New here and embarking on a HUGE sharing expedition tonight!

Hi to everyone currently out here doing their part to raise this planet’s frequency to 5d Earth. I am sharing because I want to let you all know that tonight I am participating in a survey/head count of the entire homeless population here in Pierce County, Washington. I am a Certified peer Counselor in the Mental Health field and also a forerunner LightWarrior who began my ascension process in 1997 while living in Las Vegas, NV.
While out in the trenches of my city throughout the night into tomorrow morning, I will be with a team of people tasked with making sure that as many of our homeless population are counted in an important survey designed to help navigate funds towards the most in need populations and to meet them where they’re at.
During this time, we will be handing out all types of necessary donated items like blankets, rain gear, food, toiletries, etc. My plan is to make as many tiny orgonites today as possible(think quarter sized) and to combine them with a small paper explaining what an orgonite is and how it can be used for the person receiving it. I have been battling an ongoing demonic poisoning of my entire city via the use of drugs, and all around general possession of many of the souls out there on the streets right now. The paper will also have an invitation for the recipient to take a moment on January 24th(tomorrow) to participate in a sort of mass meditation during which time they will all just need to take a time out, and really feel the faith and confidence in the fact that right at that ame moment, I will be performing a soul retrieval for all who are holding those orgonites. This is a spiritual malady that we are facing here in these times and I have no fear of the unseen enemy. I am also relentless in the pursuit of all things fair in this fight and aim to 100% level this playing field on a massive level by helping those who are lost right now to reclaim their own beautiful personal power so that they may stand up and fight for themselves, if that’s what they wish to do. Please take some time out of your equally insanely busy day to send some reinforcing and positive energy my way in Tacoma, Washington tonight. Thanks for having me and I wish you all the brightest blessings in this world and all others.
One Love,
Divinely Guided

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Blessings upon you, Carrie, for your giving and regivings, directed at those undergoing unfortunate circumstances.

Your actions taken in Tacoma will be in my thoughts for the rest of the year.

Greetings of peace and prosperity from the far north, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Hellooo from New Mexico.
Nothing like Divine coincidence.
It’s virus and smart meters time.
I delved into Orgone back in 2010.
Hahaha and back again looking to find out…answers.
Would love to talk to all of you.
It’s show time.