New HAARP whiteout in Bali

> Hi Don.
> I’m writing to you (as you have perhaps more experience of gifting than
> anyone else) rather than posting this on EW and causing dismay in some
> circles.
> After an unbroken string of confirmations of the effectiveness of
> orgonite, this happened in a well-gifted area and right above no less than
> three CBs:
> This is the second day running that they’ve somehow managed to effect a
> total white-out after trying in vain to do so for many months.
> It’s like all my hundreds of TBs have been neutralised and my CBs
> disabled.
> The only thing that has changed is that the locals been spraying (at
> ground-level) against mosquitoes in an attempt to eradicate Dengue Fever.*
> Is it possible that the negative energy from this ‘fogging’ has
> temporarily disabled all the TBs in the area? if so I imagine the effect
> would be very temporary indeed and wouldn’t last the better part of the
> day.
> Yesterday this ‘fogging’ campaign started and I awoke to the sound of the
> sprayer being started up next door.
> At that moment there were clear skies above the house and although it was
> still dark, the stars could be seen sharply.
> After they’d been spraying for a while and the sun began to rise, it was
> obvious that the whole sky had turned the blanket white that is generally
> produced by protracted chem-spraying in an ungifted region and this change
> occurred quite suddenly.
> The ‘fogging’ stopped within the hour but as I took Edo to school, I
> noticed that it wasn’t just in our village but for many miles around on
> the same morning (this is very unusual).
> It took the rest of the day for the sky to clear although by mid-afternoon
> the chem-trails were being renewed (and by sunset it was almost clear
> again).
> This is the day after and daybreak revealed the sky pictured above (and
> there’s been very little ground-spraying).
> It’s now midday and the sky is gradually becoming healthier but still
> looks very chemical.
> Do you have any theories as to how all my gifting efforts can have been so
> instantly countered?
> All the best.
> Dan.
> * The odd thing is that the mosquitoes that spread Dengue Fever and have
> been blamed for the current epidemic seem to be very few due to the
> deliberately created drought in the country (leading one to suspect the
> disease is now being sprayed by the shit-bags in the sky). D.


Dan, thanks for considering the potential of spreading alarm and discouragement with that report, though it would have been okay to post it.

What you apparently don’t know is that when a lot of progress has been made by our network in any area, distant HAARP facilities are often employed around the clock to white out the sky, which is only a psych-out. YOu’ll likely8 notice that the cumulus clouds and rainfall are not affected by this whiteout.

I’ve seen the whiteout being formed while flying across the US. It’s a very, very thin cloud layer about 25,000 feet up, well above rainclouds and even above chemtrails. Chemtrails are between 12 and 20,000.

Another psychout is that when atmospheric moisture reaches a certain level, certain kinds of spew can stick in teh sky for quite awhile. I think that stuff is no more harmful than skywriting.

Since you’ve gifted so heavily, there, I expect that soon teh Sylphs will start eating the whiteout and the residual, harmless spew. Some call that a war in the sky. Watch, too, for massive, white, fairly symmetrical lenticular clouds, which are also ‘good guy’ signals: apparently the cloud material forms within their energy field. The finest confirmation we’ve seen are the thin clouds, associated with white lenticulars, but with pink and green borders. Sometimes these are distinct enough to see with the naked eye, sometimes only with polarized sunglasses or tinted windows.

I’m posting this because I’ve gotten a few reports like this from diligent, thorough gifters like yourself and they always feel bad when they see the whiteout.

Steve Baron and crew in Toronto battled persistent whiteout for a couple of years over Toronto, during which time they put out countless thousands of TBs and other orgonite devices. It was finally obliterated when someone gifted the more distant HAARP arrays, ‘upwind’ of Toronto.

