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I want to thank all those who helped me to get out of the jaws of the Saudi Arabian Government. It is undeniably true that if no immediate action was taken, I would have not been in my current health condition. I am now back to acyion and fully prepared to something that will break the world’s history. From the time I was arrested, I said to myself, that I will not sleep until that time that the whole world will realize the importance of Orgonite. Am among the few members of the kikundi who is going to make the world to know thet Orgonite must be given some space.

I want to start very serious network here in Uganda that is going to see every aspect of Ugandan Specie recognize the Orgonite introduction. Just like in Kenya, it all started with Mrs O, and finally it got spread to all parts of the country, and it I still going on, Am bound to partner with great ideas for my success. Benedict, Benedict’s brother stated a branch that was run by strangers to the group, and now they have done so well. With the same knowledge and tactics, am very much sure that am going to move the masses.
Unlike Kenya, Orgonite is not so much spread among many people, and so I find it necessary to get established. I don’t denny of course that there are people already here with the same knowledge and are friendly too to us. Am just making a general analysis for our readers to realize that something needs to be done.

In fact, the work over here is that mighty that by the time it will come to its peak, I think there will be a necessity of a motorbike, so that my movement is made easy and I be in a position to gift very many areas, and at the same time promote our products. I want to start making my own Orgonite so that I can favorably supply our clients around this region.

Our pleasure is the success of Jene Ngugi in the Republic of Uganda , it had been a tight moment which comprises of ups and downs in the life of Jane Ngugi and now her improvement and good vision is so good to us. In fact o know Jane will do a lot i know her effort and determination.
Mrs O

The region where i hails is now very much in need on the orgonite, the farmers after realizing that without orgonite no good farm produce, they now resort to the use the orgonite. Mrs O had brought me some more when she came to visit me and i thank her much. Now i know after my full recovery i will do a lot in our region. For previously i was having high resistance but now i ca see all the work facing a new era of success.

Now most of our people have strted developing trust in the orgonite, many have stated to believe that orgonite can work and help them in wide range. Like where we live the soils is deep but not fertile and on top of thaht the draught is also cumbersome but I believe , through the work of gifting In these regions the soil will soon recover her fertility and even the rainfall will be sufficient to promote the growth of vegetation. The first places where I started putting the orgonite , now have started to be green aclear show of the future development.
Luckily enough I now have a good number of the orgonite for that mission. .
Zappers also is very important for the ones which I had has really helped me together with some of my neighbors
Thank Jane

Jane is in a part of Uganda that’s been quite dry and when I was there in 2003 I saw no agriculture; only grazing herds. There was also a war happening, though it was more likely just a typical CIA/MI6 sponsored terror campaign that had spilled over from South Sudan, perhaps done to weaken the Uganda government. Since this effort started the agencies have had to abandon their agenda and South Sudan even became an independent country. The fighting is the reason Doc Batiibwe and I went there to distribute orgonite. I was very impressed by the hopeful and industrious people of that area, who were quite poor and beleaguered. The fighting had disrupted the already weak economy, there. We saw immediate atmospheric changes after flipping the death towers in the region and we gave a lot of our orgonite to curious children.

The return of agriculture since then is very encouraging and I suspect Jane is responsible for that.

I love the way it’s so easy to share new ideas in Africa! It’s not always easy, as our associates have noted, but it’s people are a lot more receptive there than in the West, generally, nor are they shackled by a lot of media and academic brainwashing. The suicide rate in Africa is quite low–it rarely happens and I think it has something to do with personal faith, which used to exist in the West but was programmed out of most of us in the past century.

Jane’s new commitment for Uganda is on top of her already very impressive work, commitment and self-sacrifice and I’m really grateful to her.


Ln dry areas in Uganda where we applied and intro dice orgonite They have started experiencing green pastures Even the areas where the gifting did not take place admires the gifted areas

The gifted areas people can now practice farming because of the good fertile soil they experience and graduate rainfall in the areas the demand of orgonite in Uganda has increase due to many people coming in search of orgonite

Jane, excellent work! From how far away do you reckon people have come to ask you about orgonite since the start?


