things on this
earth, I think you know what I mean… [Image Can Not Be Found]

Alejandro showed me a good progression of photos showing the healing effects on Santiago from their specific efforts to date and I see that the Sylphs are already making an appearance this early in the game, there. He’s having a hard time getting registered, so I’ll ask Jacques for more help getting them past the hackers now. I want he and Javiera to post their own reports, which are chock full of confirmations, also their own photos. This is the sort of fine reporting that EW is set up to foster, after all.


I live on a hill which separates two valleys in the Santiago Metropolitan area. To the west I have a view of the Santiago valley, and to the east, at the base of the Andes mountains, a view of La Dehesa valley.

View of downtown area (to the west), before gifting and CB.

View of La Dehesa valley a day after installing the CB, (no stong effects on the atmosphere yet)

View from the bottom of La Dehesa valley looking towards the mountains (east) a few days after installing CB and busting nearby hill-top array. Some sylphs in the sky…

View of downtown Santiago after busting HAARP array at the hill in the background. Yes, a haarp array in the middle of the city. Javi will post about that soon…"
View of La Dehesa valley after more extesive gifting.

All these pictures were taken within a period of about 15 days, at the end of december 2006.

These are the pictures I sent Don a couple of months ago, plus a couple more…… This was the first report that he posted of us…. The first two pictures are of the town of Vicuña, located at the bottom of the valley, were the chem-crap was being sprayed. The last four photos are of Cochiguaz, up in the mountains, where the aerosols drifted after a couple of hours, the sylphs apeared here, too. I think that the spraying in this area, so close to the mountains and close to the Argentinian border is ultimately intended for Argentina, as the chemtrails drifted eastwards…

Chemtrails being sprayed directly above the town of Vicuña

View towards the east from Vicuña, about 30 minutes after the spraying (first pic)

View towards the Argentinian border (east) – the glare was so high from the chem-spew that I had to use a filter(my sunglases) to take the photo.

View towards Vicuña (west)The big line in the background is not a chemtrail, but a large sylph, as the chemtrails had already spread out by then. This is the sylph that first came to my aid after calling for help…

Photo taken towards the north…… sylphs…

Photo taken towards the east. Chilean Flag…. You can see a big improvement in the air after some 2 hours of sylph activity. More planes kept on spraying, but the chemtrails were rapidly disolved, as seen on the left of the photo.

Chile is a long and narrow country that runs all along the Andes mountains in South America. The capital city is Santiago, and there is a saying over here that Santiago IS Chile, in fact, when candidates are promoting themselves in presidential campaigns they alway promise they’ll do substantial changes in order to de-centralize the country. Like this, Santiago is the center of our country, economically, politically, culturally, technologically, and almost geographically (we miss it for a few 400km -in a country 4270km long-). Well, turns out that right in the middle of this big city there is a hill called Cerro San Cristóbal, which at the top has a white statue of the virgin Mary accompanied by a HAARP array. So yes, at the very center of our country there is a masive shameful infrastructure:

In January we gifted it with 1 big HGG and about 15TB’s. Take a closer look at the antenas:

There is a video we made of that day, it’s in and it’s called “Busting HAARP array”

A few days later we gifted four areas (or comunas) in Santiago. We packed our car with TB’s and another HGG and set off on a sunday night, the calmest night of the week in the capital.

This was our arsenal (pendants for protection).

That night we were invisible. Or transparent at least. The janitor of a building looked right through us when we burried our shovel in his lawn, passers by would keep on smoking to the night without minding us. There was a helicopter though… it was black and silent, with its searchlights on. I had never seen one of this kind in Santiago, if it had been New York I wouldn’t have been too impressed. The funny thing is that the helicopter always went in the direction of the areas we had just gifted, as if it was getting delayed signals of deactivation of transmitters. Well, if it was so, that night many many spots must of beeped, jejeje.

Cerro Calán was our first target. This is the view from the hill top, where we planted a big HGG and a TB. When we were driving to Vitacura the helicopter flew over us going in that direction… searchlights on.

We took this city map with us to mark the towers we busted. It has many crosses nowWink

The results of that gifting were pretty dramatic… alejandro already mentioned the inmediate ones. A month later we are still seeing abnormalities… we’ve been having wintry weather, even though it is still summer time over here. Last friday it rained heavily for about 9 hours, getting clear for an espectacular sunset. After that, all afternoons have been pretty cool, chilly winds, and the clouds in the Andes feet quite low… very much like autumn days. Now, when the sun is out, it is VERY strong. Alejandro is enjoying the cool temperatures after the exhausting heat of Tahiti. This weather is a little ahead in schedulle, since it resembles, if not April, late March days… February is considered absolute summer over here, in fact, the beaches are still packed with tourists (kids start school on the first weeks of March). So it’s been great not having a devastating heat like every other summer. We’ll keep observing how it goes, as well as gifting.

(Night tower)

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