I’m happy to say that the HAARP whiteout only spurred these Canadians on to heavier gifting <img src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-innocent.gif” border=“0” alt=“Innocent” title=“Innocent” />

In your case, since you’re on an island, I’m pretty sure that just putting more and more orgonite into the sea will disperse the whiteout and that you’d be able to systematically track the process. Maybe there’s no need to travel to Java and other more distant islands to disable the really big HAARP arrays. This summer, lots of us are likely to experience the incredible power of water gifting to defeat HAARP and perhaps even to disable underground bases.

I wish some of the Aussie gifters would get off their butts and do this in teh sea, rather than just disable the towers they see from the kitchen window, so that they can end their HAARP drought, though whoever finally goes to Alice Springs and disables that facility (the world’s biggest HAARP/Mind-control facility, we believe) is probably going to see some of the most astonishing events in the atmosphere. Carol recently ‘met’ some aboriginal Australian elders who are eager to see this happen.

By the way, one of the first things we noticed when we started making orgonite is that predatory insect populations quickly diminish. This has been confirmed by several other gifters, including some in agricultural areas where farmers no longer need to spray pesticides on crops, thanks to a little orgonite in the fields.

The Indonesian gov’t is arguably as rotten and predatory as the US Government is, so I’m assuming that the spraying is done rather to sicken people than to prevent a dengue fever epidemic, especially since there are fewer mospuitos, now.

The wonderful part of predatory agendae like that one is that more and more PJ folks are liable to wake up and see an oppressive government’s true nature, then discuss it with each other. There’s a lot of power in discussionsl like that, as long as they aren’t manipulated into paranoia. Your orgonite distribution on the island will probably prevent paranoia from being generated. All parasitic governments rule by default, only.

I don ‘t know if you’ve experienced/observed a cloudbuster’s and towerbusters’ effect on smoke from forest fires but it’s pretty marked and astonishing. I doubt that any of the poisonous fog stayed in teh air very long, thanks to your gifting and CBs.

Here’s a good, confirming experiment anyone can do in order to boost his/her confidence in orgonite cloudbusters: whenever you see a thunderhead or a column of smoke, point the CB at it and time the dispersal/disappearance of those. Our half-scale, SuccorPunch-boosted cloudbuster cleared many paths through storm systems for us when we were sea gifting around Florida. In the first year of gifting from the boat, we only got rained on twice, in fact, and it was gentle, brief rain.

At some point, the gifter recognizes events like a HAARP whiteout as simply challenges: indicators that a newer, local and regional strategy needs to be adopted in order to consolidate and expand his/her achievements. If you were a sewer rat whose life is based on exploiting humanity and ruining the environment, and you had unlimited material and technical resources (the world odor will likely run out of predators, though, if they keep this up), you’d probably try your best to psych out gifters,

The most remarkable thing (to me, at least) about this effective, unorganized, global grassroot revolution is that it’s entirely non-violent and non-political. I’m sure the sewer rats would rather that we all went off our nuts and stormed some Bastille because they well know how to infiltrate and neutralize any organized uprisings.


Just for illustration; this is the photo I sent to Don in my original email that he posted above:

Also, in clarification; the ‘fogging’ that went on at ground level everywhere that day was funded and organised by the locals without sposnsorship or subsidy from the Government (the electorate have become quite used to receiving next to nothing from whichever corrupt administration are in office at the time).

The Dengue Fever epidemic (which currently runs to many thousands of cases nationwide) has become particularly accute well after the driest monsoon season for many years ended and when the mosquitoes that are well-known to spread the disease are at an all time low due to the HAARP drought across the country.

Since I mailed Don, the blue skies have returned somewhat in spite of widespread and heavy spraying and this (plus Don’s information about remote HAARP facilities) has done much to restore my confidence in gifting.

It rains as usual from time to time at the eastern end of Java (near the CB) and the white-out happened there at the same time as it did in Bali.



Looking now at the photo you posted about the whiteout, yes, I saw an almost identical thing in Kuala Lumpur, with that familiar HAARP signature in the sky, on the 15th/16th, a few days ago as well. I had thought that the effect was more ‘localized’ around Kuala Lumpur until I received your email. It only lasted for 1 day before the blue skies returned around Kuala Lumpur.