By the way Jane,

There is rain in Sausi-Arabia, mainly in the north-western part. As far as I know, you’ve been just there. Your sacrifice was not in vain!

Again rain in the middle of the desert, I love it…


Hi Don,
Since i have started making the orgonite in our area now most of the women now extremely love using the orgonite in water purification and for healthy agricultural production. Even to day i went and did some gifting in the most dry areas about 60km away from where i stay and i can see life if getting improved. Now their is a great demand of the orgonite and transporting it is now cumbersome for the transportation is not easy.

Hi Habib ,
I am very happy to hear that the work which i did in Saudi Arabia never ended up in vain. I m going to ask one of my friends in that country to tell me how far things are moving there. For now i dont have the desire to go back to Saudi Arabia again [Image Can Not Be Found] .
Thanks for having much concern with my well being.

Nowadays we are experiencing lots of rainfall. And it makes women to grow different crops women wanted more orgonite in different pales Around us where we had dirty waters especially the waters in the dams are now clean because of the application of orgonite people around those places have even discovered that waters turns clean when orgonite is applied in to them my friend helped me with motorbike to distribute orgonite in different areas to provide old women who can not the places of orgonite

Habibi, thanks a lot for the Arabian Desert rain confirmation! I think the only people on the planet who hate rainfall are the London/Babylonian parasites who are operating that fascist puppet regime in Saudia.

We need to get Jane a camera and a motorbike with trailer ASAP. I’ve committed to do that in December but if someone is feeling generous it would be timely to get it done immediately, as you can see. A good motorbike is $1100 and a good, used trailer is $250 and we normally send funds to Dancan Omollo or Florience Atieno (Mrs O) in Kenya for the kikundi’s northern projects. There’s a money transfer sytsem within East Africa, called ‘M-Pesa’ that is very inexpensive and efficient. ‘Pesa’ is the Kiswahili word for ‘money.’

When I was in her area with Doc Batiibwe, ten years ago, the people were so poor that many didn’t have shoes and in order to earn some money a lot of people were carrying heavy loads in crude pushcarts. In the slightly more prosperous areas of East Africa most of the load carrying is done with bicycles. I once saw a guy pedaling down the road with a large bedframe balanced on the back of his bicycle; another time a fellow had a huge pig trussed up and laid across the luggage rack. It’s a huge step up to afford a motorcycle at the moment but getting Jane’s orgonite to customers 60km distant and not on a primary highway really demands motorized transport for the sake of efficiency. I was quite struck by the spirit of hopefulness in Northern Uganda, in spite of the war that was being waged against them at the moment by the CIA/MI6 terrorists. Even the refugee settlement we saw in Gulu was clean and well ordered, with each family living in a round, grass and wattle house built in the traditional way from local materials. The Uganda gov’t financed this. I didn’t see any beggars but we were followed by children, whom we gave orgonite to in addition to tossing orgonite around the death towers, which caused immediate rainfall [Image Can Not Be Found]

These capital expenses still need to be furnished from abroad for now but in the future I can imagine that many African business people will be ending capital charity abroad, rather. These first years are the ‘good old days,’ in a way [Image Can Not Be Found]

I think a camera for Jane would also be an asset to the public record of her achievements. I think a good one for our purposes is around $150.

So there are two vital orgonite projects happening in Uganda, now! Jane’s is in the arid north and Lilian’s new one is at Jinja, on Lake Victoria in the south at the headwaters of the Blue Nile. The region around Jinja is a rain forest, just like in the Tarzan movies [Image Can Not Be Found] but I have the impression that the Jinja effort will be largely oriented toward social and economic healing and progress, rather. I love the way the kikundi specialize and adapt their approaches to local and regional needs.

