New Info About Sudden Local Epidemics

Somebody turned me on to and I’ve been meaning to recommend him. Mark Bennett sent us the following link, which includes a series of YouTube videos, that is urging people to watch about the sudden, widespread local epidemics that are affecting crowds:

Some of us in the healing trade who pay attention have been aware for the past eight years, since the essential death of the chemtrail agenda, that new forms of mass poisoning are happening. It’s easy to track it when you get email from thousands of sick people around the world but really hard to understand exactly how it’s being done. I think and the woman who made the YouTube videos are on target with at least some of this.

Other forms of weaponry, including nanobots and weaponized fleas and mites, are also in play but are kind of rare, right now. Those of us who are pretty sure we’ve been dosed with nanoweaponry, before, have a feeling that this stuff is kind of unstable and not very suitable for weaponry since perhaps a strong magnet evidently disables the little buggers pretty easily.

Flipping the death towers around schools, stadiums, town squares and other places where crowds gather probably makes it impossible fore the corporate terrorist agencies to achieve success with the method discussed in the videos, since a combination of close-range death-energy transmission and weaponized aerosols are evidently required for success [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks, Mark!


I’m on Facebook (yes, I know . I do A LOT of extra cord-breaking [Image Can Not Be Found]; ) and it seems that most of my local “Friends” report being sick at the same time. They say it comes out of nowhere and they can’t shake it. Always with similar symptoms.

Almost everyone became ill hours after the last provincial election, which makes me think that people who vote were being targeted. I was out for a walk and felt instantly sick, but the zapper got it.

I have been meaning to purchase an air purifier for the house – might help a bit? I’m finding that using a light box in winter is giving me more energy and guessing it’s probably keeping my immune system healthier – a nice compliment to the zapper. With “daylight savings time,” it’s dark at 4:45 pm in Toronto.

Thanks a lot, Sharon. Good to have that in the public record. The disinformants are trying to persuade the unwitting that this is all due to chemtrails and I get exhausted pointing out, again and again in email with prospective customers, that it’s easy to know that the new mass poisonings and bioweaponry endemics are not being caused from above, any more.

Someone else, in the San Francisco area, sent me some confirming data and I asked him to post it, here. I told him that the sewer rats have long used Californians as guinea pigs for their new bioweaponry and other mass sickness tech. The death towers certainly figure into this, now, except in areas where someone has flipped them all with orgonite. San Francisco is only partly done, as far as I know, though a fellow named Jesse Zaloudek went around and gifted all the hill and mountaintop arrays in the Bay Area, years ago, and also took out lots of weather weaponry along the coast, north of there. There are probably at least twenty orgonite cloudbusters in the Bay Area, too. San Francisco is a paticular favorite since it’s so isolated from the rest of the continent–almost like an island in terms of dispensing bioweaponry and environmental poisons and tracking the results. This has even been documented in the media.

Here’s a case that demonstrates how important it is to put a zapper on as soon as sickness symptoms start happening! The longer you wait, the more damage those designer critters are going to do to your liver, kidneys, spleen, etc., so the longer it will take you to recover.

I’ve been tracking, in ordinary email from prospective customers, the gradual rise in localized poisonin/bioweaponry assaults on communities since the essential demise of the chemtrail agenda in late 2002. The corporate order clearly can’t achieve results as dramatic as the ones they produced between 1998 and the successful and thorough grassroot dissemination of orgonite cloudbusters before 2003.

The percentage of emails that contained evidence of these community assaults peaked about a year and a half ago and has been declining, since then. I don’t know why. I’m happy about this decline, though, because I think it’s one more signal that the corporate world order is disintegrating.


Hi Don,

I’m assuming it’s me you’re referring to as the fellow in San Francisco who is also posting on EW, as the odds would be long on there being another fellow here who just wrote to you about the new sickness that’s popping up all over California. I have to assume because I didn’t get the reply email you sent… I guess somebody didn’t like what you said? [Image Can Not Be Found];

Several people here in California in my social circle have quickly fallen ill with a pretty nasty respiratory infection. I had it myself for a few days but got over it rapidly and suffered lesser symptoms because I use my T-Rex zapper religiously. Others around me have had coughing, phlem, and sneezing serious enough to get treatment from their chosen medical practioner. They have coughed and been generally miserable for well over a week, but this isn’t the worst of what I’ve encountered.

I was recently at a dinner party in Irvine California with 5 other people, all from California. In the course of dinner conversation it came to light that these 5 people directly know 3 other people who have unexpectedly died of respiratory distress in the past couple of weeks. One of the dead was an employee of one the diners, the other a secretary in the same office of another diner, and I’ve forgotten the relationship to the 3rd dead person. I should point out that I was told none of the dead had serious health issues prior to this new illness, and each one of the deceased was at least 50 years old.

We all found that very strange, that in very recent days these 5 people personally knew of 3 others who had become so ill they actually died, while two of us at the dinner party were feeling sick, and we all personally knew several others who were also sick. It seemed pretty obvious to us that something strange is going on, though I must confess I kept my suspiscions of the real cause to myself as the folks I was with didn’t seem to be open to hearing about mass poisonings and bio-weapon testing on the general populace, though much documented evidence of it being done in the past (especially in California) does exist.

So, for what it’s worth that is my experience regarding the mysterious mass illness in recent days in California. I don’t claim to have any specific info about what’s going on, but it seems obvious to me something nefarious is afoot.