I admit though, it would be a little demoralizing for me as well, if it had persisted longer as I had just finally finished busting all the towers on the 320 KM expressway, running from Kuala Lumpur to Johor (next to Singapore) last weekend ( 2 days prior to seeing the whiteout in KL). I am not sure how wide the ‘whiteout’ was in Malaysia but I am happy to report that I have been observing nice blue skies in the south of Malaysia (last weekend) and the North east (1 May 2007) after my first ‘sea’ gifting trip around the island there.

I don’t know if the whiteout had spread and covered those two areas that I gifted recently in Malaysia, on that same day as well, when I saw it around Kuala Lumpur. The photo you posted seem to suggest that the whiteout may have covered a much larger area than only in Bali and Java.

(Harideran Sivagnanam)

[email protected]

Guys, the ripple effect in Dan’s photo is probably evidence of HAARP, too–a sign of how that whiteout was being generated. The source of the waves is always perpendicular to the direction of the ripples in that case. Dan and I have been discussing, in email, a way to obliterate HAARPies’ ability to generate whiteout–simply toss enough orgonite in the sea around Bali. We don’t see whiteouts over South Florida, for instance, which was ringed with orgonite, nor even over the big lakes around here that we gifted last fall. This will probably be the year of widespread water gifting.

Often, when HAARP has been disabled in a region, as was the case in Florida when we were sea-gifting, we noticed those ripples in much smaller clouds. Often two small clouds would be next to each other and the ripples in each cloud ran counter to each other, which probably indicates scalar effect. EVery time we went to sea, except a few times in late summer, the conditions were calm until after about twenty minutes on the ocean, by which time distant HaARP arrays were able to set up some scalar (I assume) interference in a very localized way.

On the trip to the Bahamas they were unable to track us until after we started home and the Coast Guard guys spotted us, so the sea was quite calm for our entire gifting run over there and it got rough a half hour or so after those feds accosted us just outside the Bahamas‘ three mile limit. Thank God for our nice little French boat, though–it will take any conditions in stride.

In the spring of 2002 I flew from Seattle to Boston to see my daughters, Bevin and Nora, and it was the most illustrative flight I’ve yet experienced. In those days, the entire continent wasn’t quite yet covered by cloudbusters, so I could see some chemtrails in the unprotected areas (the only area on that route that didn’t have a CB was Pennsylvania at that point).

Seen from above, they’re actually brown, not white or light gray. It was a kick to see the unmarked spewplanes from overhead, too 

The weirdest effect I noticed on that flight, though, was the HAARP whiteout that started (apparently) at the eastern limit of Idaho’s and MOntana’s cloudbusters, somewhere over eastern MOntana. It was a very, very thin, but fairly opaque and uniform layer of cloud at about 20,000 feet altitude, which is the upper limit of the chemtrail jets’ range.

HAARP whiteouts don’t affect rainfall or other weather features. I think they’re mainly just for psychological effect, since blue skies generate positive emotions and white skies make us feel like we’re living in a box. I don’t remember seeing much of that before 2002, in fact, though HAARP has been messing up world weather on a huge scale since the 1970s, contrary to Begich’s accounts. I think the Alaska, Australian, Latvian and a couple other massive, early HAARP arrays were just prototypes. The Chinese got busted by the UN in the 1970s for waging weather warfare with a cable stretched across a canyon. I think all of HAARP is fairly low tech, even the scalar, localized effects.

Most of the contributors to this forum haven’t let persistent whiteout, harmless skywriting or other clever world odor psych-out ploys discourage them from gifting, thankfully. Some even get incensed enough by these ploys to increase their efforts, as Steve Baron and crew did when the HAARPies started whiting out the sky over Toronto, three years ago. Eventually, some gifters went out and disabled the relevant HAARP arrays, including some of the coastal ones in the Maritime Provinces, that were responsible for occulting Toronto’s by-then gorgeous, vibrant blue sky, in spite of tens of thousands of tower busters in the metro area. Since then, I don’t think there’s been much whiteout over Eastern Canada.