I note that Jane’s interactions have mostly been with women. In many African cultures women conduct the agriculture and trade, which is to say they take more responsibility and so have more power than women in some other parts of the world.

A lot of the NGOs ('Non-Government Organizations; foreign charities) focus on the need for clean water and they usually assume this can only be done by digging more wells but we’ve been changing polluted bodies of water into usable water for cooking, bathing and even drinking in Africa for a lot less money and effort than would be spent digging wells. Cleaning and vitalizing standing water makes it available for people’s needs instead of only for livestock and irrigation. People use even the filthiest water for personal needs when clean water isn’t available and a lot of them, especailly small children, simply die from it. The discovery that simple orgonite cleans and vitalizes dangerous water ranks with any technological achievement in Africa. Historians will see this more clearly than most of us are perhaps seeing it at the moment [Image Can Not Be Found]

Well done, Jane, and you’re obviously responding in the most immediate and productive way to what was done to you by the Saudi Gestapo just a few months ago! It’s going to be difficult for anyone to match that example, which inspires all of us. Thanks, again, for your wonderful reports!


Hallow Don Croft I am very thankful for the good information the motorbike and trailer can help me a lot to supply orgonite in different places Even the camera also can help me to send photos and reports

The dry places where I did gifting they normally receives the highest rainfall.that area khows that orgonite has powers to bring lots of rainfall and changes the conditions of an area.

If makes people to like orgonite and now I have two people who help me to distribute orgonite in those areas.we put orgonite in a broad day light in places where thugs used to attack people at night hours.

In Saudi Arabia where I did gifting one of my friend told me that”it receives rainfall but in Saudia I will never go back

We’re used to it, good things are being turned around and declared as being bad – I’ll bring this anyway, at least it’s a good proof of the abundant rainfall in the Saudi desert. Things are moving…

Seem as the effect is much stronger than I thought! Again, congratulations to Jane!

Saudi capital hit with rare floods, residents urged to stay indoors (PHOTOS)
Published time: November 16, 2013 22:39
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Image courtesy Twitter user @Jana_oOo

Image courtesy Twitter user @Jana_oOo
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Natural disasters, Saudi Arabia

Severe flooding is being reported in Saudi Arabia, especially in the kingdom’s capital of Riyadh, with the government closing schools and urging people to stay indoors amid heavy rain. Flooding is rare in the country dominated by the Arabian Desert.

Witnesses in Riaydh, which is also the country’s largest city, are reporting flooded streets and shops. Pictures posted on Twitter show cars drowning in rainwater.

Saudi Civil Defense warned citizens to stay indoors for their own safety, Al Arabiya reported.

Weather forecasts are predicting heavy rains to continue to batter Saudi Arabia for the entire weekend. The eastern part of the country looks to be hit the most by the rains.

The government is setting up a disaster management center in the holy city of Mecca and is planning to close schools and evacuate people in low-lying areas, Bahrain’s Gulf Daily News reported.

Rains in the northwest city of Ha’il are expected to flood the Al Adeera valley, according to media reports.

Meanwhile, witnesses reported that villagers 70 kilometers west of Ha’il were taking shelter on the rooftops of houses, mosques, and even mountaintops as the flooding began.

The desert kingdom has in the past been criticized for its lack of preparedness for such situations, as flooding is rare in that part of the world.

Residents were killed during flash floods in Riyadh, Baha, and Ha’il on May 13. The rain was reportedly the heaviest in more than 25 years.

Floods in the port city of Jeddah, located on the Red Sea, killed 123 people in 2009 and 10 others in 2011.