It’s a good idea to air stuff like this because it should be clear that none of our successes are based in denial.


Dan in Bali and Hari in Malaysia are quite isolated gifters, so when the dung beetles throw their worst atmospheric molestations at them it stings a bit…

I think it’s good for some of us who are living in well-gifted countries and regions to remember when we, too, felt very isolated and sometimes discouraged by the enormity of the tasks ahead of us, also perhaps by teh complacent arrogance of the dung beetles. I’m really glad these two courageous men have both taken responsibility for changing their regions back into healthy ones and are posting about every step of their progress in EW.

I forgot to mention a couple of other whiteouts of note that happened over big cities after most of the death towers were disabled: Vancouver, BC, and Johannesburg, ZA. In both of those cases the scales were tipped by some inspired efforts. In Vancouver,

Stan Cayer felt an urge to arrange some simple orgonite devices on the roof of his RV in a certain pattern and after that hour the whiteout simply disappeared from the metro area. Stan is a very experienced psychic and successful businessman who never felt a need to participate on a forum but he gifted a huge number of death towers in that province, including a whole lot of mountain top arrays–across Southern BC and Vancouver Island, that could only be reached on foot. I don’t know if it’s possible to demonstrate whether his design did the trick but I believe it did. Kelly healed a particularly polluted and malificent earth energy line in Europe by putting six TBs in a small circle over the line.

Our Japanese gifting partner, Tetsuzi-san, and a lady in Hokkaido, Ayumi, who is a mutual acquaintance of Hugh Lovel, have determined to attempt to quiet Mt Fuji’s new rumblings and they asked me to get some advice from teh psychics about this. Carol suggests simply putting six earthpipes in a small circle as close to the top of the mountain as possible, preferably in the crater at the top. I just relayed this to Tetsuzi today.

George got pretty frustrated with the sudden whiteout of Jo-burg after he and friends restored pristine skies with their extensive towerbusting efforts. Partly out of frustration, he contrived a sort of single-barreled, short CB with SP embedded in the base and fired it up. The whiteout disappeared that day, in November, 2003. I got there a week or so later and can bear witness that there was no white out by then

In short, sometimes neat tricks work wonders on some of the more obtuse tactics of teh sewer rats. the only way to know if we’re being inspired or our imaginations are simply galloping away with us is to follow through with our hunches and do as inspired.


Recently the skies in Bali have been splendid; deep blue with almost undisturbed cumulus everywhere.

I can’t stop them spraying but I seem to have reduced their microwave capability to insignificant proportions and the most they can effect is a little chemical break-up around the edges of the clouds.

At least that’s the way it was until yesterday when I started to notice strange formations in the sky; first in the late afternoon when a few chem-planes had passed overhead (and whose trails had disappeared almost as fast as the planes themselves).

In a cloudless sky; wispy cloud began to form and then gather to make kind of elongated cumulus that became more recognizable and healthy as time went by.

I found this rather funny as the planes’ objective was almost certainly drought-creation but ironically they just made clouds where there were none before.

The next day began healthy as usual but in the mid-morning the skies paled and the same misty cloud began to form as if from nowhere…

…and continued to spread until it covered most of the sky:

The strange thing is that whilst it wasn’t natural or particularly healthy-looking; it didn’t resemble any of the chemical white-outs that occurred during the infancy of my gifting work here.

For instance; the wind was unaffected and it didn’t ‘feel’ oppressive at all and even the texture of the cloud wasn’t as dense or evenly rippled as a typical chemical white-out.

Eventually it began to break-up into more typically HAARP formations

and actually looked quite spectacular as it slowly melted away:

Exactly what was going on can only be speculated but it’s my guess that the naval vessel that was sighted off Kuta beach recently (which was apparently carrying HAARP-tech to replace the underwater arrays that the Dolphins disabled with my TBs) was partly responsible.

Perhaps they were trying out a ‘Plan-B’ scenario whereby fleets of ships carrying mobile DOR-tech would be deployed as their terrestrial capability is taken away from them by innocent 3 oz TBs (perhaps someone should design an orgonite limpet-mine).

Anyway; although I’m aware that they could do it again anytime; today has been lovely with healthy clouds in a typically deep blue sky (and not a chem-plane in sight).


Hi all,

I was going to suggest the NASA spatial vessel had changed something that could have something to do with it, but you allready have done so yourself in the post.
This morning looking up at the sky, I saw whiteouts that I haven’t seen in a few months, and the same thought sprung to mind. Knowing that they went into space to ‘repair’ something, this might be no coincidence. When taking a psychic peak at the International Space Station, it looks very bad. Perhaps a good target for tonight’s (tomorrow morning’s) chat.


Sure, Doc, let’s look at the space station today in the chat and see if we need to do our own ‘repairs’ ; . I think we all know that it’s a good idea to pay attention to your hunches and act on them in a timely way. Heheh, the real space stations are probably inside the moon, on Mars and a few other local planets by now, serviced by the world odor’s many antigrav vehicles, some of them older than any of us. Anyone who ventures into the Van Allen Belt would be toasted, otherwise, as anhyone would know if one were to approach this subject rationally. I, too, think that all the shuttle missions are related to installing and servicing weaponry against humanity and the environment, which both the Russian and American governments apparently have a vested interest in.

By the way, in Dooney’s chat, yesterday, the pshychics found that the main vortices in Russia were black energy, which doesn’t bode well. We may have fixed them, temporarily, but I wish I knew whether anyone in Russia is gifting, or ‘podorokaya’ Where are you, podoroski?

Dan, what you’re showing us in the photos might be unusual where you live but they look like ordinary stratus clouds to me, not HAARP whiteout. If it’s unusual for you, it may either be a further confirmation for your efforts or just a sign of temporary manipulation, at worst, perhaps designed to persuade you to stop throwing orgonite in the sea. As I said, the words of psychics shouldn’t be one’s sole confirmation; it’s battlefield intel.

The whiteouts that constantly plagued Toronto shortly after STeve BAron and crew started gifting heavily in that area were typical of HAARP assaults: white and featureless but leaving rain-bearing cumulus clouds intact, well below. Lots of those cumuli are dark, by the way, which indicates DOR. It’s sure a lot better than before orgonite cloudbusters, though, because in those days, chemtrails destroyed ALL cloudcover within minutes and the whiteout was darker. Not many remember that, even though the crisscrossed, spreading chemtrails were even more obvious than those harmless remnants are, now. It might be a similar phenomenon with UFOs. I think more people are seeing them, now, but not because there are more UFOs but simply because people are waking up and paying closer attention to what’s in teh sky.

When Carol adn I arrived in this area last year a HAARP whiteout also prevailed, since nobody had done much gifting here in a few years. The thing that obviously busted up the HAARP plague, in this case, was a lot of orgonite in three big lakes in the region and the benefits showed up very gradually over the coming months. Now, the sky is pristine everywhere but directly over Spokane, which is 30 miles to our west. Over that city, some whiteout persists but it’s pretty weak. Nobody’s gifting there, as far as I know.

When the Toronto folks achieved critical mass, or it could have been after someone in Newfoundland busted up many of the remaining coastal HAARP arrays, the whiteout stopped over Toronto. When the sewer rats try to psych us out I think it’s a good practice to consider how much effort they have to invest in it, also that it has to be done from far away, which is hard for them. It’s easy for them if one hasn’t busted up the local HAARP arrays, of course.