Yes Habibi this is what happens indeed! Seen this many times during the initial gifting stage of countries… What is happening in Saudi iMho, Is the PTW are miffed at what Jane did in THEIR country by gifting a few TOWERS so THEY jailed Her then got Her out so She couldn’t finish the job…

When some TOWERS are flipped, but not all , rains come naturally yes but flooding and mayhem is not natural so the PTW use the remaining ungifted TOWERS to create the death and mayhem…

Kind of like the TOWERS can be used both ways, create drought but can also create massive storms to cause violent flooding and death… Has happened to Us many times in the past and THEY do THEIR bet to make Us feel responsible for the deaths so for years I wouldn’t post that stuff … I speak up now though, cause it is important and the recent TYPHOONERY in phillipines that supposedly murdered 10,000 I feel THEY did deliberately knowing that We have Been planning for a year already to get there to reverse THEIR WEAPONS and THEY know how effective We All are at reversing THEIR plans to attempt to annihilate Humanity!

I’m not sure whether it was that much rain.

As long as the sattelite cards are reliable, it wasn’t. It was like the rain in an European country in November, still a lot for this region. Keep in mind that this is all desert country. Deserts are usually not sandy, but couvered with stones and rocks, about 20% of the Sahara is a sanddesert. Saudi Arabia might be similar. Those soils cannot deal with rain, it flows downhill until whole regions are flooded.

It will take a while until plantlife is being established. Trees help the earth swallow the rain, they’re are very important. The roots sort of decompress the earth and the trees interact with mushrooms, they interact with insects establishing a whole ecosystem in the soil.

Of course it will not harm to do more antennas there – someone will do it once when the hive is less nervous…


Hi for all
Good enough that there is rain in Saudi Arbia finally to signifies the works which Jane did. Really its in record that areas where orgonite have been thoroughly gifted attract more rain fall than usual and even right now in Migori the rain is sufficient. Really what Marc gave you is just but a clear indication of the work that will be realized very soon. The rain will fall and there is a possibility that the Saudian must be very careful for the flood might overrun them and cause havoc.

Also in Namanga where Chris went to do the gifting was due to the demand after hearing what had taken place in the areas w here the orgonite have been gifted for Namanga is a dry place, but I hope things will effectively change.

Mrs O

In fact i appreciate the effort which Habib and Silvio did to confirm that the rain is sufficient in Saudi Arabia. I have talked with some of my friends from that country and the rain is indeed raining. All these made me to have courage that all the work which i did there never ended up in vain. In my place in Uganda the rain is much and even in areas where people were not doing farming they are now embark on farming and i m going to send the photos soon

In fact i appreciate the effort which Habib and Silvio did to confirm that the rain is sufficient in Saudi Arabia. I have talked with some of my friends from that country and the rain is indeed raining. All these made me to have courage that all the work which i did there never ended up in vain. In my place in Uganda the rain is much and even in areas where people were not doing farming they are now embark on farming and i m going to send the photos soon

Hi readers,

The time has come for the real work of gifting in our regions, Jane had been so active in the regions of Uganda. Especially at the northern regions along the boarders. She had mobilize farmers of coffee and some horticultural on the highlands of Uganda and from the reports which i had been getting from her tells me that much success have been recorded. I also leaned from the reports which i had been receiving from the areas of Jinja truly much work had been done in those regions. The people of the Southern Sudan who live a long the Nile are having much to appreciate because the water impurities which they had been getting a long the Nile are no longer effective as before just because the gifting work which had taken place along the shores at Jinja. I m very sure with time a permanent result of good relive will be marked and i trust we will move to anew error of greater achievement. Thank Jane for the work.





Mrs O

Now i m very happy for the progress that we are making in Uganda. Now i have expanding my gifting work broader because of the high demand that my clients are facing. Now i have some other group known as the Acholi who have developed much interest in our mbolea. This people some of them come from the mountainous areas from the North and that is now my humble opportunity to explore those areas.

Now after my recovery and the motorbike which i have now i can now move beyond 60km, and these have really motivated my work. Those people agreed to give me the motorbike so that i clear the payment later of which i m doing now.

Now the rain is sufficient and the forested region of the Northern Uganda are experiencing a good atmosphere because of the consistence gifting that we had done in Uganda for the last three years. Now i can see a good change in most of the Northern regions.