For now, I’ll consider the photos you posted to simply be confirmations. I think stratus cloud formations, generally, simply indicate seasonal changes or high-altitude, low pressure. Those puffy stratus clouds form at 12,000 feet and higher altitudes. Cirrus stratus clouds, which may relate to how Sylphs make their ‘clothing,’ form much higher, though we’ve seen Sylphs very low in teh sky. The whiteout I saw when flying from west to east coast in a commercial jet, five years ago, was a very thin, uniform layer of cloud about 25,000 feet altitude, which is probably un-natural.

I think it’s good to bear in mind that the world odor seems to have chosen Bali as an example of how they hoped to change the most pleasant places on earth into hellhole as object examples of hopelessness. If that’s true, you can bet that they’re plenty sore about your successes, there. The CIA bombing campaign in Bali was one of the world odor’s few successful terror campaigns since they blew up the WTC, by the way. By now, they had obviously intended for most of us to have been exterminated. I think that what you’re doing will soon bring back tourism, which will be a very, very fine confirmation for you (and the rest of us podoroski).


When the HAARPies want to victimize a local area, they send radio signals to a certain altitude from several directions. This usually creates a thin cloud layer over the target area and you can see the various ripples caused by the broadcasts. I saw one over us, a few days ago, that made me laugh out loud. I tracked at least four separate sources, according to the configuration of the ripples. I wish I’d taken a picture because it was the best example I’ve ever seen. That little patch of flat white cloud looked like a rippled potato chip on LSD and it was surrounded by cerulean blue, clear sky

They were obviously knocking themselves out trying to make something bad happen on us but they gave up after about half an hour. When I get proficient with my little plane I’ll just take an afternoon and go over and bust all those new weatherballs and HAARP arrays on the surrounding, blocked-access mountaintops. I’m thinking of dropping leaflets on them, too–rather those little plastic toy soldiers with parachutes and our business cards attached. I wonder if a Succor Punch can block those black helicopters’ radar signals ; . How much fun can one person lawfully have?


Thanks Don and yes, these formations are indeed unusual for Bali and particularly at this time of year.

The monsoons usually start around November or December (although last year there was no rain at all thanks to HAARP and chemtrails) and at this time it’s generally a little cooler than usual and rather dry.

This last couple of weeks the temperature has been at a record low (but so it has in Australia so there’s nothing particularly local about that) and it’s rained gently much of the time.

As for Stratus clouds; I found these examples on an image search…

…and I guess they do look rather more like the overcast skies in Bali than a typical HAARP white-out which would explain why it didn’t ‘feel’ particularly negative or oppressive.

These photos were taken today, shortly before it cleared up to reveal regular cumulus clouds in a blue sky.

There’s occasional chemical interference with the clouds but I attribute this to an ‘unsupported’ chem-spraying program that just serves to disrupt the shape of the clouds slightly (crinkly edges or heavy furrows) but thankfully never comes close to dissolving them (in fact quite the reverse).

So it’s with some relief that I accept this as a further confirmation of the effective disabling of the undersea and land-based HAARP facilities around the island and I agree with Don that it illustrates to what extent they relied on their undersea platforms.


I would like to share a few observations in Malaysia. Although the weather and etheric conditions at Bali and Kuala Lumpur maybe different, it will at least help to give a broader picture on what is going on in South East Asia.

For the past few days, I have been observing daily unusual number of chem spraying and sylph activity (more than ‘normal’ activity for the past few months). Every morning and evening, while sitting in the car, in the traffic jams, I saw plane after plane and the sylphs countering them. This is unusual as for the past few months, the weather has been generally good in Kuala Lumpur and the TBs scattered around here, seem to be helping.

Last week, I also saw large number of sylphs gathering, near one of my old neighborhoods (area has been gifted thoroughly) and as usual, they (the sylphs) appear minutes ‘before’ the planes arrive on the scene. I am kicking myself for not carrying my camera in the car, when traveling back and forth from my home to the rat race in Kuala Lumpur, to photograph this

I am uncertain on why there is an increased activity in the sky, this past few days (beginning of August) and I have been exchanging observations with Dan, for a few months now, and we are both in neighboring countries. Some of the observations reported by Dan in Bali, on HAARP activity in the skies, can be observed as far as Kuala Lumpur as well, on those very same days. It is ‘not’ everyday that I see ‘very wide spread’, wave looking cloud formations induced by the HAARP infrastructure, in the area where I live and work in. It does seem to suggest that when these scumbags decide to turn on their HAARP devices, they do it simultaneously, in this region, and the area affected, is not only observable in Bali but in Kuala Lumpur as well, on those very same days.

On Friday (Aug 3rd), on my way to work in the morning, I thought that the annual haze (due to slash and burn activities to clear land for farming and forest fires around this region) might have returned to these parts again. Last year, and the year before (2005), I noticed that the haze started during the month of August as well and later become worse in September and October.

It ‘may’ seem a ‘repeat’ of the haze is in progress, due to the forest fires usually in this period, but the sylphs seem to be in larger numbers and have kept the sky relatively blue still, as I write this. I can’t explain why the sylph numbers that I spot randomly around, have increased but I believe that the positive Qi canopy that was opened up last year in November when Laozu Kelly came down to Malaysia, has helped enormously. The chemtrails also seem not to be sticking for long as well. This is very observable around the skies near my home with a CB and in the city as well, near my work place (most towers here have been busted).

Below is a few useful links for readers not familiar with the haze in South East Asia:……Asian_haze……ysian_haze

[Image above is from , satellite imagery showing the forest fires at Borneo in Oct 2006]

[Image above is from , satellite imagery showing the forest fires at Sumatra in Oct 2006]

[Image above is from , satellite imagery showing the forest fires at South East Asia in Oct 2006. I hadn’t seen a blue sky in 8+weeks during the height of the haze, last year. Oh yeah…Malaysia is in the map above as well but is covered by the haze.]

Currently, the sky seem generally ‘slightly’ grey and all of this increase of chemplanes and sylph activity may indicate the ‘annual’ return of the haze as I observed previously in 2005 (only realized the haze and didn’t know about orgonite nor the sylphs yet back then) and 2006 (posted my gifting report on the clearing of the haze). This past few days (Aug 3rd onwards), the increased number of sylphs, seem to be battling the chemtrails, in the skies of Kuala Lumpur, with much success. Though it is hard to tell, early on right now whether this will be maintained if/when the full onset of the Haze moves in.

The other possible reason for this unusual activity is that the sewer rats have been so unsuccessful in Bali now, thanks to Dan’s extensive gifting and have to try their luck to peddle their DOR and their ‘chemtrail terror’, else where [Image Can Not Be Found]

Dan, though Bali doesn’t usually experience the worst of the haze in the previous years, but wind conditions may change briefly and it is ‘possible’ why you sometimes see a ‘whiteout’ or the grey skies for a short period, even though the sky is healthy and the chemtrails do not seem to be sticking.

What I am seeing here in Kuala Lumpur is that on ‘some days’ (since Aug 3rd), the sky will usually turn from blue to slightly grey and back again within a day, even when there isn’t any heavy chem spraying or when the distant HAARP towers aren’t turned on, to induce the ‘wave’ ripple in the clouds. What this does suggest is that, all of this additional grey stuff in the sky seems to be the ‘annual’ Haze (in the early stage right now).

Overall though, there ‘seemed’ to be an increase of Chemplane and Sylph activities very recently (since Aug 3rd). I am sure the scumbags would like to take this opportunity to increase their spraying activities, coinciding with the return of the Haze.

A couple of photos I shot in the last 4 days (Aug 11-14th, 2007)…

Image AG7-1, 2 & 3 above, are three shots I took in the evening, outside my home. On this particular day (unlike the past few days), there wasn’t a lot of chem trails spotted around but the sky was generally grey throughout the day

The next day…

Image AG7-4, & 5 above, are two shots taken the next morning. Yeah, a chemtrail is clearly visible. You can also take note on how the sky color has already turned to ‘slightly’ blue again. This has been happening for the past few days. If you look closely at AG7-5, some sylphs are also slightly visible, taking on that chemtrail

Image AG7-6, & 7 above, another two shots taken in the morning as well, outside my home. Sure still looks kind of grey doesn’t it? Yes, overall, the sky seem to be losing ‘the blue’ very gradually and I think it is due to the haze from the forest fires, setting in or the combination with chemtrails as well.

Image AG7-8, & 9 two shots taken in the morning of Aug 13th, outside my home. I am greeted by a bluer sky but this time, wavy looking clouds can be seen as well. I think this is what Don is referring to about the ripple effects on the clouds, when the HAARP towers are being turned on. I have seen this a few times and clearly, I have missed out busting a few of those big HAARP towers. I am not sure how far away these HAARP towers are but I clearly busted most of the towers nearby. I guess its time for me to go hunting for theses towers and bust them.

Image AG7-10, & 11 above, another two shots taken near my home while I was driving to work. The ripple effect of the HAARP is much more visible. I am not sure if the last batch of photos Dan posted occurred about the same ‘time’ as well. I included all the time and date as seen on the photos, of what is happening here, in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

Image AG7-12, & 13 above, same morning as well. Looks very unnatural doesn’t it?

Image AG7-14, & 15 above, another two shots taken when my car was approaching Kuala Lumpur. The ripple effect can be clearly seen for miles on, yesterday

Image AG7-16, & 17 above, in Kuala Lumpur on the very same day the ripple effect was photographed in the morning. As you can see above, the sky is clear again and seems much bluer.

This is the typical seesaw changes between blue and grey skies that I have started to observe, that is taking place, starting early Aug 2007. Obviously, more observations is required, to get a bigger picture on what is going on in these parts.

Other things to report…

I have made close to 1500 TBs so far but I gifted more than half of those outside Kuala Lumpur. The medium term gifting goal I have is to have a continuous line of busted towers on the main freeways, running along the whole stretch of the Malaysian Peninsular. I am looking to form this backbone first ( a fish bone if you like  ) then gradually work outwards from there. Currently, the main highway running from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (320 kilometer PLUS highway) to the south, has been busted. Some parts of the highway running north as well, has been busted. While in the northeast (Bordering Thailand) at Lang Tengah, I dropped another 200 TBs around this very tiny island for long term observations of what orgonite has on coral reefs. I have been to this Island 5 times now and during the last gifting trip in May 2007, I photographed some ‘before’ shots of the dead corals there. Of course I busted all the towers on my way back to Kuala Lumpur. I have also bought a better camera and a GPS system, to map all those busted towers outside Kuala Lumpur as I don’t have a very good memory

My resources (money + time) for a more extensive gifting, is quite limited for the moment but am currently working on a ‘possible’ way to overcome this. I think every gifter around the world have their own respective challenges to overcome. Right now, with my limited resources, I still am able to make X amount of TBs and I will still continue to gift outside Kuala Lumpur as the Haze situation doesn’t seem bad yet. I’ll have to wait and see how if/when the haze is like in Kuala Lumpur in October.

Actually, instead of being dishearten if/when the haze envelopes Kuala Lumpur again, I actually look at it as another opportunity to document the portent healing effects of orgonite. I have seen and photographed twice now (last year), on how the haze cleared out dramatically, the very next day, after gifting runs at strategic locations in the Kuala Lumpur. The scumbags have indeed increased many new towers and some of it at the very same locations that I gifted before. If am able to do it the third time (clear the haze the next day), it will be sweet and I want to try out a few ideas.

(Harideran Sivagnanam)

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